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  1. USSLiberty

    All Hell About to Break Loose on 6/11

    I'm all for this hell if it removes the oven dodgers. Then we can all live in peace.
  2. USSLiberty

    Someone 'Swatted' David Hogg's Home!

    Inside job. Old tactics.
  3. Foreign aid can cover this and more. Even more so if we demand retroactive payments because of dual citizen spies. Then again, if we finally attack the real issue, we'd wage war on the federal reserve and all the people working for it including their bloodline. Sell their kids for once. All of these, oh my Jesus what will we do if bla bla is easily solved when you decide to be real for once.
  4. Did you really need a bill for this? This is definitely a waste of Connecticut's time. You just add that little story to a day in history class. What is the point of this bill?
  5. Greg abott is no good. I don't know why he signed that boycott israel stuff....
  6. Hope people will learn to home school.
  7. When it comes to state laws that conflict with the Constitution, the Constitution is supreme law. Although, you'd think when it came to the second amendment it would apply as well. Some reason they seem to pick and choose when the tenth amendment applies. Still, no way the supreme Court will uphold this(I hope). Remember lose the second and the first is next. Hopefully, south Carolina votes these domestic terrorists out their government. The law against boycotting Israel businesses is oppressive as well. A lot of states have this problem. Greg abbot needs to go in my state. Idk about yours...
  8. If the us gubmint is 20 trillion in debt and growing, why does the federal reserve keep loaning these dead beats money?
  9. If it was an american, I'd care, but since it's a foreigner screw them. I guess we owe China for those basketball kids and should just send them back home. The gun and ammo should be given away to one of the locals not involved with any government agency or a relative to someone in the government. Also, the person that sold the gun and ammunition to the foreigner should lose their licenses and have all assets seized to be transferred/donated to another local who is not involved with any government agency or a relative to someone in the government.
  10. When a person with a gun is attacking people, how is that person usually stopped? 99% of the time, it's someone with a gun....
  11. They want our 2nd amendment. Never surrender!
  12. Yes, but like would they actually call them out? It's like Trey howdy doing all this barking and obviously there's foul play involved, yet nothing happens. When the Constitution itself gives the people permission to eradicate domestic terrorists. Banana republic apparently.
  13. Sadly, the ones that hate the Constitution and just overall individual unalienable creator endowed rights seem to hold some sort of office. However, yes hopefully not.
  14. They fail a lot. Just like how they turn FBI informants into terrorists and then capture them and claim look we stopped a terrorist. Can't really trust this agency since ruby ridge or carnivore program. Can't trust cia since project mockingbird or the Kinsey report. Can't trust atf/dea since they work with cartels to supply them with weapons and a means to transport drugs/humans. Can't trust the military since they went to Afghanistan to restart the poppy fields and protect them. Can't trust government to get us out of debt since all they do is send tax payer money to foreign nations to undermine the wealth of the united States. Can't trust the police man since he won't arrest the crooked government officials when there's overwhelming evidence yet will gladly write a victimless equity ticket to numerous citizens without a second thought. Man, I live in a banana republic.

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