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  1. I guess people with your kind of morals (a huge numbers of westerners these days) should not be complaining about Muslims or mormons marrying and keeping four wives. America is destined for the gutter, why not elect the cheater in chief to pave the way.
  2. And whoever thinks republicans are angelic and not part of the swamp is preaching horse shit.
  3. If There Ever Is An "Armageddon"

    Emp hardened military is not necessarily radiation and heat hardened military unless they are hiding like a chicken in an underground bunker. In that case we have few years to sort out how to seal those chickens. Your real danger comes from hungry hordes of urban folks with little to no morality who could not figure out why something like Armageddon just turned their lives upside down.
  4. Probably the first time, I imagined someone (Cin) kicking my ass and I gladly liked it. At least her legs were organic and soft 😘 I imagined, not some noisy metallic lifeless bot leg. My deepest fear is my son's generation would probably be chasing tranny bots instead of good ole daughters of men. That would be end of mankind anyway you slice it ☹️
  5. The night is cold. Fake love is better than no love - says the tranny bot while grinding its metal teeth. Double eww?
  6. Just imagine shep and cin and the tranny bot in between. Makes everybody happy. 😋
  7. It shows how Trump's barking does not translate into real action in real world. Talking is easy.
  8. It's 2018 And Still No Doom

    I have got some hydrated blow dryers to barter with 😋
  9. A true prophet works to unify people, not divide them.
  10. Lord willing orthodox Christianity, Orthodox Islam and Orthodox Judaism will be unified after the second coming of prophet Jesus.
  11. Chill out bro US is a huuuuggge country.
  12. Allowing criminals to run your country is also a form of sin, a national sin indeed. Hence the finger pointed at your (our) nation.
  13. Isn't Pakistan still nuclear armed, instead of "used to be"?
  14. Rest of the world needs to declare "freedom" against USA. 😆