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  1. Humans Fight Back Robots

    But then it would have already ID'd you via face and passed this on to a cloud somewhere to find you when AI is prevalent and take its revenge!!!!!
  2. I think we're all worried about that now! Imagine sitting in your garden and a p*ssed neighbour decides to drop some random stuff on you as you sit there! Hopefully, not a bomb!
  3. Windows 10 forced updates

    WTF is it with Win10 and their forced updates? I have previously searched and found a way of turning off auto updates and yet just 5 minutes ago whilst replying on one of my posts here, a stupid popup occurred as I was hitting return and restarted my laptop. The screen then told me it was configuring updates! Have MS (lol) actually fixed the unique ability to stop auto updates in Win10? Why would they completely stop consumers having a choice and opinion? Absolute f'ing b'stards! Totally sick of being told what it is that I actually want or need by corporates/conglomerates or whatever it is these companies are now!
  4. Atlas V failed launch, spectacular!

    If only that were so, they always have a way of getting out of things!
  5. Another Sophia/AI presentation!

    Unfortunately the nasty servers must have a secondary power supply incase of infrastructure failure. And with all these phones, tables, intelligent home devices etc whoo knows what AI could be hiding away waiting. We are positively screwed now. AI is like a runaway train I believe now. There is most likely no stopping it. We as a race always seem to want more, better and faster.... This is ultimately our downfall as the better faster things overtake us as beings and decide we are too stupid to survive. 2 options left there........
  6. The sun is closer by the month

    I work outdoors, which isn't great this time of year, but I too have noticed that the suns heat is more intense when there is no proper cloud cover. Can only imagine what it would feel like without the chemtrails!
  7. This Sophia creeps me out the more I see of it. Some well known and lesser known clips which will likely creep you out too! That awful smile thing it does after it talks. Who even came up with that program for it? I would have it bear its teeth, might suit its ultimate design reason better!
  8. Amazing amateur footage of the Atlas V in 2015. Looks like an angel or something! (from 3.14) Another post in the wrong section of the site, sorry! Browser doesn't let me choose where to put posts sometimes! Blasted Firefox!
  9. Shocking Docking......a NASA first?

    Sorry! Was just so odd but did bring me a chuckle.
  10. Open window on 'ISS'

    I've been watching tonnes of vids for some time now, but only just came across this one of an open-looking window behind the actors. Even if it is not open, but merely extraordinarily clean, there are odd purple shapes outside. Some of those fingerprints remind me of jellyfish! Odd...
  11. This video just popped up for me on Youtube. T'is a strangely amusing vid, but had very few views oddly. What does everyone think?
  12. We had a good 12cm minimum the other day, it slowly started to thaw a little then now its frozen solid. The roads are ice rinks. Glad I got a pickup though, got us out to the garden centre earlier lol!!
  13. These baby elephants are sooooooo cute, but the fact they are all orphans, and watched their parents die is soooooo sad......... Nice find though