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  1. Berkey Water Filter

  2. Berkey Water Filter

    since a thread has been made about more states having water more contaminated than Flint, i decided to make this thread. anyway... anyone on here lab tested the filters PERSONALLY to see if the filters are actually removing heavy metals and other crap? what are your thoughts on these filters?
  3. also remember how NOTHING happened in 2016 and this year.......
  4. OP, so you are saying that something could happen on the 22nd of this month??? if you ask me, it would be perfect timing. the day after is thanksgiving, and the day after that is friday, and the stock market could crash
  5. Im not sure if I am being paranoid, or if there is actually a massive fraud activity going on there... Let's take shea butter or some beauty product for example.. This company "plantorigin" claims that their shea butter is usda organic. but when i typed their comapny's name in the organic directory, it showed zero results. https://www.amazon.com/Unrefined-Shea-Butter-Handmade-Fair-Trade/dp/B071L44T18/ref=sr_1_4_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1510803111&sr=1-4&keywords=shea+butter+organic&dpID=51P1XelPAwL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch https://organic.ams.usda.gov/integrity/ also, take a look at this one.. this company"premium nature" also sells shea butter, but on their site, their address belongs to a dollar tree store.. google it https://www.amazon.com/Raw-Unrefined-African-Shea-Butter/dp/B01FRGFOHK/ref=sr_1_9_s_it?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1510803422&sr=1-9&keywords=shea+butter+organic https://www.premiumnature.com/contact 1726 McDonald Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11230
  6. good thing beaners dont know how to swim. they are way too fat.
  7. dont forget the beer and potato chips, lol. i bought mine recently
  8. lol. so do i. you will be fine as long as you are fully prepped and dont live inside the city. if your house is old and about to collapse, then i guess you are fuked.
  9. hopefully it will go off killing millions of liberals and wetback beaners. the world will be a better place without them
  10. its almost 2018 and still no pics or videos. even the rabbit in my backyard has an HD camera.....
  11. every single f**king year after 2008 has been a bust...... we all got a diamond hard dick back in 2015 over jade helm and economic collapse and nothing happened that year. 2016 came and we all thought that a massive collapse was imminent along with the election martial law taking place, and nothing happened. now 2017 is pretty much over and nothing has happened this year. nothing also happened on 11/7 or 11./11 which is today... every single year has been a fuking bust. this is bullshit!!!!!! wasted so much money and preps, gun, ammo and food, and they are all collecting dust. waste of my fuking life. if you ask me, we are the sheeple. the braindead masses are enjoying their life and not giving a fuk, while we waste our time on here and buying preps.
  12. could it be possible that they are all Jason aka Trinity? anyone on here have a pic of him?? i always wanted to know what he looks like.
  13. Stock Market Doom is Here!!! Dow Jones Going Down

    has anyone noticed that there is a delay??? it was never like that. it used to be very fast at updating prices.
  14. yes!!!!! ABOUT FUKING TIME!!!!!!! it's not mega doom yet, but it is the START of the ulitmate mega crash that is coming. also note that today is 11/9 or 9/11 backwards the day the dow jones crashes by 2,000 points in a SINGLE day, i will buy every one of you f**kers a round of beer!!! doom on my fellow crash tard, silver tard, and gold tards!! TOGETHER WE WILL RIDE!!! https://www.investing.com/indices/us-30