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  1. All I can say is plugging the exhaust vent of anything isn't ideal. It's a giant pressure cooker now.
  2. give it 5 years grammie... those will be standard FEMA child transport enclosures.
  3. definite possibility since they all read from the same script..
  4. SiKniSS

    Serious question-odd headaches anyone?

    yes 2 or 3 times over the last week. numb non localized headache. I'm not prone to them at all. I assumed it was a barometric swing with all the rain.
  5. SiKniSS

    All I wanted was a Pepsi

    Mom, I'm all right, I'm just thinking, you know, so why don't you, like give me a Pepsi?
  6. Got confronted with this nonsense by my wife and kid on the way out of the house to work last night. Its funny to see whom are the first on the social media sheep wagon to indulge the CIA in their pop quizzes. I told them to exclude me from the "scientific trials" and caught a heap of flack for poo pooing on the Laurel party. Just so you know This is how it ends, society will all jump off a cliff, electrocute, plank, brown/blue dress, tide pod, ice water challenge, etc. Until it sifts out those who won't play along with it's lemming games. Next up the Facebook revival of the Jonestown Kool-Aid challenge... woot woot
  7. yes CUTE.... that truck can fit in the bed of my Tundra Crewmax...
  8. fairly sure if this is real, it offers visual based cloaking and offers nothing in evading a RF radar. until then you're still a blip...
  9. SiKniSS

    Jet fuel hoax

    dude is a troll, no one is that stupid... Real... swing by BWI and I'll let you take a swig of that non existent jet fuel. dolt
  10. It's sad.. they did him wrong. The suicide narrative with the "submit to allah" note was a bit over the top. It was clearly meant as a warning to others about releasing the film. Someone has to counsel these morons on choosing a narrative, that was just dumb.
  11. Just ordered some to try for blood pressure. We'll see if it can do some work towards getting me off my med combo I've been on for 20 or so years.
  12. oddly enough... only the Amish booth drew crowds this year at CES. Bluetooth butter churning was all the rage.
  13. SiKniSS

    Prison for Ginseng

    I loved the black tea with the blue bottle too.. (little native stick figure dude riding a buffalo on the label.) looks like it had a problem with the glass bottling supply and Arizona changed to plastic bottles but no info after that. Maybe the Panax ginseng got too pricey.
  14. Well good thing the Clinton Foundation has all that cash donated towards the rebuild of Haiti. Trump should shake them down for the cash to provide permanent residences for all those displaced. Mud huts for everyone!!! ........ um ... what do ya mean you don't know where those donations went?
  15. The fact is when a couple plans for a child resources are limited. So this in turn limits the amount of children one can have. A working class family in the US only has 2.4 children because after food, health, childcare, housing, etc. resources are scarce. When resources are flipped by the rest of the taxpayers and given in excess when additional children show up, families don't need to be planned. The resources increase in a linearity with unplanned babies. There's no reason to shut down the baby factories, it's only result is more free shit.

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