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  1. Dow warning!

    You got it. And latest report is that won't happen till mid-March. Then it begins. Just don't be in debt if you can help it.
  2. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    Bugger. You were a keeper EO. But no mind, the world turns. One point. The bible was crafted by God but is interpreted by man. I have read it cover to cover many times myself, and my interpretation of it has never equated remotely to anything you've related. I therefore conclude you're operating off of man's interpretation of it which is a common mistake. I recommend you don't permanently close off the possibility of re-examination, it's a book like no other and can and does help those who examine it no matter where they are in life. God speed and blessings, my friend.
  3. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    The way I see it, it's a great time to be alive, because it's so interesting. My context for what has happened is 40+ years. I'm older than that but I've been aware for that amount of time. And this period is the ending of one epoch and the start of another. The old ways are coming to an end. New shoots are sprouting. You look at the cabal. They're collapsing left, right and centre. They don't have a plan B. If nothing is happening, if it's all smoke and mirrors, why have the Podesta Bros closed shop on the most powerful lobbying firm in Washington? Why did Schmidt leave Google. Why are we seeing hundreds of CEO/political resignations and "retirements?" If something hadn't changed do you really think we'd be seeing those things. Sure, there are plenty of things on the other side of the ledger. The Hawaii alert, NK, Syria, Las Vegas, the cultural marxism gone wild in Silicon Valley. But the growing understanding that these things aren't normal is vast and growing. And that is going to force more and more the darkness into the light, where they have no shelter. The evil ones are trying everything to create a distraction, Hawaii was a real launch by Israel from a Dolphin2. Israel is now short one Dolphin2. They only have one left. That's how desperate they're getting. They might succeed. Our job is to keep doing what we're doing. Keep educating people by providing a record that can be picked up by the search engines and open one mind at a time. What the hell else can we do? And don't underestimate the power of this. And just because the search engines are CURRENTLY tuned to place our discussions way down the list, this doesn't mean that will always be the case.
  4. And you add to this the allegations over Naval Intelligence being on the dark side which is why they fired a cruise missile into their office at the Pentagon on 911...
  5. They're used by the Dems to run guns into Chicago and no doubt human traffiking into D.C. That's why he's targetting them.
  6. Did cern create

    It's the potential for rips in the spacetime continuum that I wonder most about. Especially when a physics institute erects a statue of Kali in its courtyard. High energy electromagnetic field events happen in both nuclear detonations and CERN collisions and it's possibly worth noting that both events store and manifest energy as a torus. There are photos of apparent alien craft fleeing the blast area just before detonation in some of the Pacific test series.
  7. Yep. And the worst part to me is they know this but they don't change it. It's an indication of how mind control works isn't it, that they can take basically the best minds in society and tell them this is what good means, and those minds follow the pattern, most of the time, with only the odd exception.
  8. Since Western medicine claims its been studying microbes using the best science possible and throwing billions and even trillions over the decades at the problem, how come its not working? How come Western medicine is failing? What about the non-Western nations in Winter at the mo? How are they going with this flu? Or is that an inconvenient question? But anyway, result to date is: either Western medicine doesn't know what the f it's doing or it's been lying to us about what it does know, and from this flu outbreak fact-on-the-ground we can all confidently conclude there isn't a third alternative. Period. Take that, Western medicine, you swine.
  9. There's a guy called Joseph Farrell whose probably one of if not the world's leading expert on Nazi scientific research and secret technologies and what he has to say about the Nazis and paperclip and NASA is very interesting. https://gizadeathstar.com And isn't it fascinating to see Pense taking a leading role in Trump's NASA revival. Everyone says Pense is Deep State plant waiting to take over when (not if) Trump is taken out. Yet Trump gives him this assignment which given Trump's Uncle, Trump knows the importance of. Interesting.
  10. How to deal

    Read years ago on another forum, a comment from someone who's father was "connected." One day the father dropped off a 1980's era pickup at the son's home and told him to park it somewhere and keep it in running condition. The father explained this was his bug-out vehicle, since EMP would render anything from the 90's on unusable due to the electronics they use. Word to the wise.
  11. This link doesn't embed but it's a vid, it's safe, and it's good. https://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/QmSq7ErpYVqR18VWeggXQpfxLxMAcQZDmvdcsx62tvMscr
  12. Amazing ain't it. At the same time the US is vociferously arguiing in the UN that the person most responsible for the destruction of Syria (facing a rebuild bill of $250 billion and climbing) is Assad, the US is at one and the same time disappearing all the senior IS ranks and reappearing them in various trouble-spots, obviously and clearly not caring that every single intelligence agency in the world knows exactly who is doing it, and they just don't care. Incredibly evil stuff, when you consider the nature of the people they're protecting and what they do to people they capture.
  13. MLK day, I want to puke

    MARTIN LUTHER KING - THE FATAL SHOT CAME FROM A DIFFERENT DIRECTION http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ARTICLE1/overlooked.php#axzz53j9aRRKA
  14. Finally, some basic common sense. The massive and obvious error of course being, he's not calling for torture as well, just to drive the message home. What's the bet he's only young. Still, what massive promise.