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  1. I just feel awful

    That's for sure, and I appreciate that very much
  2. I just feel awful

    I'm out for the evening thanks for input everyone, enjoy your evening
  3. Is it Wrong to Want to Be More?

    Once your self employed everything changes now YOU call the shots I remember the same exact questions OP
  4. I just feel awful

    I understand won't be on the search for any new friends any time soon
  5. I just feel awful

    I saw your post the other day I've been told forgiveness is for the wounded not the attacker i definitely agree don't go running back to get stomped again and I won't
  6. I just feel awful

    @JimmREEE thanks for the song ,one of my favorites happy Friday everyone glad ya made it!
  7. I just feel awful

    Its been a long haul to find the truth I have a lot of knives in my back, at least now I know and I will forgive
  8. I know you would thank you very much
  9. We do our best God has told me to trust Him thats what I'm going to do
  10. I think it was million but still, have no doubt he does his albums go double platinum in seconds he showed his true colors and I'm sure his fan base was cut in half
  11. I love her channel, she's a good kid!
  12. GLP wants you to hate women!

    Me too a good team being put together here
  13. GLP wants you to hate women!

    It worked I think I have time to reverse the damage
  14. I just feel awful

    You want hear something crazy if I had as many trying to help as I had driving a knife in my back we might have been able to stop some of this evil I'm completely mind blown grasping the level of betrayal I have experienced all just jealousy that's all it is, so sad