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  1. I like cherry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  2. Well stated Shep. The only thing that really matters for our personal survival is to learn and understand the truth. This means no left and no right. Just the truth.
  3. Yuk, not refrigerated. That will make someone sick!
  4. The photo is available on line. There is no copyright. Kind of sez it all about Piglosi! Besides shes about to blow her mind. Or has already short circuited.
  5. Western Tech Giants Sell Out to China

    Let us not forget to give some credit to Richard Nixon aka "Tricky Dick", who began the process of normalizing relations with China.
  6. Under the Constitution and other documents specifying the presidents duties: The president has the authority to limit or restrict the immigration or visitation of ANY class of individual they deem to be questionable. Love him or hate him, limiting these neanderthal creatures from entering the country is a good thing.
  7. So agent 86 Maxwell Smart will become a mercenary spook? Sounds legit, what could possibly go wrong with this plan? If this happens, its going to open up a whole new industry in the U.S. Private Spying Companies in addition to the three letter word agency. Its going to get to the point in this country that if a person wants to have ANY privacy, they best find a cave in the side of a big mountain where they can hang out...in private. Hrrumpf!
  8. Psilocybin mushroom soup. Wow! I have not seen so many weird images since the last time I ate Peyote Buttons ah la Carlos Castaneda style. Don Juan's Teachings etc.