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  1. Darwinism is a hogwash targetted only for the brain dead. Evolution only happens within species, NOT inter species. No jackass will ever be able to prove with evidence how monkeys can turn into human beings. Who lives millions of years to collect evidence of darwinism? Only the devils may be. Even the devil himself has got no proof. Sooooo, f**k Darwin (a jew) and his followers.
  2. Cmonsense101


    And you my friend is a traitor to human race. Whatever drama Trump has been causing in the G-7 meeting will destroy US economy in the long run. Just wait for other nations to gang up and f**k USA. This orange buffon has filed for bankruptcy how many times? The big reset is coming.
  3. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    For NWO to happen, Israel will have to emerge as a super power with a pseudo religious gentile doctrine. I don't think Russians, Muslims or Chinese will accept those fake jews as rulers and let them have it for too long.
  4. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    I am not even an American, but I did spend many years with them to get the virus and it is called "love for freedom". Agreed, US military can take out an entire block full of armed militias using tactical neutron bombs without much damage to surrounding infrastructure and any patriot dreamers need to address this vulnerability if they want to make a difference. I hope the resistance will consist of enough vets battle hardened and smart enough to find alternative ways to tackle technical issues.
  5. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Regardless of our religious identity, I found your opinion on this pretty spot on. What are the chances that one of the main reasons of US fighting in countries like Iraq, Afganistan and elsewhere is to give their soldiers some hands on practice on how to handle American insurgency. Sometimes truth is much stranger than fiction.
  6. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Only 10 years old, lol. Saddam had no nukes, no functional airforce, no missile defense system, no military sat nav, and not too many loyal armed forces (a sunni leader running a shia majority country). What kind of a dumbass soldier would brag about fighting Saddam?
  7. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    When was the last time those NCOs had to fight real enemies the likes of armed US militias using land navs ONLY? Classroom knowledge with few practicals vs full blown real time mission. Take your head out of your .... (You can guess the rest).
  8. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Heard from real people who served in Afganistan. Stop watching too much netflix.
  9. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    Face a real enemy with advanced weapons first, then come educate people assuming you are not vaporized by then.
  10. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    If US military gps satellite stops working, armed militias will destroy enlisted army members in less than 6 months. US military might is too dependent on sophisticated technology instead of sound human infrastructure. When was the last time US military had to face someone with advanced weaponry? Once the logistics and communication breaks down only then you will find out real cowards within your ranks. Calling air support every time you face a difficult insurgent overseas is not very manly.
  11. Cmonsense101


    Gender segregation back then at least helped keep the bas-tard population of USA under check. Now the floodgate is not just open , its failsafe bulb on the back is also blown into pieces.
  12. Cmonsense101

    Civil War 2.0 Triggered by Gungrabbing

    US military did not stand much chance against lil penis vietnamese geurilla warfare. Talibans are still kicking their ass with ww2 era weaponry. What makes you think those coward scumbags will make it against full blooded Americans?
  13. Looks more like a shithole than sink hole. Is Trump playing golf again in White House lawn?
  14. I will take your politeness into consideration and assume what you have described actually happened to you, and honestly hope you find some inner peace to ease past regret and personal trauma. But my question to you is: what have you done so far or planning to do to make the world a better place? How many former slave masters have you killed, how many children kidnappers and organ harvesters have you exposed, how many missing children got home back to their parents because of you? If you are too weak and alone to fight back, the trick is to join the enemy of your enemy. The amount of tyranny you will receive is the exact amount you choose to accept. Perceptional desensitization due to past horrid crimes (willful or circumstantial) is not a valid pretext to do nothing and accept the reality as it is. No body has the moral high ground to question my disgust (or racist comments) about the bloodline of Kane.
  15. You just delivered another master piece. C.O.W. probably have never seen much ups and downs in his life, hence he is quite comfortable living within his bubble. I was watching a documentary on Al-Jazeera last night about the sharp contrast in living conditions of Palestinians living in Gaza strip and some of their Jewish friends who managed to settle in Israel with good paying jobs and urban lifestyle. What are the chances that Mr. COW actually lives in Israel eagerly waiting to worship "Moleck (cow god of the ashkenazi folks)" once their temple is erected. The fight between materialism and spirituality is an ongoing process.

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