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  1. samP

    Weaponized weather

    Enhanced and directed. Just wanted to note that Harvey made me physically sick. I live in Houston, and I could feel something sinister about the storm. Whatever they did to it. I sure noticed it.
  2. All you hear that passes off as news is topics that emotionally charge people into distraction hit pieces that have nothing to do with anything. There is nothing logical behind any of the crap people call news today. Are you for or against abortion, are you for or against gay marriage, are you for or against marijuana legalization. WHO CARES, none of that is even remotely important in the grand scheme of things. People are so wrapped up in all these in the moment social 'causes' they aren't even looking at the big picture. Most people aren't even thinking about where technology is heading and how that is going to effect the world and nations in general. Or how this technology is effecting us a species, and that is just one small topic alone. We're all so caught up in the bread and circuses, completely missing what is coming into fruition right before our very eyes.
  3. Absolutely spot on brother. I enjoyed watching DTI's content and found myself looking at titles of his videos in recent months wondering why I subbed to him. Just like you said, youtuber's reach a certain point and then just flip. Only picking the topics they know will get views. It's very frustrating to see this happen...It's very frustrating to see the specific information you avoid suddenly shoved down your throat. Especially in the areas you thought were the right places to be. It's not even just with topics found on this website either, I notice a similar trend across the board. It's shaping the way people think, they way people act and speak. Suddenly I find people going out of their way and trying so hard to avoid a whole slew of topics and keywords so that they don't get in trouble. I see youtuber's taking down videos left and right, changing titles, even editing things out of their videos to avoid demonetization. These websites are just too damn big now, too much power, constantly changing their terms of service to limit what is socially 'acceptable', and their are no foreseeable alternatives. ...and what is socially 'acceptable' seems to be limited more and more each day. This is seriously getting wonky, and so blatant.
  4. samP

    Guess This Is My New Home

    Welcome brother. Trust me when I say. This is the place to be. Everyone is just wonderful.
  5. samP

    No Fear, Be Stoic

    2 replies, 20 views when I clicked on the thread. 2 hearts on your post. It's never ending.
  6. Saw a tap to unmute at the beginning of the video. Never seen that feature before. Strange. Cin it seems like people might start taking matters into their own hands with this issue. I can see shootings occurring against congress over this.
  7. "but that assumption has never really been supported with empirical evidence." Can't seem to find anything but evidence. A mental cop out that statement is. Science has become a religion, a cult if you will, in its own right. As people choose to believe it's theories as if it is the word of God. They believe it all to be absolute fact. People will begin to see this is time.
  8. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    I've watched this three times now and I see everything he said. Especially with Europe. The EU is consolidating all of these nations into one. The term The President of Europe is a heavy hitter, and quite a scary term. I don't know what to make of what is going on over there only to say that it is such a massive transformation it could be considered Biblical. I never imagined seeing anything like it in my life time. They have a hard enough time finding jobs for their own citizens let alone immigrants from the middle east. This singlehandedly is transforming the world.
  9. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    Lewis black is great, that quote reminds me of something George Carlin would say. George really impacted me when I was younger so did Bill Hicks. I must say I feel very welcome on this forum. People have reasonable discussions here. I've seen some really nasty and over the top harassment in other places.
  10. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    This is exactly why I think it would come down to the states. If one state could manage to properly pull it off in the right way. More states would follow like a domino. The news media would never let anything like that be done on the national level. It's making me sick to my stomach just imagining CNN's coverage of a piece of legislation like that. Oh God the horror of modern news.
  11. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    Well how about that! Sleep on the news long enough you miss the important things. An infrastructure revamp is absolutely crucial, so is an overhaul of our welfare system. 'Useless eaters' is the term I've heard before. The government should be finding or created jobs not giving people free money to watch TV. What freaks me out is the two party political paradigm. Left/right, repub/democrats. Same shirt different tie at this point. They only pass legislation that benefits them and their corporate interests. Dems high jack 'special' interest groups and manipulate them into believing they will do something for them all while screwing them over. Repubs seem to play the 'conservative' card all while stomping over liberties, and going along with the Dems. There is no separation. They are one in the same.
  12. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    I just look at the numbers that are here and can't see how we are going to enforce this en masse. The brute force needed to pull this off would pull the mask off the national security state completely. It would seem that it would have to be down to individual states perhaps? I could see states pulling it off but at a national level? I've always believed states should be run more like independent nations. With less government regulation. If someone wanted to have public Healthcare systems like Canada and some nations in Europe. That's fine go to California, for those who wish for private insurance, choose a state that supports that like Texas.
  13. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    I believe answered your question in my latest post. Boy did I get into trouble for using the wrong words. I think that the entire welfare system in general is broken, and is designed to break. Why are we not really investing in our own infrastructure here in America. Where I'm at in Texas there really no system of public transportation and no foreseeable future for one to exist. I look at what China is doing with their public transportation system, and the massive rise of wealth in that nation. You have entire generations that could never afford a car and now their children can get them no problem. Perhaps they so have something right as they are pretty anti foreigner there in a lot of ways. Not very many westerners there in general. They have been very sheltered from the outside world, and they are still here to this day. I'm not certain what needs to be done, one thing I am certain of is that our government doesn't seem concerned at all about it. It seems more like an afterthought, as it has been for many administrations as one user pointed out. Seems to me that we need to reset, because what this nation has become is a far cry, a whisper of what it should be. Until it's back in our hands and not theirs. Everything is just words to be heard.
  14. samP

    Never mind U.S. Law

    So I look at what has been happening Europe for the last decade. No doubt that is an unspoken invasion. Completely transforming that entire region of the world seemingly over night with cultures that are completely opposite of each other. An INVASION no doubt. I see complete cultural destruction of these nations. I see them losing what makes their country, their country. I see that at this point nothing can be done to reverse the damage done there. When I look at the US I see a mutt of a nation and culture for lack of a better choice of words. It does not seem like anything is going to be done about the millions that are already here, that have been living here for decades. Many of those that are here, are riding the system as one user pointed out before. Illegal immigrants are getting welfare in sanctuary cities, etc. An ultimatum could be made that within a years time, they would have to apply for citizenship or be declared criminals and be treated as such. I am talking strictly about those that are already here. What else really could be done? My choice of words was completely wrong, I meant amnesty not really open borders. That was just my mistake. It's been a long day. Anyways I think they this is THE issue and is make or break for not only this country but the world.

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