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  1. Thanks for posting this! Wonder if (why) it's not getting more comments. I should be "HOT". Could it be because so many only focus on the "negative" narrative. Some good stuff is going on, and I believe much more to come, so how about we Celebrate the good stuff. This is a MAJOR setback for the Statists and a MAJOR win for Liberty Lovers. Sad that this had to go to the SCOTUS, because the statists want to destroy our freedom, but a good outcome. One point that makes me cringe - 4 voted AGAINST?? Wow, time to drain the SCOTUS of the traitors too.
  2. Not sure what to do if they DO NOT act on their perversion. But if they do there here is a very good solution: Tattoo "Child Rapist" on their shaved forehead, then put them in prison with the hardest criminals there are.
  3. Great, thanks for the tweak
  4. I really like Craig too, but I also dig CIR (Citizens Investigative Report), Katie is great! Her differentiator is to lead with the board anons research (instead of just guessing or saying "i don't know".) She does add her one thoughts, but I appreciate her using the "pros" on the boards too.
  5. therobots

    Live Feed Of US/NK Summit

    And? What say you now? (never mind)
  6. Bump for some love - Qanon
  7. NOT. He's playing one on TV / Twitter.
  8. Please guys, it's typical Trump! Not sure why ppl have not figured this out. He is putting it back on them to: a) show he cares about "black injustice" (which is the reason they give vs. disrespect) b) Force them to put up or shut up. c) Take the heat off of himself and do so in a very unexpected way (keep your enemies off balance). W/Trump: Expect the unexpected.
  9. therobots

    weather photo just now on Twitter

    Hoping it doesn't come to my place in Cheyenne.
  10. Correction: NOT Shocking... but still treasonous.
  11. Normally, I'd let this comment go by, but in this case I have to disagree. If they get perp'd like Harvey, then they would NOT be on the air. That mean by default that the MSM would have to "cover it". Headline: Anderson Pooper has been arrested for assaulting a 10 yr. old little boy, and is no longer an employee of XNN. I know, I know... still will "never happen". Was that ever said re: Harvey? Too busy to check, but guessing - YES!
  12. Headline: "Hero with a Gun, stops Mass Shooting! Saves Many Lives." Can't have that now can we?
  13. Wow, this $H!T is getting deeper and deeper. Trump gonna Thump 'em.

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