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  1. Russia tested their overall systems, land, sea, air, and it seems they all passed.
  2. Oldgoat

    A Final Warning from George Orwell

    Sorry George, we failed.
  3. Oldgoat

    The Programming is Breaking Down!

    Until you see the career politicians being replaced with awake people, no one has woken up.
  4. You have to watchout with those pills and needles, they will jump down your throat and stick themselves into your arms without your knowledge.
  5. I don't understand why Americans keep thinking, "this time their going to really do something right".
  6. Bad enough we're gonna have millions of our own displaced by ai/robots, but these millions will be affected also. You have to be a fool to think that a great killing off is not going to happen.
  7. What the f**k has happened to peoples sense of reasoning?
  8. Make America great again, is swirling rapidly down the drain.
  9. Oldgoat

    Paul Ryan the sneaky traitor to America

    All you needed to know when he was selected, was that Boehner hand picked Ryan to be his successor. I remember it clearly, Ryan kelp saying he didn't want the job, then the big meeting with Boehner, then boom, he was the man. Been shitwreck ever since.
  10. Oldgoat

    The US economy is failing

    If you believe that the gov. is going to pay ubi to 350 million people, well I'll just stop right here.
  11. I've read every word of the article, and I have to admit, it's concerning.
  12. I did picture the attack as I was reading the report. It was quite humorous.
  13. This is a very good example to use when having a discussion about the immaturity of young people today. This isn't something a person that's matured normally would think of much less carry through with. As the saying goes "children can be the cruelest ". That's what these kind of people are, still children.
  14. "5' 9" 230 pounds and tripped", just says it all.

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