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  1. I see some enny menny minney moe codes moley
  2. Hey Moley, I heard you were a Knights Templar. Now I also heard that your particular sect were the last of the original good guys. Not the so called Templars who have falsely become associated with the freemasons.
  3. Chris Cock is an idiot! It's black on black murder.
  4. InPlainSight

    What The Moon Really IS

    Did I sound like I was kidding to you? They don't decompose because of rapid climate change to an arid environment or they were covered by volcanic ash where there is little ground moisture. Even volcanic eruptions knock down trees. That's why most times they are lying on the ground when found because they died from lack of rain waters or whatever water supply they had before. Many times rivers and stream change their courses because of earthquakes and/or for other reasons cutting off water supplies. Lakes can be filled with volcanic ash cutting off the water source to all the trees on the lakes banks.There are many reasons this can happen and it has for millions of years. And yes, trees that become petrified do break smoothly across their trunks very naturally. You can even see the rings in petrified trees, so why wouldn't they be a wooden tree mineralized to stone? Define: Mineralize - Convert (organic matter) wholly or partly into a mineral or inorganic material or structure. The organic matter being the living tree. The inorganic material being the petrified dead tree turned to stone. It still happens every day in nature even today in many different ways. Debunk This! https://www.google.com/search?q=petrified+tree+rings&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiRzobR9vDXAhVn5oMKHR8PDYEQ_AUICygC&biw=1280&bih=615
  5. InPlainSight

    What The Moon Really IS

    That is true because of the inorganic minerals that are in the ground and which come from stones/rocks/earth elements in the earth themselves. Organic minerals wouldn't do that. It's actually a pretty open and shut science and which is pretty easy to explain.
  6. InPlainSight

    Member Introductions!

    Thank you cinnamon.
  7. InPlainSight

    Member Introductions!

    I was an unregistered lurker for a while now but didn't have access to this feature until today I guess.
  8. InPlainSight

    Member Introductions!

    OK, I see it.
  9. InPlainSight

    Member Introductions!

    Thanks again, Ukshep, but can you tell me where the PM is?
  10. InPlainSight

    Member Introductions!

    Thanks Ukshep!
  11. InPlainSight

    Member Introductions!


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