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  1. Vechthaan

    First Lady Trump

    One is a natural tranny, the other new to the game.
  2. Vechthaan

    First Lady Trump

    Uppitty upup! Elite Gender Inversion conspiracy gets my attention. Because it makes too much sense to not be true.
  3. RIP I'll miss you all. #Globelie
  4. Vechthaan

    Above Top Sensorship

    People cencor themselves on alot of subjects. I'dd say that's atleast as big of a problem as external cencorship, and TPTB know. Still though, I joined ATS about 10 years ago, left about 5 years ago. Other than some entry level conspiracy stuff, I don't remember getting that much value out of it. The hidden hand thread (or whatever this guy claiming to be part of TPTB did sort of an AMA and it seemed legit) is the only thing that currently comes to mind when thinking about ATS.
  5. Now, but we know that from nearly* every point on Earth, gravity pulls perfectly down. And I say nearly but I actually mean it's never been measure otherwise. That's why we use plumbobs. So regardless what the actual shape of Earth is, if plumbobs all over the world are always perfectly* parallel, it's another strong point for flat. If they always converge at the top, it's strong a point for concave. If they always do different things (and magnetism and air current have been ruled out), gravity itself may be something completely different than what we currently think it to be. *as precise as modernday equipment allows There is no anwser to your question, it's all just hypothetical. I've always been interested in practical experiments, stuff we know for a fact. I know that if I drop an apple, it's gonna fall to ground, each and every time. If we know, for a fact, what plumbobs do (do they stay parallel, do they converge, ...), we can make much better guesses and speculations about our reality. -As experiments seek out to do-
  6. Antipode, that's a pretty gut word, I won't lie I didn't know it, but I'll use it. And I agree with the geoid comment. I think I would make the case that for water it makes more sense to follow the mean (because gravity -or whatever is causing the downward tendency/force), but for land there's alot more leniency. That's why I think it would be interesting to measure this downward tendency, the gravity they speak of. These plumbobs, we only use them for construction, but don't bat an eye at the further implications, the fact we are measuring a direction. So on the globe, 2 plumbobs suspended next to eachother would converge at the bottom, flat they would remain perfectly parallel and concave they would converge at the top. The Earth is massive big, owkay, the effect will be miniscule, but if we make the plumbob wires 1 km in length and we use modern day measuring tools, could we notice maybe a mm? several mm difference? The concave Earth sources list some numbers, and they are definitely within the measurable, and that's by 1900's standards. I won't lie, I've actually drawn this out on paper, and I'm a bit confused myself as to how I would calculate this, so I can't verify; I'm sure u could. So that's only to verify what the amount of convergence/divergence would be on an convex/concave earth. Flat is still parallel. http://www.wildheretic.com/concave-earth-theory/#A click on "tamarack mines" I'm not gonna say these experiments are correct, or as accurate as they claim to be. This ain't math 101, it's a bit moar complex than that. But all I've been advocating for is that Flat Earthers move in this direction. Maybe this type of experiment is still out of our reach (we can't build a long enough wire, can't measure precise enough whatever), but maybe we can come up with similar experiments we CAN do. It's better than arguing over refraction for 2 years straight.
  7. Oh how I've missed you. The ambiguity. How you seem to bash flat and ball equally. Have you ever gotten to looking into concave Earth? I'm already completely sold on the idea we need to move beyond just lasers and sight/photo evidence to find the truth. As a concave Earther I'm constantly advocating building a rectilineator and doing moar plumbob experiments. (Like they did in that spanish Convex Earth docu which has sorta gotten exosed) I'dd still love to know your thoughts on these experiments and concave Earth ideas. I know you're not sold on flat, and you're still here so the globe ain't got you either. EDIT: Concave EArth solves both why the map you posted makes no sense (we get to keep the globe, just invert it), why we can't seem to visually detect the curve anywhere (except naaashaaaaaw) nor why we can't detect any motion. (in the concave EArth, earth still doesn't move)
  8. Vechthaan

    Is Trump a sex cult member?

    True sodomites still exist, as do castrato's and stuff I think. We're just led to believe this is all stuff of the past.
  9. Eeuhm, concave is complicated and kinda obscure, there's only a handfull of sites/hubs on the internet (as opposed to FE which has exploded over the past years). I'll PM you some videos in a bit. Just off the bat, I can say that just like with Flat Earth, it's not a clear and cut case. There's just alot of substantial evidence which puts concave on the table. There's also things like the sky/nightsky where the Flat Earth struggles a bit (the globe seems to work for these things better): you've probably seen all those "The Sun Debunks Flat Earth" or "Nightsky observations debunk Flat Earth" videos (with the northpole and southpole both being centers of rotation). For the concave Earth, none of these things are issues. There's some other examples/thought experiments which favor concave over flat. Overal, the concave Earth "predicts" that light is bending upwards towards the center of the concave/hollow ball Earth. (So it's like the globe, except inverted, we're walking around on the inside) This is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome (seeing this as a possibility) for entertaining the Concave Earth idea. Because the concave Earth essentially means that when you point directly up in the sky, you're pointing at Australia/whatever continent is directly opposite on the globe) I'll Send some videos in PM in a bit, gotta go out for a second.
  10. Right, but ships/objects do disappear bottom first. This is fact of reality, not a fact of the globe. It's already been pointed out that the zoomfunction of a camera (or simply using binoculars/telescope) brings objects back into view, after they already disappeared hull first. So the second boat in that picture/video (where only the containers are visible), it makes sense to me that simply increasing the zoom function will bring this boat 'back up'. Maybe not completely, because the waves which are alot closer are blocking the view. So there's definitely a limit, we can't see boats which are 500 miles away, but we definitely can see boats waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -for stress- aaaaaaaaaaaay beyond what the globe predicts. WS, Redorblue and others are pointing it out time and time again, and characters like roamer are ignoring it time and time again, such as with this very pic/video he posted: He found (read: cherrypicked) an example of a boat getting cut off. Flat Earthers also have examples, and we don't even have to cherry pick. Plenty of objects disappearing "behind" the curve have been brought back into view. It doesn't matter how many examples the globers can bring up where there's a visible cut-off, what matters is there is numerous examples where there isn't. 1 example is enough to question the globe mechanics, we got 1000's upon 1000's. And yet we're the ones getting accused of cherrypicking nd shit lol. EDIT: Necessary edit: still have to stress that I'm still leaning towards concave over flat. It's definitely not a globe though.
  11. Vechthaan

    Is Trump a sex cult member?

    I've seen some threads about this on reddit, specifically the tatto on Stormy Daniels thigh: https://i.redditmedia.com/4OvKWLHK8zBaBYhzJ3OiktUVa_hf-oMZiz4pgJD9ivM.jpg?w=512&s=8d7c24c4a95c1ed08f6f084afed82593 Thoughts in my head aren't about the tatto/scar on her hip, but rather how "built" she is. I see her mandhandling trump rather than the other way around, if you know what I mean....
  12. Vechthaan

    Revelation 13: Who is the Beast?

    Ye but that's kind of a slippery slope, because where does literal interpretation end and figurative interpretation begin? In some of the verses posted in this thread, I read that Jesus rode in (from Heaven) on a white horse. From his mouth came a sword... etc all that. These things aren't true if Jesus didnt rode in on an actual white horse from heaven, and there didn't come an actual sword out of his mouth. SO all throughout the bible, there's things we take literal and things we take figuratively. If the literal interpretation doesn't make sense, we go look for figurative explanations, and there's plenty to chose from in most case. (Look at the shape of the Earth debate, where various lines get bend into meaning all sorts of things) I mean, I love God and all the things he does (I'm gonna assume it's all real, i'm like 90% on the way), but this bible stuff is just... It's not like emperical u know. It's soo vague and there's a million different interpretations to have. So we just (individually) go with whatever makes most sense?
  13. Vechthaan

    Revelation 13: Who is the Beast?

    Yeah, and I'm definitely seeking, have been for a while now. I'll admit I haven't mustered up the willpower to plow through the entire Bible (it's so hard, the way it's written, half the sentences are open to so much interpretation, I don't know what to think of it) I'm also still open to the possibility the Bible (or any religious scripture) could be altered. I understand Lucifer (or TPTB or whatever evil is in charge) can't mess with free will, but deception clearly is allowed. (By God/angels) So I can see how there could also be deception in the bible, specifically with this Jesus stuff.
  14. Vechthaan

    Revelation 13: Who is the Beast?

    You're getting alot of hate (They'll deny it, but there's plenty of low-blows towards you) for this thread. Instead of these people saying you could be wrong, they're saying you're wrong. (As if they have some divine right to truth) I see this same mentallity in other topics, sometimes by the same people. Seperating wheat from chaff. Thanks for the thread. I'll still not take it as Truth (Jesus could very well be the good guy), but the possibility is out there in my mind, I'm open to it.
  15. When I see a ship sail over the horizon (eyeheight), hull first and all that, it's about 4-5 miles away. Or 6 miles, it doesn't matter. So we can say: using my eye-sight the horizon is 4-6 miles away. If we then grab a zoom camera, we can bring the boat back into view. If the boat didn't physically move closer, the only conclusion is that you can see farther using a zoom camera; you can see beyond the horizonline of your eye-sight using a zoom camera. So we could say using a zoom camera increases the distance to the horizon, no? This zooming into distant objects and bringing them back into view (from beyond the horizon in most cases) is real as far as I'm concerned... There's like 10,000's of videos of this shit out there.

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