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  1. Digger

    Anybody Listening?

    Ssshhhh Hush now...
  2. Digger

    The Plan to Demoralize and Destroy!

    Picking on people. Harshly criticizing them. The ad hominem attack on steroids. I'm thinking so many people do this (perhaps unconsciously) because of the examples we see over and over in the media. Imitation is a form of flattery, right? That's all we see and hear: a constant barrage of petty complaints and useless gossip. It's juicy for drama and adds a lot of spice for satire but in the end none of it does us any good. It's presented in a gleeful, glossy like fashion. Giving it a sense of urgency to force issues filled with emotional triggers. Demoralizing the true critic within and destroying the individual sense of security. Those who perpetrate these things...are they not puppets too? Don't they live in their own scripted prisons? The shape of it may vary but in the end...still a prison. Created specifically for this purpose. The price being perpetual monthly payments plus full ownership of your personal individuality to do the bidding of the bigger entity. Chained Shadow puppets helping to enslave an audience of even more shadow puppets... Kneel before the god of light and shadow! https://zippy.gfycat.com/TenseKnobbyGalapagoshawk.gif
  3. Digger

    Jay Weidner talks Stanley Kubrick

    Jay's take on the Kubrick issue is interesting. I like how he analyzes movies. Another movie critic along these lines is Jay Dyer. He breaks down many movies and offers interesting explanations as to their esoteric meanings.
  4. Digger

    The origins of language

    What was the language like before Babel? How confounded did language really get? Was it clear and concise; able to communicate without confusion? How easy is it to understand the intentions of an animal compared to a human being?
  5. Digger

    Confess Your Sins Online!

    I think that's something best left in the confessional.
  6. I like threads like this. It gives good food for thought. Music! No matter the genre. A common language. Rhythms, beats, and melodic hypnotism. A simple melody by itself creates stimulus/inhibitors all by themselves. Sure, I can relate to the lyrics of a song, but, if the melody or rhythm doesn't move me it means nothing. At least to me. I'm seeing a diminished quality of music (maybe because I'm getting old and think the younger generations music sounds like a dog with laryngitis). It used to be a musician had to be proficient within themselves to play any kind of instrument. Rock offered virtuoso types of players. I think this caused a more positive result because it influenced 15 million guitar players to practice, practice, practice. Giving them more of a desire to learn and critically think about how to put a song together in creative ways. Today's music seems to be more about the me, me, me. Lyrics, rhymes, and limericks offering negative stimulus to the young. Feeding the ever increasing frenzy of mass consumption. The beats are lower in frequency; creating a deeper hypnotism within the dancers. Originating from the crotch, so to speak, and staying there. Rising no higher. Today, using computers, anyone can create beats and sounds, mix them together using the basic song structures without knowing much theory or putting in the practice necessary to master an instrument. That's just in a pop culture sort of sense. Surface garbage that keeps us from looking deeper into ourselves and others. Then there is the music in movies and TV. For the most part it's classical in its approach. Causing all kinds of emotional value to enhance the visuals on the screen. Star Wars would be just another run of the mill movie without the genius of John Williams..... Tavistock legends from Laurel Canyon are interesting! Echoes of the past traveling forward. Is the path created good for us all? It's getting shallower and shallower because of the corporate need to feed the greed. Give it fuel...give it fire...
  7. Doesn't matter. The story exists. And everything handed down from it since it began. The deeper message of Christ is retained.... I guess the question at this point would be is the story good enough to really listen to and live by. Is Christ a worthy example? Since the story of Christ exists - He exists. The idea exists... This thread exists~!
  8. Digger

    Confess Your Sins Online!

    Is this online coffeessional sacrosanct? After all, these things are kept secret. Vows are taken and must be adhered too. Right?
  9. The Catholic Church launches 'Sindr': the phone app which helps you get a quick confession if you have sinned The Catholic App is being launched in Scotland aiming to boost numbers Developers Musemantik have plotted an interactive church map for users It's already being dubbed 'Sindr' in a play on words with dating app Tinder Launched by the Catholic Church, app will go live in the early part of 2017 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3962270/Catholic-Church-launches-Sindr-phone-app-helps-quick-confession-sinned.html A bit of satire.... I like to call this one Doctor Sin. Come one, come all, enter your filthiest thoughts into the biggest database of dreams on the planet. I wonder if wikileaks would encourage hackers to release all the dirty little secrets accumulated in this new database of sin? Doesn't facebook do this anyways? Join the special members area <-- (click here) --> DID YOU MOUSE OVER THAT? Instant access to anonymous trends in sinful behavior. Narrow down your searches to include which sins are committed more in cities throughout the world. Join Now! You can now pay for your sins by credit card. Completely safe and secure to keep the debt within your soul constantly accruing. Re-billed monthly for your convenience. Spend your Sunday here and the rest of the week beating off the devil with both hands.
  10. Good thread idea OP. I've used the internet for just that purpose. Learn what they didn't teach me in shcool. I knew the tricks of the psyche required the knowledge of philosophy as a foundation so I started learning about it bit by bit. Grammar and Articulation is difficult to describe without knowing the tools our long ago ancestors figured out for us. Learning about how rhetoric is used is an eye opening kind of thing. Learning how its logically applied is another one. History is a value tool too. Then there are the values of ethos, pathos, and logos.... These are the very tools used against the public in this ongoing swindle.
  11. I enjoy the info too. Thank you. It'll take me a little time to read through it all. I've got a question or two... What categories do they place people in? Is it like an online invisible GATE program to identity and classify individuals and groups for special instruction?
  12. Digger

    So hard to find good biscuits!

    That avatar pic is just something I dug up. http://lolsnaps.com/upload_pic/fcaf7dc8-game-of-scones.png
  13. Digger

    Magic or Religion

    ...a commissioning ceremony of a giant machine with it's own personality for instance. Lots of recital along with the appropriate rites. Creating a new performer in a body filled with them. Bodies within bodies filled with illusions that kill. https://youtu.be/Fptue_EaMjw
  14. Digger

    Magic or Religion

    I'm thinking social engineers practice 'magic(k). Mediums of media are the tools used to create the spells. That makes technology a sort of magic too...it can be made to control nature. The staged rites the performers participate in help to induce the audience into whatever thought processes the spell descriptors create to keep selling us illusions.

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