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  1. Cybored

    1964-1979 ONLY

  2. Cybored

    1964-1979 ONLY

  3. Cybored

    M 4.2 Earthquake in Wales!

    I found this. http://www.explore-gower.co.uk/fracking-and-underground-coal-gasification-in-south-wales
  4. Cybored

    M 4.2 Earthquake in Wales!

    Crazy! I'll start digging maybe they have a fracking operation going on there.
  5. It's sad that we still consider nuclear power an option in 2018. If only those suppressed technologies were used for good.
  6. This guy had to have some sort of knowledge on the event. I think the GOP got some intelligence on it and slowed it as a precaution. Lets say the train was supposed to be travelling at 70mph but the driver was told to slow the train down to 50mph. That makes the stopping distance and impact a lot less worrisome. This would also delay the train quite considerably and would explain Kristols Tweet being a bit off. I think he was expecting the train to have already crashed but as they had slowed it he was way off. Just a theory.
  7. That world did exist at one point in the past. Going back Cops were actually quite cool. Now they are just drones.
  8. More like weaponized. Next time you meet one look them in the eyes. All you get is a dark mass, it's like they are soulless.
  9. Shame really Cin. 20 years ago I looked up to these people now I'm like meh!
  10. I'm like you bro. I tend to lean more to the centre.
  11. What in the actual hell happened to serve and protect?

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