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  1. Canyon forest fire live

    Slurry toxic as hell, stay away from it
  2. Some pretty heated videos in that link worth the watch
  3. That's correct, major history there Another foreign plant right next to power
  4. What they found in Antarctica

    Project high jump!
  5. Huge mistake can't believe it
  6. Very Dangerous Escalation in Syria

    I remember my don't invade Syria threads all deleted, case closed
  7. After ten years of economic depression everyone is seriously unprepared
  8. Look kid this is how it works anyone with views is an agent anyone with no views is real most of what is on the web is one giant lie look for good bread crumbs, that's all you get
  9. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    It was retarded you didn't miss anything
  10. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/huma-abedin-no-show-anthony-weiner-sentencing-article-1.3519813 Huma was a no show smart kid who joined the wrong team
  11. Lunatic Outpost is Gone!

    GLP? Delete the truth? Thats crazy talk
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