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  1. Sir Knight

    Manafort Jailed

    Mueller needs to be made an example of, either by our, useless as tits on a bull AG or just cut to the chase and have an old fashioned Frankenstein Mob punishment. I have had enough of these f**ks, they, Obama & Hillary included, need to pay for their crimes against our Nation!
  2. Sir Knight

    Credit service shuts down payments on all gun purchases

    I ALWAYS pay cash for my weapons, especially my collection of "tactical rifles". F*CK them!
  3. Actually, in the original texts of the Scriptures, it does not say 6 days, it says 6 "ages". Although, later GOD gave us a sign that 1 day in Heaven is like 1,000 years on Earth. Adam to Yeshua 4 days in Heaven, Yeshua to His return, 2 days in Heaven, then after "Ascension" with Yeshua, we spend the Sabbath with Him in Heaven for 1,000 years or 1 day in Heaven, then we return to the Earth with His Kingdom and partake in the judgement of those not in Christ. We live in exciting times right now!
  4. They finally got Chuck Norris up there and he told it to calm down.
  5. Not sure if it is connected but, this morning the Sun rose from NNE, instead of East where it rises everyday before this morning, I was rather shocked.
  6. Sir Knight

    I Cancelled My Netflix Account Today

    Bobmovies.net is better than Netflix and it is absolutely free! I cancelled my Netflix account and told them it is because of their partnership with anti-American racist Obama, and that I would never return.
  7. Snoop Dog Dung has got to be borderline retarded, that ignorant human wannabe is a walking suicide.
  8. Rep. Eric Swalwell, We The People demand that Democratic politicians be forced to give up their armed security, until then STFU! Molon Labe.
  9. That was a smart move if true. The parasites in Deep State are going to cry because they didn't steal them first and distort everything in the records before releasing "PERSONAL INFORMATION" to the public. Screw them!
  10. Dereliction of duty, endangering the lives of civilians, cowardice in the line of duty. He should be considered as an accessory to mass murder.
  11. Infantile is exactly what they are. Not too bright to be leaders for sure. I hope we do have another Civil War, we will erase them within a few weeks, weld the doors shut to their bunkers and wait.
  12. They need it for their annual April 19th False Flag attack ! Some events that have occurred on April 19th: 1775 Start of the Revolution 1961 Bay of Pigs 1993 Waco Mass Murder 1995 OKC Bombing 2010 USA is charged with funding terrorist activities 2013 Boston lock down/bombing suspects hunted 2017 Texas Chemical Explosion 2018 ????
  13. Their study is absolute BS! As a 16 year old, my buddy & I did an experiment, we stayed constantly high for 114 days, both of our grades shot up to 4.0 GPA.

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