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  1. Was this creature a destroyer of planets and galaxies?
  2. Moosupian

    Faith in God? What Have You to Lose?

    Beware when you transition from faith in God to when you are Shown the Flash and you no longer have any choice to believe or not. There is no way back, all bridges are burned behind you, all in this realm loses it's luster and value, gone forever for the stunning Gem attached to your being without end. You wouldn't want it any other way. You cannot possibly even remember what it was like before the Flash. That's been overwritten and burned in.
  3. Moosupian

    ‘It’s A Human Right’: Mass Exodus To America

    Is it a human right to mass exodus to Iran, China or Russia? Just what do you think will happen to anyone forcing their way into any of these countries?
  4. No clearance? He's useless, he's gone.
  5. Any audio or video recordings without written consent from all parties PRIOR to their creation is not admissible in any criminal court case. If there is a law enforcement search and spy warrant then this is admissible evidence. Some gemoke recording something has no CHAIN OF CUSTODY to verify authenticity, unedited originality and integrity in this very digital age of graphics, audio and video editing tools.
  6. Interfering with a federal officer in the prosecution of his or her duties is a felony. Just causing a delay in transiting from one place of duty to the next is an instant arrest and felony. Protesting and voicing your opinion in authorized geographies I encourage. But do not cause an officer to be impaired because of your unconventional behavior.
  7. The whole thing is turning into a self-fulfilling prophecy. In prison, there she'll get raped.
  8. It's going to cost employee time and resources, which is money, to get this state tax money recorded and sent to the states. The companies in turn will have to bolt on a "handling fee" for out of staters just to break even. When they do that brick and mortar companies will ALL raise their prices on everything just enough to stay competitive but more so to increase the profit ratio. Customers lose/lose everywhere.
  9. Trump Derangement Syndrome has only 2 outcomes: Either the madness deepens until this level and worse or the person dies. That's how bad the rage has evolved. Rage is one of the 7 deadly sins as it is deadly in this realm as well as in the next. There is no way out or cure once TDS gets this deep.
  10. As my post just above states, NASA has long been taken over by the globalist NWO. It's going to be taken back.
  11. NASA as a civilian agency, having been corrupted, weaponized and neutered needs to come under more direct executive branch control. The best way is to put it under the pentagon where the Commander-In-Chief IS that person in charge. NASA will vanish and be migrated over. It's a power grab, yes. It's a power grab away from the globalist deep state that ceased power over NASA. There will be more civilian government departments and organizations this is about to happen to. Wait and see. You have cut off the serpents head.
  12. If found Constitutional, which it would take an astronomical semantic circus to achieve, there needs to be a law to forbid this in EVERY instance whether suspect, detained, arrested, innocent or guilty. Other people's belongings are theirs unless the government PROVES the acquisition was by illegal means. Assumed innocence and the burden of proof is on the government and the prosecution. What a novel idea, presumption of innocence.
  13. About $60 per person for the level of DNA test to determine lineage. There may be so unintended consequences when there isn't a match and momma's been hiding sumptin' from daddy.
  14. Many UN councils and organizations are false storefronts that funnel money into private and government hands that otherwise have no chance of getting any in a legitimate manner. Same with many US Congressional budgeted organizations, offices and departments.
  15. It does make it much quicker and easier to round up your opponents into boxcars for a quick trip to the ovens. We know Hillary.

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