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  1. Wasn't Trump calling out CNN all the time to being fakenews? feels somehow like a psyop..
  2. You also could start WW3, wait till 6,5 billion are dead and then start the "invasion".. pilgrims coming with the gift of peace..
  3. I agree with you. Don't know if you have seen this: Hitler's map of how to get to Shamballah
  4. No not yet. i think.. its been divide and conquer for 70 years.. is there really something left to actively take over?
  5. Some will i think. But it doesn't matter.. If they do nothing, they lose. If they do something, they lose. Trust me, i live in germany.
  6. Yes theories.. that's the problem with space, one theory follows another Even though i don't own a bible, i thank you for advice. Wow i haven't heard of Transit Photometry before so thank you for that. But this just makes me more curious, if they actually can detect this, why is there nothing interrupting the startrails? And if they can detect this.. can they predict a star's eclipse? Hm, i have to google that thanks for the input so far
  7. Yeah, i think you have a sound argument about the satellites and the space-debris. But about the startrails, why are distant planets orbiting the distant suns not blocking the light? Is there any explanation for that?
  8. Hello ive been lurking for some time now, but i had to register because i've been somewhat confused the last couple of days. So either my thinking is waaaay off and i can't see the simple explanation for this (if that is the case then please feel free to correct me ), or flat-earthers are so obsessed with the motion of the earth, that they can't see the most obvious problem with startrails. Here it comes : 1. Science claims stars are distant suns. 2. Science also claims planets are orbiting around distant suns. 3. Eclipses. Now i can understand we won't see half-lit planets because of the distance, but how can we have startrails if there is stuff up there, blocking the view/light. In addition to that, there are also thousands of satellites and space-junk up there. Wouldn't they atleast interrupt startrails a little tiny bit? I have thought of possible explanations, the best i came up with are the following. 1.The light that reaches the earth is so old, planets didn't exist back then.. 2. Gravity bends the light around the planets.. 3. For some reason earth's movement is synchronized with all the planets... As you can probably see im biased towards flat earth, so maybe some Globe-earthers can come up with a really good explanation. PS: english isn't my first language, so i hope it's not too bad.

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