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  1. It looks like we may have a very harsh winter. We have a few deciduous trees here. I have a huge apricot tree and an an apple tree. As of today the leaves are turning golden and red. They are beginning to fall off the trees. Of course the conifers which are most common here are doing their usual thing. We expect a lot of winter weather action in the next few months. Check out the "Farmers Almanac" if you are uncertain about your area.
  2. CSI Las Vegas the TV series now in re-runs, had an episode on the Furries. The story line is some guy dressed in a raccoon suit was run over on a country road. Upon investigation they found his fur suit was covered with civet oil and semen.
  3. I checked in but I'm checking out...

    Have some nice fresh water melon. It reduces your blood pressure.
  4. Shep, is this about the "Furry" organization where adults dress up in fur suits representing various animals? They put on these fur suits, hold big parties, have group sex and go to conventions dressed in the "Furry" outfit. There is even a Furry convention each year.
  5. Hannity's big tick tock drop

    Well Huzzah! Finally some of the sleazy, underhanded dealings of the Clintonista's and the O man, are coming to light. I'm not going to hold my breath as far as someone getting fitted with and orange jumpsuit. I do hope there is some justice served, it is about time.
  6. I remember hearing something about this way back when the Weiner case first started. I wonder if they found some really juicy stuff on the lap top?
  7. Promoting the freak show

    Ladies mud wrestling is good. Not too violent. And its very messy!
  8. Power out again and no notice

    No kidding, underground is where they belong. Its exponentially more expensive to put the power lines underground so they go overhead. Easements are a big issue for power companies. They spend a lot of time and money, fussing around with easements for either poles or underground. Same issues. So anyway Cinn, I hope your power is back on and this outage stuff is not a regular event for you! Whatever happened to Nikola Tesla's plan to transmit power though free space? No wires required. Just a transmitter and receptor. Hook your electric cloths dryer to the receptor and have a good time.
  9. Power out again and no notice

    Oh my! Are they installing steel poles instead of wooden poles? They did that here. We have some big storms. Apparently the wooden poles did not hold up well in bad weather.
  10. Power out again and no notice

    Are these rolling blackouts?
  11. Promoting the freak show

    Me either. I certainly don't want to watch two women beat the hell out of each other. For goodness sake....
  12. This is getting ridiculous. It seems to be going on all over the developed countries. What utter foolishness.
  13. We have a few bears here as well. They come down out of the higher elevations to forage for food. These critters are fairly docile unless provoked. They really are pests though, they love to dig through of my trashcan. So I switched to a heavy 50 gal oil drum with couple of cement blocks on the top to keep these critters out. Here in this area, we burn some trash and the rest is hauled off by a local guy.
  14. Oct. 17 (UPI) -- A Miami politician running for Congress is being scrutinized for saying that she was visited by aliens from outer space when she was a child during a TV interview several years ago. Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, the vice mayor of Doral, a Miami suburb, is running for the Republican nomination to succeed Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who announced her retirement in August. But videos of an interview she gave to a Spanish-language television program in 2009 could complicate her efforts to win the crowded and competitive race. In the video interview with Spanish-language television station America TeVe, Rodriguez Aguilera described being abducted by aliens when she was 7. "I went in. There were some round seats that were there, and some quartz rocks that controlled the ship -- not like airplanes," she said, according to the Miami Herald. <snippet> less than 50% Link here: https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2017/10/17/Florida-congressional-candidate-says-she-was-visited-by-aliens-as-a-child/2761508214075/ Well if that doesn't beat all. I wonder if we may be near the time when it is disclosed that there are aliens. Interesting...
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