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  1. F.U..CK YOU Jason Lucas/GLP, You Slimy Piece of Horsesh!t

    i usually like to browse both sites to info, which is why i still go on glp.
  2. freaking cawksuckers now banned ALL VPN on their site. i keep getting a message saying "this site doesnt allow VPN" anyone know how to bypass that bullshit?
  3. you do realize that you were supposed to cash out 401k years ago... i cant believe someone on here or even GLP would still have a 401k.... once the markets collapse, your 401k will be worthless. and by the time you cash out, it will be too late. cash out ASAP and buy gold and silver.
  4. ok then, when will the US markets start to collapse? if you dont know the date, then ask them
  5. lets just say for now that you arent trolling.. when will the stock market collapse? which day/month?
  6. lol typical uncle info bullshit... cant believe people on here would still believe this crap after all the years we spent on GLP... oh and let me guess, you are going to say "you can choose to believe me or not, i am simply putting this out there". if you really want to get our attention, atleast post the screenshot the the text on here for f**ks sake. at least it will add some credibility
  7. Large False flag imminent

    The queen NEVER said that... It was disinfo made by a fake news site. If you can actually show me the video where she said that then i will delete my comment. Also, that fake info was from 2015........
  8. Large False flag imminent

    Been hearing this same fking bullsh!t for YEARS...... Make a thread when it actually happens......
  9. OP, so you are saying that something could happen on the 22nd of this month??? if you ask me, it would be perfect timing. the day after is thanksgiving, and the day after that is friday, and the stock market could crash
  10. A rare remembered dream - 9/9 event??

    bro, u might be onto something.... check this out. https://imgur.com/2ilZtMZ
  11. do you have jason's picture by any chance??? ive always wanted to know what he looks like...