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  1. This reminds me of the same argument lefties use whereby they accuse all white people of being Nazi. I don't deny Kim is brutal, cruel and the for the sake of NK I wish he wasn't leading them, he doesn't deserve to lead anything. But fact is, he does. Fact is, if the US attacks it WILL NOT liberate NK it will simply kill millions of NK/SK people plus Japanese. Those are facts. Deal with it. Why people don't get that and thinks the US is on some humanitarian mission toward freedom and democracy every single time the US does this, I don't know. Isn't the complete and utter mess in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria enough evidence for you? Do you seriously think the people in those nations appreciate what the US has done "for them?" Because that's the only way you could possibly justify this action against NK, if you do think that. And if you do, I seriously question your ability to understand anything at all.
  2. Yeah I'd say Israel gave them to him. That's how they roll. But who cares, neither of us knows for sure, do we. When you say: "free rein," there's an implicit assumption there it's the US's job to decide whether or not other nations are free to do what they want with their own defence policies. Since when did that become part of international law? And who appointed the US as the deciderer on these matters? And in case you come back and tell us NK has been threatening other nations and this (for some reason in your head) gives the US "the right" to decide, then pray tell us who in those other nations has actually in fact died as a result of NK's words, and how do those non-deaths or non-injuries compare to the millions of actual deaths and actual injuries the US has inflicted on people from many other nations over the last, to make it easy for you to work out, only the last say, twenty years? And on the basis of that death and injury count, who, in your opinion, is right and who, in your opinion, is wrong?
  3. Most unlikely but it's about opening the window of possibility another notch which is NK's standard response everytime the US does or says something.
  4. Gaga admits to selling her soul!!!!

    They all are. Including the men. Nothing banned. Kids, murder, sadism, torture, homosexuality for both sexes. Doesn't matter if you're straight, you aren't given the choice. The price of fame and fortune. Thing is though, when you don't need to think about the groceries, you still have problems. But you can't expect 20-somethings to work that out before they sign up.
  5. Gaga admits to selling her soul!!!!

    This is an excellent resource on this topic, covers both celebs and politicians. It's been closed for a few years but there is loads of research material. https://intheknow7.wordpress.com
  6. This is not new, the NK Foreign Minister said this in his UN speech last week and the Rothschild-owned Reuters is just using it to keep the pot boiling seeing as Kim announced NK might attempt shootdowns of bombers outside NK airspace. As they do. https://www.rt.com/news/404534-north-korea-us-bombers/ Don't forget legally the US and NK have been at war since 1954, just under armistice.
  7. So what if he was playing with his toys? Why is that a red line? To have the toys? Firstly if that - mere possession - is going to be a red line, then let's have some consistency here and let's urge the US to threaten to invade Israel as well. Secondly since obviously we can discard that argument given the Israeli exception and the only logical conclusion following from that is it's not a real red line just a faux one that the US choses to apply arbitrarily with no consistency and therefore has no legitimacy in doing so because who the hell does the US think it is, doing that, arbitrarily deciding one nation can have them whereas another can't. Obviously the US has no right whatsoever to make that call, so let's discard that argument. So what's left? That NK or Iran will use them if it has them? Why doesn't MAD apply to them as it does to every other nation with them? Why would anyone try to argue NK or Iran wants to commit suicide? How can anyone possibly justify military action against a country based on an unspoken assumption like that? What grounds does anyone have to think NK or Iran wish to commit collective suicide? Where's the logical arguments for that position? They're not there, are they. Case closed. Period.
  8. As Skycat pointed out, he always has been willing, he was before all this started and he remains so. It's not rocket science what he needs, and it never has been. Simply an iron-clad guarantee that if he gives up the nukes the US won't invade. This is what the Double Freeze proposal by China-Russia is about. But the US has refused to treat with him. You can understand Kim's reluctance, given what he saw the US do to first Saddam then Ghaddaffi and given what Trump is now doing with the JCPOA with Iran you can also understand if Kim thinks any paper the US offers is not worth the words on it. This is the current position, it's always been the current position. The only unreasonable party in this is the US, and that is plain as the nose on one's face.
  9. It’s obvious that the South and the Midwest are where football mania reigns supreme each and every fall season, and has practically forever. While Southerners are the most conservative of the bunch, Midwesterners are a quite patriotic lot. And, yet, these overpaid and over-armored spoiled brats (NFL ball players) have the audacity to disrespect their fan base every Sunday in the big stadium! This has got to be the craziest situation ever seen in professional sport. Honestly, there is nothing even close to this self-destructive madness in league history. Any league in any sport! Which begs the question: Who’s really running this game on the American people? It’s not about NFL disrespect or Trump tweets, it’s about Soros’s social engineering. Whenever things make no sense whatsoever, you can be sure that the George Soros tribe is squarely behind it. For any social engineering endeavor of this magnitude that is foisted on the American people in real time has Purple Revolution written all over it. It ought to be clear that Trump inherited the race war deliberately started by Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama. This is the primary means by which Soros & Company plan to destroy the American Republic. Of course, the nation is deeply divided along many lines, but racial tensions have been festering for centuries. The provocateurs are just waiting for the right time to light the fuse. Then all of the other deep divisions exacerbated by the prevailing identity politics culture will catch on fire like the tinderbox that each one has become. Everyone knows that police brutality and outright murders by law enforcement is at an all-time high. However, it’s both blacks and whites, browns and yellows who are the victims of these unjustified killings across the country. Nevertheless, the social engineers have framed this police criminality as directed at blacks alone. Not only does this inflame the other injured demographics, it further empowers the black communities to claim their victimhood above everyone else’s. Now look at the preceding photo of this character named Colin Rand Kaepernick. He has a striking resemblance to Barack Obama for a very good reason. His pedigree is also somewhat similar, and for the very same reason(s). Kaepernick is the one who the social engineers quite intentionally used to start the whole “NFL players kneeling during the anthem” stunt. Solution: Only the patriot movement can stop this burgeoning Purple Revolution. How so? Stop attending all professional sports events and turn off TV sports coverage. Don’t go to the movie theaters or the stadiums or the concerts. Only amateur sports arenas like college games are okay, perhaps. Avoid all the pop musicians that fill the airwaves with their utter cacophony. Stay away from all the big retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Patronize those corporations that have signaled their patriotism and/or nationalism. Same with restaurant chains and other food/beverage franchises. For example, Panera is obviously superior to Starbucks, at least for today. Let’s face it, “This Is A Great Time To BOYCOTT Hollyweird“. And that’s how it’s done: hit them in the pocket book and they will cave in a New York minute. http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=84489
  10. I wonder if it's going to be like the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where everyone who wasn't told starts complaining to the ones who were: why didn't you tell me? Beverly Hills dinner parties over the next few months will be interesting.
  11. If this article is true then it makes Trump's NK strategy truly insane on a monstrous level. I have always assumed THAAD was capable but according to this, it's not and neither are the other intercept systems. In other words, what Trump has done with the approval of people in his Administration (because if anyone had wanted to stop him all they needed to do is leak this data) is provoke a NK that would have otherwise happily lobbed test missiles into empty ocean till the cows came home, into becoming a significant existential threat to a number of major US metro areas. The only people capable of such psychopathic incompetence are, of course, the neocons. Who, of course, couldn't care less about the deaths of several million US citizens, provided it advanced the Greater Israel plan. One of the prophecies I've read recently says Trump is the last POTUS. Maybe this is how that comes to pass. Of course, we don't know if NK has miniturised the warhead nor do we know whether it's got the necessary alloys for the re-entry survival and both those tasks are very difficult. But for Trump to even entertain entering the path he's been on since March, without having an iron-clad shield, is just mental beyond words. It's more than incompetent, it's more than evil, it's just completely insane.
  12. Yeah they call it 'The Spear of God' apparently. I think they already have it up there, I wonder if this may be a reload module. I also wonder if Russia has any anti-sat capability this may be when we find out if it works or not. I also wonder whether Seoul is still safe even if they do take out the overlooking artillery, because it's quite possible SK has already delivered a nuke underneath it using a tunnel.
  13. Yeah I agree. My current understanding is it's been a mutual trade. Iran has given NK missile tech and NK has given Iran (or agreed to in the fullness of time so as not to violate JCPOA) nuclear tech. My position (as I suspect also is yours) is: so what? Even if this has happened, so freaking what? I truly don't get why this is going to present any issues to anyone. If Iran has nukes and it almost certainly got some from Ukraine during the 90's USSR dissolution, so what? Israel has 350 of them. So what if Iran has several? Same with NK. There's this moronic assumption amongst idiots who understand nothing that just cos either of those nations have them they of course will automatically use them, which is galloping mentalism at full roar, in my humble opinion, no offense intended to anyone reading who thinks that. MAD applies always everywhere and if any nation is in danger of violating MAD on insanity grounds its Israel, not NK and not Iran, either. The reason I put this post up is because I know (as I suspect also so you do too) the target in Trump's Jared's cross-hairs is and always has been, Iran. That's the prize for the traitorous neocon Israel-firsters. That's been the objective for decades. Get rid of Iran and Greater Israel is but a few years away. And Trump has just put that on the table, is why I posted that. But the military have always blocked an Iran plan in the past with Bush 43 and Clinton. Obama was never interested because as a Muslim, he knew what Iran represents, even though he was Muslim Brotherhood. But with Trump this represents a real possibility, which puts Armaggedon on the table, with all that entails.

    Yeah it's like a viral ad, spreading across different channels. Instagram, Twitter, blah blah. That's what they're doing here. They're hoping it spreads to minor league, different sports, schools, colleges, all kinds. Sadly, they do. They're expanding the audience into the sports arena. You know. Trump's base. And it will work. Just like ads work. They're not trying to get people to imitate it. As Shep says, they're just exposing the message, to make people angry. Depending on how the campaign goes, who knows. Maybe they'll stage a mass knee-in at the SuperBowl. Key counter-tactic: Everyone in the crowd turns their backs to the kneeling players. The crowd can't laugh, they can't boo, it's the anthem. But they can still stand to attention while they turn their backs, it don't matter which way they're facing, right? If the stadium crowd did that just once at a major game, it'd catch on, and the whole campaign would be torn asunder.
  15. They do need a war for, as you rightly say, the distraction. But realistically, the economy can't afford an expensive one so realistically, it has to be Venezuela. Yet they keep the propaganda focus on NK and Iran. Are they just planting the meme(s) for later?? Or do they just not care about silly ole reality?
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