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  1. Millions Of Disaster Victims Still Missing

    When they came for me.......
  2. There were some mysterious booms and shaking today. There hasn't been any for awhile here. First I've noticed in at least a year.
  3. Get off yer butts and do this!

    Could this be the reason so many of them are jumping ship?
  4. Get off yer butts and do this!

    I was over at moms and she was watching Fox news, they said that the memo is "unflattering" at least I think that is the word they used. Nothing to see here move along.
  5. He hopes so......hahahaha no confidence in that statement.
  6. Third Secret on Prophet of Fatima

    I wouldn't doubt that one bit.
  7. Third Secret on Prophet of Fatima

    I suspect we will never know the true third secret. If they do come out with it, it will be a revised version to fit their narrative.
  8. Release the Memo!

    Even if Trump vetos it or never signed it, they will NEVER stop using what they have been given.
  9. It doesn't look like it will be long now. Looks like the hammer is starting to find it's mark.
  10. Exactly, they get to go on vacation while we continue to pay for it. When will the people put a stop to the charade?
  11. The reason this has drug on for as long as it has, isn't because they was trying to uncover a damn thing, they have been trying to cover it up. Who is going to win? I pretty sure I won't be shocked.
  12. I wish my job would just shut down and still pay me. We the people my ass!!!