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  1. valman

    Paycheck Changes If You Make 20K to 269K

    Not True.. We are retired own our house plus have $300k in assets including Superannuation and get approx $2400.00 per month from Govt.Easy life all in all.
  2. Didnt Kim Jong Un school in Geneva or there abouts. And doesnt the Un family have MIllions/Billions invested in Europe. FFS people are being seriously misinformed about the lives of the leaders of all Countries.
  3. valman

    Are you ready for love?

  4. As if young Kennedy could pull any thing down by himself.Why after 35 years is he relevent.........
  5. The TPP is put forward by Dodgey politicians in the Pacific rim so the The Powers to Be through their Corporations CAN NOT be sued for what ever reason by the signees to the TPP.This leaves the Tax Payers if any are left to pick up the bill or be sued. Nothing is ever as it looks........................................
  6. I am retired and live in Vic.Apart from W.A. have extensively travelled over 2/3 of Aust and apart from Tas.(there in Winter)have had over 40 degrees in all other states.Air con in cars and buildings have made people a bit weak.Living in big cities does not help either.
  7. The clever ones are Installing what Americans call Hurricane blinds????That way they dont get in the house to get the keys. Racism should not come into it as video suggests Somali refugees(alledgedly.)
  8. My guess USAUK group(US/UK/Canada/New Zealand/Australia all have same wording.
  9. i am an Aussie and it lookes like the legalise Farks us too https://banknotes.rba.gov.au/legal/legal-tender/
  10. We have a saying in Aust. Better to have a Has Been then Ia Never Was. But this is delusional.
  11. http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2017/07/europes-childless-leaders.php
  12. Several years ago floods in Brisbane Australia caused simlilar floods to Houston.Very similar distances Tropic of Cancer, to Houston, Tropic of Capricorn to Brisbane.Flood plains always flood. As an aside CBS trying to buy an Aussie TV network.Go figure.

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