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  1. that guy in the video is full of f**king shit. fema isnt killing anyone. he is just some crazy mentally unstable retard looking for attention.... here is proof that fema isnt killing anyone. this girl went to a fema shelter and she is still alive as of today... if that assclown is telling the truth, then have him post proof.... any lunatic can make a stupid video claiming something bad is happening.... they are no different than the GLP uncle info trolls.
  2. yep. once a tard, always a tard
  3. Could this be the next FF?

  4. Tards..... if an EMP ever goes off, forget about starving to death or dying from the winter... The nuclear meltdown will kill your 1st.... If an EMP goes off, all of the nuclear power-plants will meltdown and the USA will be a nuclear wasteland... The Elites arent going to do this... Instead, they will just flip the switch and turn off the power. The EMP thing is just a fear mongering scare tactic. Anyone else agree??? I just hope it will happen this week. Get this shit over with already you c*cks*ckers.
  5. it wouldnt hvae mattered if he did it nor not. the Elites would have hidden the knowledge from us anyway... like they are doing right now....
  6. Hurricane Jose and maria are going to devastate NYC, causing a full blown financial collapse. Lights will go out, nuclear winter will happen. It was all predicted in i pet goat and mr robot Gold and silver will skyrocket. I can then retire... been waiting patiently for a decade.. I can then enjoy the ride.....
  7. yet i STILL see these assclowns sheeple driving brand new BMWs, expensive SUVs, Audis, and Benz....... i truly hope the next collapse will wipe them out. stupid shitheads think by leasing expensive cars will make them think that they are "rich". we will see how rich they are once their bodies are rotting on street from starvation. fukers
  8. Hurricane Jose Turns/Strengthens/Eyes NYC!

    this is good news. the sooner it hits that shithole state the sooner the collapse can happen.
  9. I am a millenial in my 20's Dont have a cell phone or smart phone, smart TV, stupid retarded smart watch, dont have anything is "smart". Hell dont even have a credit card... I pay cash for EVERYTHING Im an old school guy, i hate everything that is modern. Once i save enough money (technically i already have enough, just have to wait for the collapse), i am leaving this shithole suburb and moving far away from everyone in the rural area. Away from technology, and those stupid fking cell towers. I am going to make sure my land is surrounded by mountains so those stupid cell reception wont each my home. This is also a big F U C K YOU to Apple Who released the new Iphone X that has facial recognition technology. I hope those brain-dead slaves enjoy the prison (agenda 21 and 22) you are soon going to be living in... Hell, they even released the new apple watch 3 that has cell reception, not only these apple slaves will get genitalia cancer from their cell phone, but also arm cancer and other forms of cancer. Good riddance if you ask me.
  10. already knew it was african americans before i even clicked the thread.... notice how they love looting Big 5 and other sporting goods store. gotta get them Jordans...
  11. Just saw these two threads on GLP... not sure if it is bullshit or real.' the guy from the "lights out" thread claims that the lights will go out by midnight today!! https://imgur.com/uEM9Zci
  12. A rare remembered dream - 9/9 event??

    bro, u might be onto something.... check this out. https://imgur.com/2ilZtMZ
  13. this needs a pin!!!! also if you pause at 8:55 you can see "Houston" on the left.
  14. because i am tired of these fking predictions!!! THEY NEVER HAPPEN just like 2012, 2015 (jade helm, 9/23) , 2016 (9/23 and the new years false flag) they all FAILED!!!!!!
  15. this dumfuk has been wrong every single damn time!!!! name 1 prediction he got right..... Bill Cooper is the ONLY person to ever get a prediction right. every single tryhard conspiritard has been wrong for the past 16 years.
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