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  1. Umm.. using that kind'a logic, i guess mannequins will be banned next. I read an article once where a 'refugee' was caught in a dark parking-lot humping the warm tail-pipe of a recently parked car.. not sure what you'd ban for that, but this shit's getting a little out of control. Strange daze indeed.. .
  2. Seven bullshit wars based on one executive order & the declaration of 'Freedom Fries'.. we've become like a heavily armed whore screaming rape in the middle of an orgy & yet we can't seem to figure out why some of these people seek to do us harm.? From a moral perspective & from the perspective of an obviously 'failed' narrative around the true motives of our elected representatives. We should be 'afraid' of not only what we've done to these countries, but what we've done to ourselves. The effects of our atrocities will be felt for hundreds if not thousands of years to come & we've done this for all the 'wrong' reasons. We didn't do this for humanitarian reasons.. we didn't 'do' this to protect innocent civilians & we didn't do this for the love of 'God'. These people don't hate us for our freedoms, they don't hate us for our 'religious beliefs' & they don't hate us because of anything written in their Koran.. They hate us for what we've done period, we've obliterated the entire middle east & potentially created a global catastrophic scenario that will continue to kill millions of people for generations to come. This is the 'real' reason that refugees are flooding our boarders.. we've ultimately 'Nuked' the entire planet, by firing millions of tiny nuclear devices from the barrel of a gun. The middle east has ultimately been left uninhabitable for generations, avoiding the horrors of a giant mushroom cloud, we've replaced the ICBM rocket.. with a 9.mm shell casing filled with depleted uranium. Support our Troops.. bring them home, for the love of god bring them all home NOW.!!
  3. Missing money?

    But the good news is that seven years later.. 9 trillion dollars, didn't actually go missing. It was 'hiding' in thin air. So yea.. see, no-worries.
  4. You know it's bad, when Trump stops 'tweeting'..
  5. Super-Bowl Strangeness..

    According to the Wikipedia page: Last Edited by: at 00:05 January 29.th 2018. Eagle's Head-coach Doug Pederson dies at the stadium today too. Just in case anything does happen & the page revision gets scrubbed.. I'll post this info here. IP Address Host name caseguest.CWRU.Edu Network-- Country US - UNITED STATES: Region OH: City Cleveland: Metro Code 510: Postal Code 44106: Area Code 216 Latitude- 41.5074 Longitude- 81.6053 System & Browser Information Browser Mozilla 5.0: Operating System Windows 7 Proxy No Proxy detected. Blacklisted Not Blacklisted IP Range - IP Network American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
  6. Apparently one of the Eagles owners is listed as dead.. his Wikipedia page says he died at today's game.? https://twitter.com/RadGeekpartduex/status/960013978238775298