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  1. Chemtrails Since The New Year Began

    Still see it everyday but not heavy carpet bombing like December now everyone has the “flu” cause and effect
  2. FLU - Biological Warfare ATTACK!

    At least you pulled through many find the grave from now on keep your immune system super charged
  3. Dow warning!

    I appreciate everyone's input thank you very much
  4. Dow warning!

    Couldn't agree more thanks for input everyone
  5. Dow warning!

    Sure does people are 25 trillion in debt everyday
  6. Dow warning!

    Thanks for pin Mods the COP pins what no one else will that’s just a fact
  7. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    He drove liars out with a whip...
  8. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    attacked and betrayed by the very people we were trying to save good times...
  9. Baths and Showers

    Nothing better than an Epsom salt bath haters and tree huggers be damned
  10. Dow warning!

    no you can't once upon a time I believed
  11. Dow warning!

    Up 300 points in one day! Still trading thin air! Beware! Biggest financial crash in history in the oven! Good luck and God Bless! 1/18/18 Dow up “322” points in one day

    We're on our own God is still with us....
  13. I’m a daddy!

  14. Shook my whole damn house I thought a jet was coming down
  15. Where's Shep!

    Stay up Shep! God Bless you and yours!