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  1. Radiation resistant underwears next?
  2. Cmonsense101

    Scary Russian Tweet

    If you are unsure you can ask an expert like me who has lived in the middle east for decades. Many of the chemical products you can buy in gulf country supermarkets like shampoo, detergents, bleaches etc. are made in Saudi Arabia. Obviously Saudi has the industrial base to produce chemicals that can be used or modified to make biological weapons. But what Saudi does not have is a proxy terrorist militant group smart enough or mindful enough to take the label off from bottles containing chemical agents after emptying them. I fully trust Russians and Syrians on this one. May be you should try consuming less gmo food and cnn crap so that someday you might find JewSA and co more suspicious than their rivals. What kind of a dumb ass would gas his own people when he is so close to winning the battle? Assad has a doctorate degree, he is probably smarter than most of the folks on cop.
  3. Cmonsense101

    Do you sense it?

    And we should be thankful to shep and cin for that.
  4. After many months of malnutrition and war, you would look very spooky too. Drump is a sick b*st*rd who likes to wine and dine and arm Saudi piss of crap MBS, what a fat b*st*rd.
  5. Cmonsense101

    Do sexbots have rights?

    Wow, now condoms have rights too. You need their permission to soil them. West has gone from fanatical dark ages to liberal lunacy without realizing some sanity in between.
  6. NYC is modern day sodom and gomorrah where a good number of people takes it on the ass and call it progress. We know what happened to soddom and gomorrah. Its a shithole city with shitty stuffs to be found on the sidewalks.
  7. And the suicide note says "I take my statement back, white helmets are angelic".
  8. After Israelis, Saudis are the biggest pussies on the block. What a shitty ass muslim nation. As a sunni muslim, my hatred for them is safely unbiased.
  9. Well, Israel threw the first stones too many times. They do deserve some payback, don't they? Who will miss those fake Jews, anyway?
  10. I do appreciate your advice specially given the control masons have in societies all over the world. I take my information from experts regardless of sex, race and religion. When those information matches the hints given in abrahamic religious texts then bam pretty safe confirmation. After decades of exposure/study on masonry, symbolism and kabbalist practices, it is not very hard to throw intellectual guess/opinions and actually hit the bulls eye most of the time. Teen age Ivanka (wearing satin mini skirt) sitting on Trumps lap in front of a male parrot doing a female parrot statue - isn't that a questionable picture with hidden message? Incest is rampant in western societies these days and psychologists are scratching their heads for answers. Keep Drump worshipping on the sideline and spend some time studying the subject, then we can talk intellectually. 100% of the information on the internet can be bullshit is a bullshit assumption itself. The trick is to question, compare, cross verify references and analyze the information with open mind.
  11. Cmonsense101

    This is the Kind of Extremism we're Dealing with

    New york is full of shit bag liberals ready to go to hell in a hand basket.
  12. From some family pictures available online, I can safely accuse Trump of fuking his own daughter. Freemasons and cabalists do practice sex magic.
  13. And our nikki b*tch is not able to find or address it. Only bitching about few children choking on alleged gas attack. 18,000 plus brutalized children vs few dozen in gas incident. How convenient. If JewSA has not touched Syria or Libya, those countries would have been pretty good tourist spots even for Americans by now. I need to watch Jeremiya Wright preaching right after 9/11 to uplift my spirit - "God damn USA".
  14. So you find women who look like Tom Cruise with vagina attractive (assuming that nikki b*tch has one). Lol.