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  1. Could it be, with this magazine that came out almost a full year ago, that giving the hardcore burn notice to someone like Harvey Weinstein (to go out in a blaze of infamy like a sun-diving comet), with other "stars" relaying their stories of sexual assault/abuse, was a somehow pre-planned event? Or was it just pre-ordained strangely? Are we going to see more reports of child-star pedophelia & have that become the headlining scandal? Or will all the focus be on that infamous sun diving comet Harvey Weinstein to keep the attention off the worse deeper layers of covered up sexual abuse??
  2. Was California Attacked with A High Energy Weapon?

    Great info-tainment so far-- I'm 4 mins into this [12 mins]
  3. Take a look at numbers 11 & 12 on this chart. That's a significant reduction in both population & in GDP forecasts for years from now. (UK folks, there's some interesting #s for you on page 2). So what's the timing other than the projection to the next mid decade?? http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx?pag=1&sort=GDP&ord=DESC US,SK,UK
  4. Sooooooo........ has anyone else been getting strange pings from whatever sources about GOLD in the last months/weeks ?? Nobody else huh? Perhaps what I've been seein' & experiencin' is just a message for me then...
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgEO_HCobw4 Hmmmm, this one can't be embedded now because G✪✪GleDevilTube probably doesn't want any of this to catch on.... 10 mins of good info-tainment that may apply here (Day of Dead D-Day w/NK?)
  6. These folks identified Jerry as the Brown Turd he was back during his 1st go'round in late 1970s.... [3 minutes with lyrics]
  7. Pentagram -- I'm gonna start using that term now!!
  8. I think ya may be onto something here....... perhaps somehow some scenario like this would go along with the other current meme/theme in the mainstream, that Trump can be removed from office by being declared mentally unfit to serve
  9. Time to F**k off Theresa!

    I think y'all over there in the good ol' U of K oughta look for a character just like this one to replace your governess Miss May [~1.5 mins, language]
  10. I was thinkin' the D-Date wouldn't necessarily be til next summer/fall, yet with all this "Calm Before The Storm" programming perhaps we're looking at a Day of the Dead D-Day.
  11. How can he back off though? He's not going to give up his weapons after he saw what the US did to Ghaddaffi and Saddam and he cannot trust any agreement with the US after what they just did with the Iran deal. What's the over/under date on when the USofAinc gets this party with NK started??
  12. Red Sun and Yellow Sky UK

    8 minutes of mood music to check out while you're perusing this thread........
  13. From @Dr_Doom via "Red Sun and Yellow Sky UK" thread -- the Yellow/GOLD theme is pingin' hard
  14. Sooooooo........ has anyone else been getting strange pings from whatever sources about GOLD in the last months/weeks ??
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