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  1. Pitch forks & Torches.. I used to tell myself wow, Americans would never stand for this. If they start messing around with free-speech there would be 'Pitchforks & Torches' marching all over Pennsylvania avenue.. hmm ok maybe not. But umm, yea.. they better not start messing around with the 4-5.th amendments, watch out.. Americans would chase those b*st*rds all over Washington with 'Pitchforks & Torches' umm, Ok.. maybe not so much. I guess it's all good until they threaten to take their guns away.. Americans would march right up through the front doors of the White-House with Pitchforks & Torches if someone ever tried to take their guns away. Now I'm kind'a like.. yup, that's what I thought. Strange daze indeed.. .
  2. I woke up early this morning.. listening to the news, I heard updates about terrorists this and terror attacks that & people driving vans into crowds, machete wielding lunatics yelling Alah Ackbar & as I lit my first smoke, I sat there thinking to myself.. 'where's the imagination'. I mean if I were a terrorist or even just your everyday run of the mill whack-job that decided.. 'yup today's the day' I certainly wouldn't want to be doing 'it' the same old lame way as all the others.. I'd go get me a big-ass Flamethrower. Strange daze indeed.. .
  3. Nobuddy

    how do you signup for 153news.net???

    *** If you want an account please email 153contentcheck@gmail.com or jboss008@gmail.com and we will get you all setup. ***
  4. I almost feel sorry for Trump.. rattling on about 'draining the swamp' & Deep State this and his Mega-MAGA twitter skills, he doesn't even realize that they have him surrounded. It's just a matter of time till they shut him down & he'll never understand what really hit him. Strange daze indeed.. .
  5. Poor little guy.. never stood a chance, bless his little soul by refusing to die on command. I hope he haunts every one of them who gathered & participated in the 'plug-pulling'. We can only pray there's a special hell for all those who took part in this 'child's execution'. Strange daze indeed.. .
  6. Nobuddy

    Civil War

    Democide by pen.. Strange daze indeed.. .
  7. Nobuddy

    Scary Russian Tweet

    Did you even watch the video.. Carla Ortiz makes more sense then anything I've heard or seen presented by the US & our mainstream media. Seems to me that some people simply do not want to believe that we could be the 'aggressor' in Syria.. or anywhere else in the world for that matter. For some people our policies are & will always be correct.. regardless of the atrocities committed to impose it. Strange daze indeed.. .
  8. I made a baseball bat in shop class once.. my teacher tried to say he was going to fail me because I used 'class-time' to make a weapon, so I drilled a hole in the top and tied my keys to it. The Vice Principle thought it was funny & said he'd argue for a C- if I promised not to take shop class the next semester.. lol. I didn't last long in chemistry class either.. I was constantly pointing out how everything in the classroom could be used to build a bomb. Strange daze indeed.. .
  9. Nobuddy

    Scary Russian Tweet

    https://youtu.be/DCu8mNC1JyE Carla Ortiz Shocking Video From Syria: Contradicting the western media narrative.. some have been trying to explain what's really happening in Syria for a long time. It's hard to put the truth out there once the 'Machine' is in motion.
  10. Sorry Shep sarcasm is hard to read.. no doubt Trump's ego & Kim's 'little guy' complex lead North Korea into a mad-dash to produce nuclear weapons, in doing so they ignored the power plants & put every technician they had into building war-heads. In turn we may have sanctioned 100 million people into a slow, agonizing genocide.. this might also explain why NK has turned around so quickly, I think some one may have actually looked at all the duct-tape holding the pressure valves together & did a 'spit-take'. One thing I know for sure.. this 'Dog & Pony' show in North Korea isn't going to end well.
  11. Nah.. Tepco tells us we can bathe in Isotopes & we're fine. Russia is so far behind on all this 'nukular' stuff. Fukushima had three reactors and their cooling pools melt down & not one person has been effected.. ne-where. It's 'so' safe they simply pump millions of gallons of the water per second, straight back into the ocean.. pretty soon, since all the cores have disappeared they'll be able to do a global group Mega-MAGA, Twitter-fist, Trump-bump & girlishly giggle 'Mission Accomplished'.. see it's all so full of 'Win'. We're going to have so much 'Win' from North Korea, we'll be sick from all the winning.. we'll be wishing that some one else wins, praying to god that we share & maybe even patent and sell some of our 'wins'.. & ooh, look cake.!! Strange daze indeed.. ,
  12. CivMilAir ✈‏ @CivMilAir 11h11 hours ago #NOTAM & navigation warnings in force around #Cyprus for Wed 18th April 'RUSSIAN NAVY EXERCISE' off the #Syria coast - Surface to 66,000ft. This is not an 'EXERCISE' ..it's the build-up to a full-blown response to our 'first-strike' attack in Syria.. Trump doesn't get it, regardless of how 'limited' the strike was, or how little damage he caused.. you don't get to attack a sovereign nation based on unsubstantiated reports, backed by a 'child-like' UNSC temper-tantrum. You certainly don't get to declare 'Mission Accomplished' to a blatant act of war via a 140-character tweet.. I think it's way too late for us to wake up, the world has already decided what 'we' refuse to see. I honestly believe that there is no turning back now, we need to prepare ourselves for what's about to happen.. Yes.. Russia is undoubtedly planning cyber-attacks, they've already figured out how to take down our power grid, they already know how to quickly destroy our ports, railroads, infrastructure, communications & other hard strategic targets all over North America.. I'll guarantee, they are looking at sinking a good number of military assets floating right there off the coast of Cyprus. This has gone way too far.. Trump is not 'the man' to take on Russia & I think we're about to find that out in the next 72.hrs. Strange daze indeed.. .
  13. Seven bullshit wars based on one executive order & the declaration of Freedom Fries.. Israel, has become like a heavily armed whore screaming rape in the middle of an orgy. Strange daze indeed.. .

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