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  1. Sol

    Hello Conspiracy Outpost.

    More like oblong earth with hollow core.
  2. Sounds good in theory. I just don't know how easy it is to shut down the grid. But pretending there was an EMP would allow for cover of darkness targeted objectives for anyone, including foreign powers if they get the heads up.
  3. Its so backward Shep. They have all these electronic manipulation devices that train the herd. If they want a one world gov so bad, why not just beam it into everyone's head? Why go to the trouble to destroy the herd, possibly break their own electronic control grid, or destroy the financial system of debt slavery all at the same time?
  4. Something way bigger is for sure in the works. Now that the media is talking EMP, I have my eye on thiis Nov 4th crap. But with the 3 carrier group in Asian waters and the call up of the retired pilots, military action is in the works.
  5. And wouldn't that be fitting if someone hijacked the practice event and slipped in some real ammo?
  6. Or... Was it a HUGE practice event? And that's why there are no actual bullet holes or bodies. Would explain why the coroner's office was locked down.
  7. If it was a 'team' from another country, they showed that they were able to bypass security in one of the most camera ridden zones of USA. If it was a 'deep state' gun control ploy, how come there was no mass press after the fact? The usual ban gun talk went away very fast. If it was just 'one man', then where are all the videos leading up to the event? We see bodycam violence almost immediately. And now, why take out some civilians who are going public? That leads me to the question, how bad was this operation and how bad did it fall apart?
  8. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla
  9. She lost a huge audience with her political comments. So then she or her managers decide to take it on the road in an attempt to make herself relevant again. I hope it fails miserably.
  10. Sol

    What is your occupation?

    Primary Care Physician
  11. He has to pay homage to the wealthy class. They are his peeps. But if he were smart, he would find a way to present a mortgage loophole or debt forgiveness for individuals in lower to middle class. Let them jubliee for a while. The mass of the economy prior to algo driven bot markets, was always the middle class worker. Give them a break. The rich are already rich and they aren't going to allow everyone to be rich. So throw the peasants a bone. That would be the true Biblical thing to do.
  12. Well, he DID just align himself with the Israeli anti muslim country crusades.... And there are either muslim or asian hit teams running around demonstrating that even in the 'most secure' camera ridden part of the US that we are vulnerable to soft target attacks... So yeah, I'd say war is on.
  13. Burn the witch!!! Burn her.... Slimy voodoo sex ritual dominatrix power hungry demon woman....
  14. Listen to the police audio feed. At 4:10 they start in with a security report from the hotel. Multiple floors, multiple shooters.
  15. There's a lot of vids now out there showing multiple. Even a reporter stating that a security guard was shot in the leg on the 29th floor. A police officer on a different floor, all well before the supposed SWAT breach in the room on the 32nd. The brown headed girl and guy in white t shirt give first person account that there were multiple shooters with overlapping fire, hitting whenever the crowd got close together at the exits.

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