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  1. Now we just need an anthem, any suggestions ? I liked your song pick @Ukshep... and the flag ain't bad neither. (R ya Irish, laddie?). However for a more hard-hitting anthem (incidentally called Flag), I'd go with this industrial anthem:
  2. Chill-loungey DJ'ed beats that start a little schralpy, yet mellow out nicely. Be sure to listen passed 5:25 for a good spoken riff
  3. So after the Sunday/Monday news of a false missile alert affecting Oahu then this am's news of NHK network in Japan reporting a North Korean missile launch, this mellow gem of a song popped into my head. For those in North America, it's like a DVD of region code 1, offering the designated languages of that region, French and English (and if you'd like a more in depth experience, listen to this song while reading the lyrics, available here: Honolulu-Calcutta-Lyrics) ~5 minutes of Kawaii loungey goodness, with some mystery in the lyrics
  4. 2 4 2.nd day o' the week. Both on similar topics. Top vid ~10 min. If u only have time 4 one of 'em, watch top 1
  5. Tres minutos mas [=>"3 minutes more"]
  6. 3 min musiqué video from ~a quarter century ago that's strangely very relevant right now
  7. And here's the "live action" ~1.5 min clip featuring the intro "dialogue"
  8. Late Nite Ambiánce Musiqué Clip, with a dialogue intro I really dig:
  9. For those that would like a little more with subtitles in English [which is the way to watch the series] here's 2 minutes:
  10. So, we're into day 2 of Christmas (there's 12 days of Xmas doncha know!), and are you lookin' 4 something that speaks to not only the time of the season yet also all the crazy stuff we discuss daily here on COP along with maybe a little retro vibe with a dash of this and a mash of that? WELL HERE IT IS FOLKS, perfect "sleeper movie" stuff to check out via your spy-t-v or even 4free via ütube (or elsewhere) Joe-Bobb sez "CHECK IT OUUUUUUTTTTT !!!!"
  11. 🔺🇩🇪✙ Entschuldigen Sie Mich, [in 🇬🇧—> "Excuse/Pardon Me"] Has Anyone Watched The German Produced Series DARK on Netflix ? If yes, please share both your general impression plus what you may think are some of the key themes of the series.... ie any revelation within? How bout pre-programming? if pre-programming/priming, what's the theme there?? From what I've seen so far, it's pretty f'in watchable...
  12. Do you see how 22's are connected to things?

    To your point @Ukshep, there's definitely a big body of evidence for the II-ii, or XXII, or 2-2 theme. Has anyone noticed a III-iii [XXXIII, 3-3] theme 'turned up' recently??
  13. It's been said that everyone has at least one döppleganger here in this realm..maybe it's more like 7! I've heard folks talk about a veritable "double" of mine a good few times, & rumor has it there's pretty much a copy of me on the opposite side of the globe still here in the northern hemisphere...w/that in mind check out this clip:
  14. ...As we all know, this is a very depressing time of year for progressives, who have to watch happy Americans blurting out “Merry Christmas” without even realizing that this is deeply offensive to Muslims, Jews, atheists and Satanists. We have to watch as spoiled brat rich white children gleefully open expensive presents, while destitute people of color look on with envy and disappointment. And all the while that this injustice is going on, white Christian conservative Americans will be playing joyful Christmas songs that help them forget how privileged they are, and allow them to whistle past the graveyard of oppression and institutional racism in ignorant bliss... above outtake from here: Five Christmas Albums That Need to be Banned