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  1. Dr. Evil

    Assange facing eviction from London embassy

    I can't work this out. Wikileaks is Mossad. Israel has been helping Trump dismantle the Dems, since before Trump was elected. This is why Fox, Murdoch (Mossad) has been the only strong MSM voice in his arena. For example. Wikileaks has huge goodwill amongst the sheeple. It's a very useful thing. So why take it down? Is it the UK exercising another anti-Trump move? First Skripal, now Assange? Possible. But if so where is Israel is flexing its considerable UK muscle? Or is this a family fight, where Israel/Mossad/US stand in one camp and the UK/EU the other? But why? Does Mossad/Assange have something on the UK/EU they don't want the sheeple to hear? But if Assange is taken out Wikileaks will still publish and he'll be a matyr to the sheeple. So no gains there. And if Trump wants to pursue the UK/EU on something Wikileaks can help with, he'll just pressure the UK/EU in any number of ways to make them yield and allow Wikileaks to publish.
  2. Dr. Evil

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    More of a tragedy ain't it? Where they go, so do we.
  3. Dr. Evil

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    Yeah but you know who first created then fixed that problem, don't you. And why would you wish their help, on anyone?
  4. Dr. Evil

    Newton-Cartan Gravity Revisited

    Who tells you that? I'm not arguing, I'm asking, I know little of the electric theory but quantum mechanics blows Newton and Einstein out of the water so I'm interested in the alternatives.
  5. Dr. Evil

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    Understand. And it keeps going on: e.g. Bolton, how come he keeps Pense round, etc? I can only think this is the double-double cross you need to [appear to] make when you enter a den of vipers. I accept this faith could be completely misplaced. https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/ had an interesting thread last week on "odious debt:" i.e. debt where the creditor gains no consideration from the contract: i.e. fiat money. Meaning, the entire deficit could be cancelled. (No, I don't think that'll happen either...)
  6. Dr. Evil

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    My suspicious nature agrees, my optimism hopes otherwise. To me his big test comes when the Dems are decimated and what does he do then. If he turns on Israel and the RINOs he's good to go in my book as the greatest POTUS since Jackson. My jury's watching.
  7. Dr. Evil

    Has Trump donned the full armour of God?

    I'm not convinced he's a black hat tho, is that what you're saying? P.S. Just reading your byline, you know that's the wood Strad used for his violins?
  8. Of course not. He wouldn't have done many of things he's done in his life if he had (e.g. had adulterous sex etc etc etc). But is he pretending to, to get the votes from his evangelical nutter ginger group for the mid-terms? This link isn't from one of those, BTW, it's one of the better Q-anons. And he's not addressing the point I'm making. I merely supply so you can see how the argument might run in your head, were you an evangelical nutter. (And BTW, I'm a Christian, and all of we Christians are faith-filled and who knows whom will be proven correct, but some of us seem to have some funny ideas... Let's leave it there.) https://www.neonrevolt.com/2018/05/24/the-prophetic-acts-of-trump-qanon-greatawakening/
  9. When is the real origin of MK - the Concentration Camps and PaperClip - going to be allowed to be discussed in open court? Never. Right?
  10. In the last thirty or so years, liberals have gradually transmogrified into Progressives, Progressives are commies. Commies have no ethics whatsoever, "the cause" is everything. It's all that matters and everything and anyone MUST not should but MUST be sacrificed and become beholden and subjected to "the cause." Progressives are fanatics. Observe the history of the Bolsheviks and the USSR. Fanatics can't change their mind and won't change the subject Russians aren't commies. They were taken over by them, they're not of them. Don't get it twisted. Chinese govt however, is. Chinese people aren't, govt is. Don't get it twisted. U.S. Democrat politicians are too. U.S. people who vote Democrat aren't, because they hallucinate the Dems are still the Liberals of yore. But the younger generation who don't understand liberalism but understand Progressivism because it's been shoved down their throat at school under the Liberalist guise, are. This is why the Chinese and the US are so close (but only when the Dems are in power, noticed that?). Clinton 42 was commie in slick disguise. Obongo 44 was commie in skin disguise. If Trump doesn't destroy the US commies, they'll go to ground and resurface eventually. And who knows, they may become this guy's useful idiots. Point is: their fanaticism is why Pelosi sees nothing untoward in making that announcement. The roaringly obvious fact it's very wrong indeed to do this is quite lost to her. Sad? Evil? You bet.
  11. It's all about polarisation. Men vs Wimmin. Black vs White Rich vs Poor Young vs Old Working Class vs Professional Class. Left vs Right. It's the fuel which drives the left. These days. The left used to represent genuine points of difference with large areas of common agreement with the right, but no longer. These days the left is driving social polarisation because they've lost the argument on the economy and the only tool left in the box is propaganda detailing endlessly invented victimhood. So the voices of reason are silenced while the dogs of war are unleashed. It's what they've used throughout history. Sewing division is what they do. The left are being treated as useful idiots. Which they are. But it's not their fault. Plenty of idiots on all sides. Where are the conservatives who obviously lack the perspicacity or perhaps the courage, to penetrate the obvious happenings and speak out against them even if it costs them votes, for instance? Up to us who see both sides perhaps to educate them on the game in play and illuminate the black hands who are playing them. If we don't, who will. Sorry. I don't have an answer. But I can see history rhyming, And I don't like it. Because when this trend takes hold, as is happening right here and now, it's never, not once, ended well.
  12. The Derp State narrative is white folks are goin down and Derp State always works on multiple fronts so it does this in "progressive" tech companies and it does this in movies and tv and it does this in rock music. SoP. Evil? Sure. Evil is as evil does. No shortage of dummies to play the game. The mistake Derp State is making is: it ain't workin. And they're too stoooopid or too arrogant to work out why it isn't. Because they think the goy/Deplorables/choose your adjective are too ignorant to ever see though their fiendishly clever plots. Which is of course good for us. Because what doesn't kill us just makes us stronger, and madderer.
  13. Thing I wonder about Brad is: who's going to pay for their rebuild? Forget the brutal rapes, tortures, murders. Those will be fully accounted for at an individual level in forums not within the human purvue and that supercedes any human "justice." So while I'd welcome anything forthcoming of that nature I'm not hanging my hat on it nor do I much care, because I know those who hurt a single hair on every single victim will be held fully to account by the one with eyes as a flame of fire (Rev 1:14) and it is a fearful thing, to fall into the hands of the living God (Heb 10:13). But whose going to pay to restore the shattered cities? Aleppo was stripped of all industrial equipment by the Turks. Every single building residential and industrial in many Syrian cities has been turned into rubble. By US bombs, mostly. Syria will survive and rebuild. She's survived worse. She'll stand. But these days armies who sack a nation as we've just witnessed here don't just move on and nothing happens. Justice needs serving. Where is it, and whose going to be left holding the can? Same applies to Yemen. My pick is: Israel, Turkey, KSA and Switzerland. Open the Swiss vaults, confiscate the entire wealth secreted therein, force Israel, Turkey and KSA to expend their treasure on rebuilding those two nations. It's a poor deal, given what those nations have contributed to worldwide destruction, but it's a start. There's a reason why Hitler's tanks were 30 miles away from Switzerland's wealth he never invaded it. Aladdin's Cave don't begin to describe it. But think about it. Why didn't he. That's why they need to pay. Syria and Yemen are symbolic, for all the proceeds of crime they've secreted. From all the criminals. Personally, I think that's a fitting disposal of those ill-gotten gains.
  14. Yeah that was my first thought too. But Israel and Russia have very important ties and Israel putting all of that at risk for a clever move it knows Russia would see through in a heartbeat, is not tenable. I wonder about this.
  15. Dr. Evil

    Jeff Sessions: Worst AG in history.

    I'm guessing, but my guess is that Bush shared with them the keys to the blackmail material. Hoover stayed in power for that reason, collecting that was Putin's specialty when he was in the KGB, whenever you see political dynasties look for that and Bush Snr with his CIA background had the means and the opportunity and what's the bet Preston Bush got hold of Hoover's material and used it to position his son who's ruled the roost until recently when his health failed. And BTW these guys have had decades in control of the US govt so imagine what they've gathered over the years on all politicians, judges, bureaucrats, from all countries round the world. Nothing else addresses that question across the decades. Because politicians are sharks, they eat each other. Why would any generation of politicians allow a dynasty to develop amongst them, why the hell would they tolerate that? Unless they had no choice.

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