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  1. He took money to impact the narrative and they ran a msm piece to feed him some traffic. He thought a short list ban and a bunch of sock accounts would be enough to pull an Alex Jones on the glpers. Once he realized that ct people that are a bit beyond the Alex Jones crowd are resolved in the way they see things, he started mass banning anybody and everybody. He will tell his clients that he was successful in changing the narrative and not disclose that it was all fake postings. Glp is like that bar you went to in high school that you remember having fun at, so you stop by and have a drink every now and again. You wonder what happened to it and then you realize the people who.made it fun are not around anymore.
  2. Facebook originally used a fusion process designed by Hank Asher to collect data from public sources after the passing of gramm leach bliley complicated traditional risk management models. It does not use private data, but some telecom data collected in places like cnam logs are open to the public. People have claimed Hank was CIA, specifically pointing to his old coke running days. I knew the guy for 15 years and he was as straight arrowed as they get when it comes to data. He found legal processes to quantify and qualify data that were completely above board. Hank passed away from a sudden heart attack around the time the CIA started using his process in collaboration with peter thiel. It could be coincidence, but I will always be suspicious. I'm not talking smack on peter thiel, but the unknown variables of a black box group like the CIA.
  3. Jason

    Transgender in the bible?

    A eunuch is a manservant, not a trans servant. They stand in the archetype servitude of angels, who are neither male nor female, but appointed for service and not procreation, whether by God, others, or self. The "Daniel was a trans" crowd is just another rebellious perversion group arguing for justification of their rebellion. Along with the Jesus wouldn't teach hate crowd and therefore judgment is wrong. You need to go reread the old book and the new and see how often we are commanded to judge to be righteously seek God. You omit the weightier matters, judgment, mercy and faith. There is no mercy without judgment. If there be any that executes judgment, that seeks the truth, God says he would have pardoned Israel of their idolatry/adultery. Those who seek God judge and judge righteously. Transgender people sin against God, themselves, their own body, and those who teach its practice sin against the people as well. I know I would rather be trans than a person who teaches it is acceptable to God, the teacher who teaches it is acceptable will see judgment that Sodom and Gamorrah would feel bad for.
  4. Jason

    Jared Kushner is out?

    I'm exhausted trying to discern what is what right now. I have wanted Kushner out from the beginning.
  5. Jason

    Running your mouth & surprised why you're an ex-con.

    So he's not an ex-con, right? The whole exchange was stuff he made up? I've worked with two different guys over the years who have been outed for the same pretend special forces stories. Most people are too polite to call their bs, but when they run into someone who was actually special forces they get checked pretty quick and then sent off under a cloud of embarrassment. I don't know anyone who would pretend to be a convict, people try to hide that stuff.
  6. Jason

    It's Getting Really Weird Out There

    I lost hope for trey when he insisted sessions had to recuse himself and then voted to tie Trump's hands.
  7. That's 120k requests per minute or 2000 requests per second. If max connections per client is set then it would have to be at least a sizeable group of script kiddies. If unlimited connections are allowed it would still take more than a couple.
  8. I'm not for mass murder of anyone... Or any murder, but I will throw party at the fall of the ministry of propaganda.
  9. Yes they are, but the transaction networks are distributed over dozens of cities and the databases also run in parity across dozens of cities. The knowledge depo for the infrastructure is largely based in Atlanta/Marrietta and I think it is anyone's guess how vulnerable the system would be to a large scale attack during a disaster recovery implementation due to the loss of a major hub and many of the experts that support it. We used to put in dedicated low voltage circuits with token rings to keep the connection itself virtually unbreachable. The transaction bridge gateway was the only public facing module that was slightly vulnerable, and then only vulnerable to the occasional invalid authorization. If you wanted in the system, you would need to connect at a secured location through the token ring. The data involved with real time processing and security has pushed large portions of the banking and transaction networks onto the public network with fiber shares that rely on virtual security over the previous physical security. If a major hub like Atlanta went dark, it seems plausible that it could be a piece of a much larger financial attack.
  10. I will keep an eye out tomorrow to see if the defcon gets lowered. Everything you say seems plausible, but I feel like even if that is a plan, it will fail. Your info may be solid, but I suspect the plot would be unsuccessful in any case. I have no problem accepting that O was considering a nuke false flag. He nuked every industry in the country, why not the cities. I'm very undecided on McMasters and his loyalty. I do trust the current process and believe that everything will come out in the wash.
  11. Great points. I can't imagine that being in a rage should be acceptable for an adult in any scenario short of serious threat/harm to their family.
  12. Jason

    US Record Credit Card Debt!

    Prime debt is a non factor. It automatically increases with money expansion. Its not even really debt. Tom pays his bills on the amex to get the rewards points and the card company gets a 2% transaction fee vs the 12 cents they would for a debit. It isn't a market until it goes subprime, less than 680.
  13. Its a meme. Remember snowflake, you are special just like everybody else. It has nothing to do with passion, it is a term for the naively entitled.
  14. Stirred up the hornets nest, pretty epic. He is a lib, but not brain dead enough for his peers. Kind of like the liberal evergreen college professor who was ran off campus. This is how a culture destroys itself. Good riddance.
  15. The arrogance. The plots of the wicked to escape judgment are bringing their demise to their door. This is the thousandth time they haven predicted and plotted this since President Trump announced. The midterms should be a disaster for all of the reps and senators that voted yeah on the sanctions bill. I'm hoping for the massive success of challengers not already stuck in the swamp.

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