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  1. I use old school 'bit'a coin' technology.. my bit'a coin wallet is a Folgers coffee can & i run a 'rottweiler' security program capable of 128 'bite' protection. Cold stored in the back-yard.. I've implemented a 'round-mouth' miner application that uses a voice/facial recognition system & the 'Granny knows Best' exchange service. Been storing my 'bit'a coins' like this for over 50-yrs.. haven't got hacked yet.
  2. Considering that the Pentagon already admitted that they can't account for 9-trillion dollars.. you gott'a wonder what kind'a mess this next 'audit' is going to make. Strange daze indeed.. ,
  3. THE GREAT ABYSS--AN ENTIRE CONTINENT BURNING. It's a long read (probably deserves it's own thread) but I assure you it's well worth it.. it's the stuff nightmares are made of. The government isn't going to tell you that these 'wild-fires' are coming from underground.. some of the thinnest areas of the Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve are covered with just a few feet of thin shale rock. Big oil companies have been pumping water into the panhandle for a little over a hundred years.. I honestly believe that 'fracking' the Hugoton is about to turn on us in the most prophetic 'biblical' manner possible. http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/science_technology/energy_free_energy/news.php?q=1204927572 (snip) -Under 50% WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS ACCURATE AND TRUE ! 1. According to its own official maps, America (and both its neighbors) sit on top of the Hugoton Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve, which is the largest natural gas reserve on earth. 2. In order to extract natural gas from what is basically an enormously large interconnected and "dry" set of chambers, America's energy companies have been pumping huge amounts of water into them for just under a hundred years to force the gas out into pipelines, then on to processing plants. NOTE: In areas (such as the Rocky Mountains) the H-P Reserve consists of little more than dense oil soaked layers of shale rock, and for which reason, it is not profitable to extract gas from those areas. Even so, several very rich oil fields co-exist with the H-P natural gas reserve in these same areas of dense shale rock. In places such as south Texas oil formations are much deeper, and do not generally pose the problem we will be discussing. However, should our shallow natural gas reserve ever become ignited, the above areas would either explode or burn nevertheless. 3. Once the gas in a given part of the chamber of our natural gas reserve reaches a point where it's no longer dense enough to be economical to extract gas from, these energy companies simply move to areas that are more dense, in hopes that the vacuum caused by the receding "replacement" water will eventually suck in enough gas from other areas of the reserve. 4. Meanwhile, the law of gravity has been constantly pulling the replacement water they had previously filled that part of the gas chamber with into our water aquifers, which are located well below the gas chambers, leaving the partial vacuum that remains loaded with lower levels of natural gas. 5. Granted, most of the overall gas reserve consists of fairly dense shale rock, but there are large chambers (wide open spaces) particularly in the areas where the energy companies have been removing oil and natural gas, within the same general areas. 6. With nothing else to fill the void created by the reduced water level in the reserves, the resulting vacuum sucks air (oxygen) into these huge chambers from the surface of the earth; mostly through vent pipes left from the original drilling operation. 7. Once the oxygen to gas ratio reaches fourteen percent, the "mix" in this part of the reserve becomes volatile, and subject to exploding if and when it is ever ignited. A mix of twenty one percent oxygen to gas ratio causes that particular gas chamber to become a genuine fully loaded bomb, just waiting to be ignited. 8. At a point just thirty miles north of Pantex, where America stores its larger nuclear weapons, the H-P Reserve is less than fifty feet below the surface of the earth; and subject to being breached by just anything falling from the sky, such as an airplane, a meteorite, or a bomb. 9. If that should ever take place, the entire North American Continent would be subject to a series of explosions and fires, until it literally ceases to exist, because the entire N. American Continent is literally perched on top of the H-P Reserve. So, after the explosions, those parts that are made of heavily oil laden shale rock would simply burn until there is nothing left. Which means the dirt itself would burn. .IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT THE U.S GOVERNMENT HAS HAD ITS MILITARY, ITS BEST EXPERTS, SCIENTISTS FROM AMERICA'S BEST UNIVERSITIES, AS WELL AS EXPERTS FROM THE CHEVRON OIL COMPANY, EXAMINE WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ, AND NOT ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN ABLE TO DISPROVE ANY PART OF IT !! THEY KNOW IT'S TRUE, BUT THERE'S NO SOLUTION, SO THEY DON'T DARE TELL YOU !! Strange daze indeed.. .
  4. This would be the equivalent of Canada passing a law that says it recognizes Dallas as the Capital city of Mexico.. then sending Mexican troops in to settle the riots & keep the peace in Texas. No one does a cluster-phuck better then Trump.. in two weeks he'll probably order 72 cruise missiles in to clear the area for development of the new embassy - casino.. maybe a Disney/MGM theme park for the kids.? It'll be great.. you'll see Strange daze indeed.. .
  5. Well there ya have it.. the US passed a law. Trump should have explained this to the Palestinian people. They have no reason to be upset.. I mean it's a US 'act' of congress, they passed a law, it has bold lettering and everything. Did they seriously think the US was never going to find some one dumb enough to sign it..? They should just chill-out & know that Trump is making Israel Great Again.. look at all the greatness going on there. It's like Trump's 45d-chess Christmas Gift to the World.. it's Great, right.? Like maybe if we say great enough it will be, great. maybe.. I mean it's a 'law' isn't it.? Let's send them some Trump Campaign posters & a bunch of MAGA hats.. it'll be great you'll see.
  6. There's something fundamentally wrong when a major exchange announces a 60.million dollar 'hack' & the price still triples overnight.. it's not the first exchange to blatantly pull the coins, so what gives. This is like a bank saying 'your money might be safe with us' & people still line up out the door.. once inside they see the tellers are all wearing ski-masks & they still put their money down. Something is very nefarious about these crypto-coins. Strange daze indeed.. .
  7. Why is every one tip-toeing around what this really is.. First off let's be clear 'Trump' does not have the authority to declare where a capital city is located. This is Israel hiding behind the US while they 'take' the temple mount.. Just as they've taken Gaza & the West-bank.. they've meddled in the affairs of Syria, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt. Time and time again the US has vetoed sanctions against Israel for doing the very things she 'claims' other countries are plotting to do against her. Seven bullshit wars based on one executive order and the declaration of 'Freedom Fries'. Israel has become like a heavily armed whore.. screaming rape in the middle of an orgy. Name one country that has been found guilty of actually proliferating weapons of mass destruction as Israel has had us believe.. & then take a long hard look at the history of Dimona. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negev_Nuclear_Research_Center The taking of The temple mount will not end well.. for Trump or for Israel, this will probably be written as Israel's death certificate.
  8. They are looking to 'privatize' the war in Afghanistan.. because sooner or later these so called investigations will lead to the government's roll in the opiate crisis across North America. Sure they need to point fingers at a mysterious 'deep-state'.. but all in all & underneath the bullshit, Hillary & Obama helped Big-Pharma establish the largest 'legitimate' drug cartel the world has ever seen. Afghanistan has battalions of coalition troops guarding 'poppy's poppies' all across the middle east.. the opiate crisis in North America is at biblical proportions.. nobody wants to admit the truth & nobody wants to give up those profits. What once was run illegally by five families is now legally owned & operated by five governments.. they need to point the spotlight at something/someone else. Too many people are seeing this 'war on terror' for what it truly is. Strange daze indeed.. .
  9. There's no doubt that these messages are linked with the so called 'war-games' on the Korean peninsula. A 72.hr military preparedness notice was sent out on Monday & now 72.hrs later we have (EAMS) Emergency Action Messages being broadcasted from SkyKing.. t'is the season, hold onto your hats kids. https://www.liveatc.net/flisten.php?mount=hf_il3
  10. So We Get This Email That States...

    They do that here in my area too.. especially on construction sites with expensive equipment and materials stored on the property. The signs they put up look ominous and kinda creepy, they stop short of suggesting that trespassers may be shot 'accidentally' of course, but still threatening enough to keep the looters away. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.. they get really nervous when they think they're being watched.
  11. Gomer Pyle died ..again.?

    Umm.. yea, wow.. see more weirdness, I remember Sally Fields died just before Muhammad Ali died.. the first time. I actually remember watching the dates change on Wikipedia the second time Ali died. I was drunk for three days after that one.. what's the chances of your computer freezing just as you're trying to take a screen-shot of his Wiki-page. Maybe they're getting ready to 'Mandela' Sally too..?
  12. Gomer Pyle died ..again.?

    There's something weird about the whole 'Andy Griffith' timeline.. Don Knotts died so many times I lost count and Andy himself died both before and after Don did.. some serious head-shaking here. Don Rickles, Carrol Burnett, Joan Rivers & I think Tim Conway have all died at least twice. George Burns died so many times I think he even came back and made a joke about it once.. Strange daze indeed.. .
  13. Jim Nabors, Gomer Pyle on 'The Andy Griffith Show,' dead at 87 http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/30/entertainment/jim-nabors-dead/index.html Not sure if any one else noticed this today.. and maybe it's just me but I swear he died a couple of years ago from HIV & I thought it was odd to remember that when they announced that he died a few months ago from liver failure, but umm.. yea somethings really weirding me out me out about seeing the poor guy in the obits 'again'. Am I loosing it.. does any one else remember him being dead already.?
  14. Even a 'bad' lawyer could argue that a person can't be ordered to volunteer.. if they are ordering the person to surrender their weapons, then they have clearly violated that person's second amendment rights. If it truly is a voluntary request, then compliance is up to the 'person' or individual. That 'person' or individual also has the right to voluntarily surrender any or all of their constitutional rights.. oddly enough that right is also protected by the constitution. That very same constitution enables & empowers every individual with the right to bear and raise those weapons against any one who might attempt to circumvent those 'god given rights'. The message here is clear.. "Bad things happen, when good men do nothing." I'm not sure what the solution is.. but I sure do admire the problem. Strange daze indeed.. .