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  1. I love unplugging from my cellphone and social media accounts, it's like cutting off a ball and chain for awhile haha. But the internet not so much lol
  2. Although that would be a really good tactic lol! Just seems... beyond them haha
  3. and the incredibly sarcastic way the guy is speaking lol The backhanded comments would trigger the sensitive rioters in their movement!
  4. 0:56 seconds 1:13 1:27 1:33 This is definitely a parody making fun of antifa lol
  5. If they were going for a demonic clown, or "demon possessed your teacher" look to terrify the children with, they succeeded... This reminds me of the hunger games where all the people that look and think like this live in the Capital and everyone else... well...
  6. It's like when someone wins the lottery and suddenly people they know, barely know, and complete strangers are trying to take advantage of them. My bet is that's definitely why they targeted her
  7. stitch

    Earth Sensitive People Report In!

    Last night was the most vivid dream i've had in a couple weeks. It wasn't a nightmare, even though it should have made me scared, it was just vivid, and i've been thinking about it all day. It's really unsettled me. I have a feeling this weekend isn't going to be good. I woke up instantly thinking of this weekend. I've been really tense and full of nervous energy, getting worse this week. Feels kind of like when you're braced for something you know is going to happen any second
  8. This has been a fear of mine, even with all the "extra security" i'm pretty nervous about going anywhere crowded this weekend, or even downtown at all. There's so much going on because of 150 obviously, and nothing bad has happened so far... In fact it's been a really happy, positive atmosphere. I'd like to think nothing is going to happen, but people are crazy right now, and this weekend would be the weekend to do it with how many people will be out celebrating...
  9. Omg she was so pretty I swear they're trying to make us never want to go outside or trust anyone
  10. I agree when I saw this earlier my first thought was, these need to be in high schools... these need to be EVERYWHERE
  11. If only the food was made by machines, it might be slightly better
  12. You could kill someone any way and then shoot them in the head, or hit them, whatever, and that wouldn't be what killed them. And, I dont think the family is going to get any justice at all. What's strange is that they're not trying to anyway. It seems more like the US is trying to hide something with this than NK.
  13. The difference is, no they don't know what happened to him. He went there a healthy 20 something year old, they can only guess what happened. Why would there not be a complete investigation. Why would they not want justice, or at least answers. There would never be full closure there, and them being ok with that makes it seem like something else is going on, that would make them be so quiet and accepting of something like this, that's all i'm trying to say.

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