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  1. 1964-1979 ONLY

    Here is Bob Welch from 1977. "Ebony Eyes"
  2. People who are constantly in fear are much easier to manipulate and control. Its very simple.
  3. The libtard freaks will have a cow when Trump appoints a conservative constitutionalist to fill the vacant seat on the court. I predict it will be a nasty stinky fight.
  4. Thanks for the tip Cinn. I have some of this cherry juice on the way. It is extremely tart having tasted it before. I wonder if there is a down side to putting a little sugar in it before consuming? BTW it is also helpful for people with arthritis. It reduces inflammation.
  5. 1964-1979 ONLY

    Next up The Raspberries featuring Eric Carmen on lead. "Go All The Way". 1974
  6. Dad poses as 11-year-old daughter online

    Go Dad! Kick the pedo's ass.
  7. It is rather disgusting what Ms. Behar said about VP Pence.
  8. Millstone

    That is it. Hence the old saying "a millstone around your neck".
  9. 1964-1979 ONLY

    One more from 1970. The Jaggerz "The Rapper".
  10. 1964-1979 ONLY

    Here is another Top-40 AM Radio Hit from 1970. "Venus" by the Shocking Blue.
  11. My belly is as red as a baboons ass

    Ouch, I do not like burns. Put some ice on it. Gently. Hold it there until the stinging subsides. Hope this helps Shep.
  12. Another old saying..."Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy whiskey".