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  1. TheOldMan

    Freemasonry is the Church of Satan.

  2. That’s the World now in the end times the love of the world will wax cold
  3. TheOldMan

    Iran and China strike nuclear deal

    To Nuke America thats the plan Jan!
  4. TheOldMan

    Our 3 Year Anniversary of COP

    Way to go!
  5. TheOldMan

    So... What now?

    Live life, same old shit enjoy what good times are left dark days in the mail
  6. TheOldMan

    So... What now?

    Pretty much
  7. Dear CDC why did you murder Timothy Cunningham??
  8. TheOldMan

    Trump taped with Russian Prostitues.

    Good ol Stepha what's his name
  9. TheOldMan

    Trump taped with Russian Prostitues.

    They moved the segment from tonight to Sunday Interesting to see what becomes of this
  10. TheOldMan

    Friday the 13th!

    Good day to chill at the casa!
  11. Seriously messed up good pin mods dark times

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