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  1. They make up for quality by stealing IP through whatever means. Then they manufacture quality in quantity. Recall in the 60's, 70's and 80's the quality joke in Western markets was Japanese goods. However the Japanese have a bent for relentless improvement and at the end of the 70's they were equal and at the end of the 80's they were exceeding Western manufacturing quality across an entire range of products from auto to electronics. Foolishly the US gave away its IP for free in the offshoring madness to the very country best placed to supplant it in quantity and with a known propensity to not respect IP. That was no accident but that's another story. My observation from studying these dynamics over time is that the Asian mindset is not attuned to innovation but is highly attuned to continuous improvement. You have several basic groups of humans in the world: Asian, African, Arabian, indian and Caucasian. Each group has its strengths and weaknesses, a result of both history and genetics. We've obviously been designed by someone or something because the migration patterns over the millenia should have smoothed them out but they haven't, as evidenced by history itself. We won't advance as a species unless and until we recognise acknowledge and utilise as a cohesive group the strengths of all groups but that's another other story even bigger than the other one. Meanwhile we pretend courtesy of the evil ones there's no differences, acknowledging any is wacist, and BTW, we fight amongst other based mostly on those groups because of invented differences relating to the traits of that group vs ours. Caucasians have many great qualities but industry clearly isn't among them. (Industry meaning: hard work for little pay day after day, year after year, no weekends, no vacations.) Perspicacity is among them, but it seems the people who've been manipulating us for centuries is well aware of that which is why they're locked down the history, the education, the media and the entertainment sectors to keep us fat and happy while they change the world under our feet and the first we know about it is supposed to be when a Chinese trooper in a Blue Helmet knocks loudly on the door and drags the family off to a FEMA Camp. The one chance we have as a world of avoiding that future and all it entails is that Russia is Caucasian and is also China's critical partner in any future timeline, no matter what that turns out to be. If the West destroy Russia's ability to insert our racial interests into the world the Chinese are going to inherit, no matter what, Caucasians are doomed. And this is why the evil ones are doing what they're doing. Because they think they control China. They don't. But they don't know they don't.
  2. I suggest we all go here and click Submit. https://www.splcenter.org/reporthate
  3. They may be trying to spin it so it seems to the idiot moronic sheeple with Farcebook accounts that sharing their private data isn't the business model. But they may have also truly misunderstood the reality that their Fakebook subscribers aren't all hate left useful idiots like the people who work there.
  4. Gay Mayor in Israel

    Given Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world, I'd say he's not Israel's first gay mayor.
  5. Another bomb has detonated in Austin, Texas tonight

    Mar 21 2018 00:21:18Q!UW.yye1fxo 739281 The FBI opened a case on “Q” today re: ‘Boom’ statements and now the TX bombings. Coordinated to end comms here. Predictable. They are scared [4am]. They will fail. We know the details. [Wednesday]. Q https://qanonposts.com
  6. Digital natives love Fakebook for the same reasons we love this site. To us, it's the difference between hard news and entertainment. And just like if this site goes down, Fakebook users will search for something similar if that goes down. And naturally Travistock has lined up a variety of start-ups for just that eventuality. It's not the medium or the channel brand. It's the user. And digital natives have been trained to avoid looking for interation in the fields, parks and playgrounds we as children gravitated to. That's what society needs to solve. How do we do that? Personally I don't have the answer. But that's the question.
  7. Your admonition to 'Know Thyself' comes from Thales, one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Do you think "knowing thyself" is in part recognising one is a creature of the stars (e.g. for dust we are and to dust we return), with all that implies: i.e. we are in essence spiritual beings experiencing a temporary physical presence, we are not physical beings with a spiritual add-on? What's your mileage on that? This implies those enlightened will escape "the massive suffering." Where do you get that data from? My understanding is (pray correct me cos I'd like to be wrong), there is no escape from "the massive suffering." Even if you load for bear and walk for ages over very steep ground. Is it because enlightened folk will understand why it's happening therefore they're supposed to feel better about it? It's just I'm not sure I'm going to feel better about it, is all. More importantly, it's the massive pain and suffering imposed on the innocents, who never had the opportunity to turn themselves into the condemned, that I don't see any logic for.
  8. A lot of people don't seem to realise just what the Western powers tried to do to Russia after the fall of the Berlin Wall. If you're one of them you should consider watching this excellent concise summary. Even if you don't think Russia is your friend, she is, compared to Deep State. And even if you don't agree with that, you still need to know her on Tsn Tzu grounds: - know your enemy. And understanding what the people of your enemy still living went through is essential to that analysis. https://southfront.org/russias-long-road-toward-resurgence/
  9. Deep State vs Shadow Government. Not the same thing. Clinton's are loyal servants to Deep State. Nothing more. Sure, Bill Clinton may have been a son of Rothschild which is how he got a Rhodes Scholarship and eventually, appointed as POTUS. But, like the Rothschilds, they're still servants. Bush's on the other hand, *are* Deep State, the male line has direct connections to the Illuminati bloodlines. Barbara Bush's father was Aleister Crowley. This doesn't make the evil they do any less evil, but the distinction is important because it's the difference between striking the root and hacking at the branches. Too bad we can't just pour Roundup over the whole thing. Talk about poetic justice!
  10. Probably only if they're good looking. And prepared to do things their mother wouldn't approve of. For free.
  11. Putins wins election by big margin.

    There's a good Netflix doco on Putin's millions. Their thesis is he keeps standing because he can't find a successor who won't investigate how he can afford to live in a huge mansion on a govt salary, as he apparently does. (When he took over from Yeltsin he ordered the investigators to stand down, that was part of the deal of him taking over.) However Trump, Xi and Putin seem eye to eye on down with Deep State. And while I stand ready to be disappointed and don't ignore the various contra-indicator moves all three make, the general trend is consistently against the vested interests that have ruined Western civilisation. And it's hard not to support that.
  12. Sadly, I think their plan is to salt the Earth. They don't want to dominate us, they want to destroy most of us leaving only those who can keep them in sex, drugs, food and alcohol and whatever else they require as they roam the New World like 17th century French Aristocrats with 21st century technology to keep them entertained, and their chosen ones under control. That's their plan and to them this vision is as powerful as the 77 virgins are to a Muslim (or however many they think they're getting). It's what drives them. And they bring up their hatchlings accordingly. I personally don't believe God will tolerate that. God has promised He'll never loose another flood, but He hasn't promised He won't loose other forces, if such a state of affairs comes to pass. Because the destiny of mankind is not to become a human variation of the Draco's, it's to become a human variation of the Pleiadian's. But as it stands today, their plan is to salt the Earth, with radiation, chemicals, whatever it takes. We the sheeple have given them this power. We the sheeple need to take it off them. And so far, we're not doing very well. Are we.
  13. One wonders what Mark's re-election prospects will be if McCabe becomes subject to judicial proceedings. There's probably some good reasons why other Dems haven't made the same offer.
  14. Seriously tho, this Skripal bullshit illustrates just how far Deep State is pushing the envelope. The way they've gone about it breaks all diplomatic protocols, it's so obvious it's fake it's not funny. Yet they've launched it into the international arena with complete disregard for how serious journalism will rip it to threads making the Western alliance a diplomatic laughing stock. And serious journalism can do that without even raising a sweat. So the hope is this is a Deep State galloping-mentalism-at-full-roar gambit designed to commit suicide. If it's not that, this world's in serious trouble, because pointy things are about to fly. And Deep State doesn't care. And Syria's the excuse. And Russia won't back down. Simple. As. That.