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  1. captrandom

    California sees a 45% spike in STD's [Merged]

    I have to be nice now. Blessed be the fruit, aunt Lydia
  2. shit, i bet his cinco de mayo tweet was epic
  3. captrandom

    California sees a 45% spike in STD's [Merged]

    so american gay sex generated these exotic third world diseases?
  4. dude, you have some issues. You got all the benefits from others taxes but have a "screw you, I got mine" mentality. I hope you dont get police or fire cause I dont want one penny of my tax dollars going to you. Also I hope your on a private well. And god forbid, if you have a health issue, please stay at home cause I dont want to end up subsidizing your medical care when you end up signing up for medicaid.
  5. My god. You are paying for the schooling of some random kid because some random person payed for yours. Taxes, whether you like them or not, pay for the upkeep of basic things that you have have enjoyed all your life, like clean water, sewage, roads, etc. You do not get to decide where your tax dollar goes anymore then I do. Im sorry you hate your property and water bill, but would you like fire and police to be come to your property if there is a problem? Do you like clean water? Do you like your poo flushed far away?
  6. captrandom

    California sees a 45% spike in STD's [Merged]

    And mumps. That's back in fashion at my university in SW Ohio. I thought that disease went the way of other third world conditions. But I got an alert on my uni email about an outbreak.
  7. captrandom

    California sees a 45% spike in STD's [Merged]

    no idea? also donno why bedbugs were eradicated in this country decades ago but they made an insane comeback from the southern states. I guess Santa was infested
  8. such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. Health officials are worried about stillbirth babies. " California reached a record high in the number of sexually transmitted disease cases last year, with the state seeing an overall 45 percent spike in the number of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis cases over the past five years. According to the state report, officials are most concerned about an uptick in the number of stillbirths due to congenital syphilis. The data, which was compiled by the California Department of Public Health, revealed chlamydia and gonorrhea to be most rampant among people under 30, with rates of chlamydia highest among young women. Men accounted for the majority of syphilis and gonorrhea cases." http://www.foxnews.com/health/2018/05/15/spikes-in-chlamydia-gonorrhea-and-syphilis-take-stds-to-record-highs-in-california.html Cinn, arnt you from Cali? 0.o
  9. I courteously take great exception to your view on teachers. They work more then 187 days, they take their work home with them to grade papers and plan lessons. Their work day is filled being face to face with students. Some students that come from crappy parent or parents that don't teach basic life skills or common sense. If you personally know a teacher, ask them why took the job. Was it to work 187 days a year and suck the govt teat, or because they care about the next generation and want to make a difference. There are shitty teachers, Ive had a few, but there are also people who could make more in the private sector but choose to teach because they have a calling. I looked at your salary pdf for your county and I honestly think it is less then fair for the teachers. When you say a 'first time teacher with no experience' realize that person does have a four year degree. And only 50k for someone with a Ph.d? That is astonishingly low. These people don't only teach, they are mentors, surrogates for kids with shitty families, social workers, nurses, baby sitters, nannies, and office supply warehouses providing supplies that their cash strapped districts wont supply. And like I said, 'courteously take great exception '. other topics in that post I totally agree with and think you are on to something. It's just in this instance we don't agree.
  10. captrandom

    Dental death march...

    yeah exactly. plus ive always heard the bacteria from bad mouths can be bad for heart valves
  11. on a lighter note, at least sex robots wouldn't need to be plugged in
  12. so now I have to worry about autonomous robot locusts overwhelming my garden? The insects and critters are bad enough.
  13. captrandom

    And Yet ANOTHER Airplane Window Ripped Out!!

    Are you referring to the story where the lady was halfway sucked out? IIRC that was because there was an engine issue and shrapnel hit her window, shattering it. If not, lemme know the other story cause I havn't been able to get world news since Trump took office and its ALL they go on about 24/7. Anyhow, im guessing lack of maintenance for the cockpit blowing out. The Chinese arnt really know for preventive maintenance
  14. captrandom

    The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.

    In a lot of this back and forth it just seems you can switch the groups around and the arguments will still be the same.

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