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  1. Kabbalah is Bull Shit...no one knows how to apply it or if it really works or what IS IT...To give meaning to some obscure teaching in order to attack people who was born to Jewish parents is lower than low...as well as it is insane...
  2. Pava

    Off-Topic Repository

  3. Pava

    Off-Topic Repository

    struck a nerve in you...didn't I?
  4. Pava

    Off-Topic Repository

    ...if you feel like vomiting...do it...will clear your head temporarily
  5. so I suppose only jews were historically involved in theft?
  6. Pava

    Off-Topic Repository

    you...your name
  7. Pava

    Off-Topic Repository

    for someone like you it is definitely "theft"
  8. ...and non-jews are angels? I've met some real degenerate assholes amongst jews and non-jews...no difference
  9. I doubt it...just try to understand with your gentile mind what I said...try hard to understand
  10. read my post and pay attention...try to understand
  11. 109 locations where locals could not compete with Jewish ingenuity...
  12. Pava

    Bandar Bush gets Busted

    so...what are we waiting for?...let's round them all up

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