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  1. PootScently

    Anyone Here Do Crossfit?

    You have me wanting to try it. How much is your gym per month?
  2. PootScently

    In bed! And Ill!

    If it is hanging around this long, time for super dosing vitamin D3. 10000au twice a day will knock it out. Keep up with the C. At least 2 liters of water daily. 3 would be better.
  3. PootScently

    DFW flashes in the sky.

    This didnt look like fireworks to me but probably was knowing this. Timing and direction both line up. Really had no clue they did fireworks every friday. May have to go see them next week just for kicks. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. PootScently

    Without money you will die

    To arms and screw the princes? No? Burn them where they stand! PS. I may have had some beers. Just ignore me at this point. Love you all!
  5. PootScently

    DFW flashes in the sky.

    Wow. Ok. This could easily be what i saw on a much smaller scale. I don't remember this happening. Thanks for the vid!
  6. PootScently

    The amazing book or series thread.

    For soon to be dads and new dads. Be Prepared A Practical Handbook for New Dads by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden Fun and informative. Worth it for the prepper dad too.
  7. House includes Texas and Arkansas so far i guess...
  8. PootScently

    DFW flashes in the sky.

    Havent read it yet. If you listen to it or read it, let us know how it is.
  9. PootScently

    The amazing book or series thread.

    The Game is Life series by Terry Schott Amazing early on. Gets a bit overly complex later in the series. Well worth the read though.
  10. PootScently

    The amazing book or series thread.

    I will start. Shogun by James Clavell. Still my all time favorite. The End by G. Michael Hopf. Great series. Only 4 books in so far. Great so far. One second after. No intro needed here. Interview with the Vampire. Great read. Series is good too.
  11. PootScently

    The amazing book or series thread.

    Rules are as follows. 1. Only print or audio books. No movies or shows. 2. Has to still be available or somewhat easy to find. 3. Keep it legal. More to come if need be. I think we are good though.
  12. PootScently

    DFW flashes in the sky.

    What an amazing book. I enjoyed it very much. The G. Michael Hopf books are awesome too. The End is the first one in his mainline series and can normally be had for free on Amazon Prime. Changes from time to time though.
  13. PootScently

    DFW flashes in the sky.

    On the original topic, i have been outside off and on aince the first flashes and have seen nothing else so i assume it was just a transformer flash or something else without serious lasting effect.
  14. PootScently

    DFW flashes in the sky.

    Forced? I read 3 to 4 a week. Hehe Better than TV and much cheaper with a library card.

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