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  1. Yes I agree the Netflix phenomenon is an issue with ours too. And no TV's in kids rooms though we have one in ours lol. Have got the kids into older music over this masonic modern trash so that keeps them happy. Nowt like 'You sexy thing' being chanted in the back of the pickup as we go shopping! Good luck on the early tablet turny offy thing, does sound like fun to be there to see the reaction!
  2. Having 3 kids makes it hard to lose the TV. As parents we do try to make sure they understand what is being programmed but when you're in the kitchen doing the evening meal and on comes an ad or prog depicting LGBT etc as the new trendy way to be, it can be a real pain! In the UK you can't even watch BBC progs anymore on Catchup as this now requires a licence! We hoped to avoid the licence fee and watch online, but they ensure now you cannot do this! Feckin masoginistic zionists!!!
  3. Just checked the forecast for the Midlands and it is going to be cold this week but no warning of snow or any precipitation. Still not good with -5 forecast when I work outdoors!
  4. Thought provoking post. In the days of old, people did not have shots, drink municipal water, eat GMO's......... We have become a nation of drones, doing as bid to feed the elite me thinks.
  5. Not at all. There is very little we can sacrifice. Had 1 income supporting 5 of us. Having to pay Tax Creds back as we were overpaid so on a budget anyways. Always on the look out for those super yellow stickers when shopping. Only drive to work and when necessary, on all the cheapest tariffs for services etc. There is very little we can give up without it becoming uncomfortable. Damned money!
  6. It is but when you get stuck in the rental market with no way to save for a deposit, you're pretty much screwed.
  7. Webdes

    Kingfisher keeping its head stable?

    We watched Winterwatch too!!
  8. We have a similar situation. We rent, stupidly!! Our landlord is a twot, doesn't do repairs, promises so much but never ever delivers. Hate paying him the rent but we have no choice as rentals are so expensive now thanks to foreign investors and greedy types buying up properties. No chance of buying thanks to immigration taking up school places leaving our youngest out of school for 2 years. Thankfully she starts school tomorrow at last! So maybe we can save soon before I retire!!!
  9. Webdes

    Chemtrails Since The New Year Began

    Our blue sky days happen for about 3 days in the summer, at least it feels that way while I'm here watching the rain pour down when I should be at work! Not seen much behind the low clouds for a while now. Hazy at night when the sky does clear, stars all hidden behind that protective covering of chemicalness.
  10. Ah the benefits of nudism. That fresh air feeling on yer bits all waving around and bouncing as you run.....
  11. Webdes

    The smallest bird you have ever seen

    Would love to see one up close. No hummingbirds in the UK but we do have squirrelbirds. No feathers but they still manage to decimate the feeders in one sitting! Swines!
  12. Webdes

    Keep your phone on airplane mode!

    I just found this site with some information on exposure limits to microwatts. It looks to me that we should be receiving less than 100 mcwts according to a chart on that site. I'm no expert though.
  13. Webdes

    Keep your phone on airplane mode!

    Lol I keep my location turned off all the time aswell as background data etc. Do you use your phone a lot daily as my battery lasts a few days and its an old tired Samsung?
  14. Found this vid of a guy who was given an egg and he hatched it at home before releasing the bird. Not sure on his methods of housing the bird but it is pretty cool that at least it survived!
  15. Aren't the rats arriving from overseas? Something along the lines of destabilising Europe lol!!!

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