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  1. Continuing with the theme: Doom & Comedy. The top clip, from Apocalypse Now, is some sideshow USO Tour that still suggests doom. "Charlie didn't get much USO." Then, a recent USAcorp™ warfront USO show which had some great standup by none other than MB [5/7min]
  2. Probably should've included this above... well, I think folks get a li'l intimidated when they see more than 2 videos in one post, even if they're short... so I'll just put this here (w/above theme)
  3. Well it looks like this page of this thread is developing its own theme: Doom & Comedy. With that in mind, here's some H⋲⋺llywood Doom plus some Folly-wood Comedy [~6 mins / 4 mins]
  4. AztlanRising

    WAKE UP COP>>>>

    Well, I did edit my post on the "Charles Krauthammer has died" thread: So there's that... Happy Friday COPpers!
  5. AztlanRising

    Charles Krauthammer has died

    Krauthammer was such a NeoCON aligned with the NWO that he went fully for the machine revolution, as seen here in this 5 min clip [He himself planned/made the transition to robot so he could continue his family life ]
  6. A quick trio/triad/trifecta of L8 nite video clips. "Are You Mulkurul?" If ur here on this forum, you more than likely are...so what will befall us soon? That's a great question. [~5min/2min/3min]
  7. OK, break-time is over! Well, luckily this is done with a li'l comedy. The future is here [4 mins]
  8. Speakin' of "crazily watchable" here's a break from the usual in the form of a standup comedy bit...This comedian is out there, whacked, & demented yet comically on target. [8 minutes]
  9. Happy Summer Solstice! Well it's actually the eve o' the solstice for most of the US. I found me what looks to be a new new contribution by that crazily watchable youtuber known as T-L (the youtuber I even started this thread with, who was shamelessly banned by that paragon of free expression ütube). He actually looks to be hi-lighting d8s again in this vid (not so much 4 d8 setting myself) but it's definitely watchable b4 Fall [7mins]
  10. Every single Democrat in the Senate has signed onto the proposed law. That means the law is moderate and sensible. It’s also good policy. Open borders would usher in an era of unfettered prosperity. More undocumented immigrants would place more demand for larger social welfare programs — which would accrue to the benefit of all Americans, especially People of Color. More undocumented immigrants would also result in more votes for the Democrat Party — which would likewise usher in a financial boom, as has occurred in Democrat strongholds, like Detroit and East St. Louis. Reparations would finally be on the table. And, perhaps most importantly, no child would ever be detained again for anything, nor would any child ever be separated from a parent accused or convicted of a crime. Children belong in schools — not cages. And undocumented adults belong at work — not court. Undocumented immigrants do the jobs that Americans simply won’t do, like farming, construction, restaurant work, and house-keeping. America needs at least a billion more low-skilled workers to realize its full potential and rise up to the level of superpowers like India and Bangladesh. Although automation might cancel out some of these jobs, unemployed workers can easily be supported with more generous social welfare programs. We can also train many to be community organizers. America needs the Keep Families Together Act. We need to build bridges, not walls. It’s time for open borders. [<50% of page with pics & links at this gr8 parody site here:] Why-We-Need-Open-Borders
  11. What-Kind-Of-Monster-Puts-Children-In-Cages-picture Washington, D.C. (Accredited Times) — America is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants built America. Immigrants fought for America. Immigrants died for America. And immigrants have led the fight for social justice in America, including the Fight for $15, the Fight for Equality, and EBT for All. But a certain group of undocumented immigrants — white males — now wants to slam the door shut on further immigration after years of oppressing their immigrant brethren. Led by Nazi sympathizer Donald Trump, white males have decided that they alone should benefit from America — not People of Color. And, now, like their idolized Nazi “übermenschen,” they are literally locking up minority children in CAGES. CAGES. CHILDREN. Equally shocking, they’re also SEPARATING CHILDREN FROM PARENTS (!) simply because the parents are being criminally prosecuted for so-called “illegal entry.” White males have no excuse. They’ve claimed that some of the photos are fake and that Barack Hussein Obama engaged in the same conduct, purportedly because of alleged legal requirements to prosecute criminals and provide secure facilities for minors. Of course, they’ve also blamed DACA and the current DACA-related proposals in Congress for triggering a massive influx of unaccompanied minors. And Trump has even shockingly claimed that the undocumented parents deserve to be locked up (!), stating: “We must always arrest people coming into our Country illegally. Of the 12,000 children, 10,000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip, and only 2000 are with their parents, many of whom have tried to enter our Country illegally on numerous occasions." Unlike Trump, Democrats have a humanitarian solution to the problem: open borders. Under the Democrats’ proposed “Keep Families Together Act,” the government could no longer arrest undocumented immigrants if doing so would separate them from their undocumented children. As a result, anyone could come to the the United States and live freely as long as they have children. We would finally have true open borders for billions.
  12. Reconstituted video originally posted on 1st page of this thread. This youtuber was scrubbed about 4-5 months ago, yet now he's back...
  13. [Since I found a source where these "disappeared" videos from previous pages are located, I'm resharing them]
  14. See the "Adjusted Re-Upload - MK Ultra Mind Control" video atop this page? Well, here's a previously posted 4.5 minutes from TheyLive 13/23 on the same subject: MK ULTRA / MONARCH PROJECT
  15. Quoting September: "Maybe the shooting was an art exhibit." So, was it all part of the "Performance Art" show?? Looks as if the "life imitates art" trend is manifesting here on this thread with some of the back 'n forth I saw on pg 2.....

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