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  1. And this is all under God's will and direction! He moves evil people to do his will as well as good. God reminds us: "His ways are not our ways."
  2. Were you smoking a joint when you wrote this reply?
  3. Cinders77

    Double Major or Law Degree

    In the last company I worked for which was a billion dollar company, marketing and accounting ruled the world. If you knew finance and how to manipulate the numbers, you got all kinds of job opportunities in other departments in the company. The corporate attorneys were always under the gun, worked long hours and under massive stress because of the workload and not enough people. (Crazy for a billion dollar company!) My experience is that if you are educated in finance and have an understanding of business law, you can go far in corporate America. If you are trained in just one area, maybe not so much. I would say it all boils down to how much time you want to spend with your family. Corp attorneys work long hours and on the weekends due to legal deadlines. Finance folks are typically unavailable the 1st week of every month for closing the books and that also involves overtime and long hours. You are teetering between 2 of the most demanding jobs in corporate America but you will also have more opportunity because of it. Good luck with your decision!
  4. You are taking these verses out of context, Cryptic Mole. If stabbing your neighbor because you don't like the way he cuts his lawn was sanctioned and legal by the government, it would still be okay to kill him, according to your argument, even though the Bible tells us to love our neighbor and that murder is wrong. By replying to this post, I was trying to help BB decide to continue or to stop. It's none of my business which way BB decides to go. Smoke pot. Don't smoke pot. You have free will to do it or not. As do I. Why can't avoiding pot be respected as a decision? Consider that instead of defending why you choose to do it.
  5. God may have put it on the planet for man's use but it's clearly been hijacked by Satan and his minions for their use. (I suspect it's been altered to allow demon possession or to open doors in those that use it.) From a spiritual standpoint, you might want to reconsider, BB. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Source: https://www.eti-ministries.org/the-satanic/the-satanic-part-1/principalities-powers-etc Satan's 7 High Ranking Principalities Of Hell Taught To Witches "Thus, it is with great hesitancy that I list the seven high-ranking, major principalities of Hell that are taught to witches. I do feel that, in order to give you a clear understanding of possessions and who causes them and why, they [the demonic beings] must be listed ..." 1) "Rege -- He is the General of the occult. He directs the use of such drugs as marihuana, hashish, cocaine, speed, LSD, peyote and mescaline. These are drugs of sorcery. They attack the mind and open it up for a demon to enter. Rege is also responsible for seeing that music is hexed." Of great interest is the name of the lesser marijuana demon who reports directly to Rege. His name is 'Jah' and is considered the 'god of marijuana' by many practicing occultists. Listen to this quote from John Lennon, the founder of the Beatles. "During the recording session for Revolver, The Beatles worked on the track 'Rain' which would eventually be released as a single. It contained recording-history's first use of reversed music and voices. While working on the song, John, high on marijuana, accidentally loaded the tapes backward, resulting in a sound that 'transfixed' him. He called the inspiration 'the gift of God - of Jah, actually, the god of marijuana. Jah gave me that one'. The first backward tape on any record anywhere." (The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of the Beatles", by Joseph Niezgoda, New Chapter Press, p. 68) My research into the occult has revealed to me that the "opening of one's mind to higher levels of consciousness" is absolutely critical to the development of that person to the higher levels of the occult. And, such "opening of one's mind" is absolutely dependent upon taking drugs. Therefore, we should see a tremendous problem of people taking drugs on a widespread, and unprecedented, manner. Do we see such a problem in today's news?
  6. Yes I do. So what's your point?
  7. Cinders77

    Is this an odd image of barron trump?

    What are you talking about??? What prejudice? Never mind. I honestly could care less. I doubt you even know.
  8. You do know Kissinger's a Jew?
  9. Okay. Better remove ALL MIRRORS from your house to be on the safe side.
  10. I had "gut instincts" and "feelings" way before wi-fi came on the scene. WiFi may amplify this inherent feeling but I don't believe it's the cause.
  11. Cinders77

    Magic or Religion

    Won't you be shocked at Armageddon when Jesus returns to judge the world of unbelievers. It won't be a big party of acceptance and compassion in the Valley of Meggido with blood up to the horses' bridles. But, you've made it clear the form of Christianity you subscribe to, Picklesnout. Thanks for the update.
  12. Some people don't willingly chase after this. It is foisted upon them without their consent and sometimes, without their knowledge. In fact, I would say often strong people of the Christian faith are targets for this type of violation. Satan will do just about anything to debase people and destroy their faith in God. He takes special interest in the defilement of women and children. Those who aren't Christians can be attacked too but I can't say why. Perhaps it is because they are easy targets by opening themselves to the spirit world through drugs, alcohol, porn, and lots of other doors. Side bar: consider why hard liquor is often referred to as "spirits." I suspect most women on this planet have a fallen celestial in their lives whether they know it or not. I've become more discerning in seeing that and it's disturbing. If you notice the change in women over the past 20 years, it's REALLY DISTURBING. I don't believe it's only TV or magazines or music or the culture we live in. It's something much, much deeper that's causing these changes - for the worse. [Women need a head covering (i.e. man in her life) to protect her from these fallen celestials. It doesn't need to be a husband - it can be a father, a brother, a God fearing pastor, or any other man who has her best interests at heart.] Hope this helps clarify a bit for you.
  13. The apostate church is coming together very nicely for the anti-christ. + =

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