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  1. All this hoopla so the haters can instigate more hate on a man who doesn't drink, smoke cigarettes, has no history of ANYTHING untoward and who the voters put in office. I didn't think there'd actually be a Civil War but they sure do want one bad don't they. It's time to stop being the silent majority and help Trump drag these traitors out.
  2. PD is horrified but they'll probably get a demented liberal judge who turns them loose and says carry on.
  3. Rapture is a false teaching. All these people that believe it will be totally unprepared, uneducated, and spiritually unstable to survive what is coming. They think they're going to be whisked away and miss all of it so they literally do nothing to stop what is happening right before our eyes.
  4. Little Rock Police stated via a series of tweets that it did “NOT believe this incident was an active shooter or terror related.” Looked pretty active to me, SMH
  5. Deleted FB and his God complex. I jumped on the social media bandwagon that went around they lying deceitful DISGUSTING MSM. I got banned, probably for saying Muslim. I stayed with it until Trump was in and until recently but I knew when I got banned I would delete. The people are awake, not even the false god complex can stop it now.
  6. All I can do is LAUGH!!!!!!!
  7. Texas banned Sharia law, I hope that starts a trend also. This is just one area in Germany, yes? What led to our new law was a small town mayor refusing to disband a functioning Sharia court in her town. It's in bold black and white now, you follow OUR laws period.
  8. Chicago is a war zone. The crooks vote in, hire more crooks to run their stuff. I agree with above poster as to government involvement but it can't continue as is either. We have ALLLLL blasted Obama the community organizer and his Nobel Peace Prize for not doing anything about it.
  9. Drain That Swamp

    Brain-eating amoeba detected in La. water system

    Logical guess it can reach the brain through the ears also as that membrane is porous. Drink away citizens, it's safe! Don't bathe in it tho. Holy cow. I'd be freaking out. This amoeba is nearly always fatal, only a few survived it.
  10. They can't survive as a lone country. Commiefornia has 35% welfare. They need us to take care of all their illegals.
  11. Dear lord, these people are insane!! Worse, people watching it believe this shit. They never back this up with facts on why they say that, they just repeat it OVER AND OVER AND OVER. At what point do we say no more, this isn't "free speech". I think threatening murder crossed that line.
  12. Drain That Swamp

    Japan men find true love with sex dolls

    hahahahaha I guess that beats ours who traffic children for same. Sad times we live in.
  13. Drain That Swamp

    The Lowe Files: Search for Sasquatch

    More folks out stomping around so loud with their scented clothes, hair and everything else that they never even see a rabbit.
  14. He was referring to the Supreme Court decision last year of "one person one vote". That's what the media called it and the SC even referenced it that way. Districts are drawn up based on actual population whether they are eligible to vote or not.

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