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  1. Re-upload of a clip I featured on page 6 that got torpedoed by GoolagTube... longish yet give it 5 mins I must be finding cutting-edge stuff based on how many of my GoolagTube clips have been axed!
  2. As a kid growing up in a small town in fly-over country, my teachers used to encourage us to “broaden our horizons” and make friends overseas. As a young American who believed the whole of the world was contained North, South, West and East between Canada, Mexico, California and New York respectively, “overseas” was a mind-broadening concept it took many years to get around. So-called World Series baseball only included North America after all, so my ignorance of other countries was perfectly justified. I remember my first exchange of letters (the iPhone had not yet been invented) with some poor kid in a place called Manchester, England. He used to complain that it rained hard pretty much every day, all-day, but that he didn’t “give a shit” because Manchester was a “nuclear-free zone”. This meant that no nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants or even enemy nuclear bombs were allowed to go anywhere near Manchester. This was music to my young ears (even though, technically I was reading his letter). I found the very concept of a nuclear-free zone mind-blowing and could only wonder why all municipalities world wide did not follow Manchester’s example given the existential threat of the Cold War era. Given the possibility of Mutually Assured Destruction, why WOULDN’T you want to designate your town as a nuclear free zone and GUARANTEE your town’s survival? Anyway, this childhood episode came to mind recently when I was sat listening to some televised David Hogg speech or other about the perils of guns, the NRA, testosterone and associated issues. Man, I was so tuned in to what this young leader was preaching about the dangers of guns, of violence, of guns and violence, and violence and guns. I felt guilty precisely because I came to work each day at the Accredited Times with a veritable army of ammunition. On a typical day, I would be carrying at least two assault rifles, a rifle, a pistol, a ‘side arm’, and a knife (actually a signa-dubh, due to my Scottish heritage). Not to mention all the magazines, loose bullets, blades etc. Anyway, as soon as David Hogg began extolling the virtues of gun-free zones at our schools, shopping malls, and other places where people congregate, I realized we had been wrong all along. I convinced MDB and other staff members that the Accredited Times needed to set an example. And so I have the great news that our offices are now officially gun-free zones. This means that people we have attacked in the past – sad bronies like Anon, for example – will not be able to extract their revenge. It means that the power of free speech is maintained. It means we choose a peaceful posture going forward and will take no part in the violence afflicting our nation. In short, as long as you are in the Accredited Times offices, you need not fear mortal danger. The Accredited Times requires you to check your privilege and your weapons before commenting. UPDATE: I am delighted to announce that the AT has just become a nuclear-free zone as well. What this means in practical terms is that, in the event of Global nuclear war, we will be able to continue to report and provide regular updates safe in the knowledge that Putin’s missiles will not be allowed to breach our nuclear safe space. This is doubleplus good. More about the double-plus-goodness of gun-free-zones (incl some great comments at bottom) here: [<50% of page] accredited-times-now-officially-gun-free-zone
  3. I just recently "exposed myself" to some Mainstream TV News........ here's one of the narratives being parroted out by the puppet show MSM outlets: The WAFFLE HOUSE shooter was arrested for crossing a Whitehouse barrier last year. Subsequently, authorities seized his firearms. However, his father said that he would take possession of said firearms. Later, his father gave those guns back to him.... See?? We need much more draconian weapons seizures, and anyone living with the person who had them seized should have theirs seized too for good measure. Also, this "private sales" of firearms and loaning of guns to a buddy need to prohibited immediately!
  4. AztlanRising

    Woman fined $500 for saving free Delta Air Lines snack

    ....come, Armageddon, come...
  5. Here's what could be a huge tell: What if Trump did NOT attend what looks to be the impending funeral upcoming in a few weeks?!
  6. Bureaucrat I don’t know if banning vans is the answer, but companies should not be renting vans or moving trucks to individuals. If you need a van or truck, then you need to either buy one, or commission a licensed operator that undergoes at least 80 hours annually of pedestrian avoidance training administered by government agencies. These simple steps will solve this senseless epidemic of vans and trucks colliding with pedestrians. I have no idea why we have yet to explore this simple solution. I’ll put in a call to Governor Brown’s staff so that California can, once again, take on the burden of leading America through common sense legislation. Black Lives Matter You are a true hero, Bureaucrat. What we have now is completely insane. Any crazy person can just rent a van and run people over. This needs to stop. Ralph Cramden It makes no sense that someone would need a van just to go to the grocery store or to bring fluffy to the vet. Vans should only be used by law enforcement or specially licensed accredited agents to transport people to sensitivity training. We need common sense van control and we need it now. Impeach 45 now!!!! Black Lives Matter No one needs a van. I trust the government to have vans, but I sure as hell don’t trust deplorables to have vans. Pbier The problem is that refugees are not given enough training and so are unable to control vans. Riding a camel and a high-powered van are quite different, let me tell you. I blame Trump for not ensuring our peaceful child refugees are not given driving lessons. Above comments to article from prior page here: toronto-van-attack-trumps-fault
  7. Why the Toronto Van Attack Is Trump’s Fault By Black Lives Matter / April 23, 2018 Toronto, Canada (Accredited Times) — As progressives, inanimate objects are the bane of our existence. Guns. Knives. SUVs. Ovens. Now we have another inanimate object to add to the long list of items that we need to ban: vans. As many of you have heard, a van deliberately hit over two dozen pedestrians today around 1:30 p.m. on Yonge Street and Finch Avenue East, near the North York Civic Centre. Multiple fatalities are expected. Unsurprisingly, the van was white. It was also probably a Klan member. According to The Globe and Mail, “The van, which appeared to be a Ryder rental van, then fled the area, making it roughly two kilometers before being stopped near Poyntz Avenue.” The van is now thankfully in custody, according to police spokesperson Jenniferjit Sidhu. The van attack crystallizes the importance of banning inanimate objects. Van control is desperately needed. Aside from polluting the planet with poisonous CO2 emissions, racist vans are now openly attacking Canadians and Canadiens despite the heroic efforts of progressive Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Enough is enough. We call BS! — as heroic progressive David Hogg has so proudly proclaimed with respect to the so-called “Bill of Rights.” Despite the glaring need for van control, vans continue to roam the streets. As usual, blame falls squarely on the small hands of Donald Trump. Trump has not only caused vans to proliferate by pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, but his racism has also undoubtedly provoked van attacks everywhere. It doesn’t matter that Canada is a different country. Trump is to blame. As more details emerge, it will be important for us not to blame any religious death cults, nor should we blame our important pharmaceutical industry. Death cults do not cause deaths, and the pharmaceutical industry saves lives. That’s why death cults and pharmaceuticals are so popular. Any such argument would clearly fall outside of the accredited media story line and would therefore be incorrect. Trump’s failure to implement van control deserves a swift, kinetic response. It’s time for van control, and it’s time for impeachment. Trump needs to be removed from office NOW. Less than 50% of this page's entirety: toronto-van-attack-trumps-fault
  8. I guess I'll have to update the list of "perpetrators" to include "Armenians" 🧔
  9. I just sent the following to a friend that's in the asleeple-sheeple category a few hours ago: Look for the following “breaking news” later this spring / summer: “Attack” on [amongst these following targets] “The United Nations” “The World Bank” “Federal Reserve” “International Monetary Fund” “The Southern Poverty Law Center” "Hollywood" "NASA" “CNN” “MSNBC” “________ Federal Building” “________ School” perpetrated by [ie blamed on the following] “Right Wing Extremists allied with” “ISIS” “Assad regime Intelligence” “North Korea” “ ‘Alt-Right’ Infowars listeners” "Iranian" “Right wing ‘liberty activists’……..” Look for multiple different “deadly attacks” classified as “terrorist acts” Hmmmmmm, "Truck attack" near the "G-7 Summit" in Toronto........ looks like the above IS ON!
  10. It's just another manic Monday........ In light of that song title, here's two x [2min] clips:
  11. However have you talked to any "normies" lately? "Normies" outnumber us crazy fringe folks overwhelmingly and are still the majority of folks out there....... and they'll buy the MSM spoonfed LIE lock, stock, and barrel
  12. Anyone remember the TV series JERICHO from about 10 years ago? In the last season of the show, there was another nuke device that went off and destroyed a whole town, which was blamed on North Korea & Iran, original members of The Axis of Evil then per the show the still virile US MILITARY retaliated against both countries........ So yeah, although AJ is hyped up and may have been fed the wrong list of targets, I can still totally see how OPERATION: SINK TRUMP could be greenlighted for false flags to drag the US into war SINK: Syria, Iran, North Korea
  13. Hmmmmmm, sounds like this could be some kind of encoded message to another Deep State Cell to start another false flag to force the US into war with Syria perhaps. Antioch, Turkey- site of the first Christian church. Almost bordering on Syria. Perhaps the numerology-skilled folks can tell us if there's anything in 3 & 4, 3:25 and/or 3571..........