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  1. See? That-is-not-my-fault, it thinks it knows, but is either delusional or a plant? But I ain't carrying that anymore. Sick of a globe of crying 2nd grade pufs sucking my country out too. Eek?
  2. I did type it all out, but then i thought people would just blame me and it doesn't matter anyway. Nothing we can do. You are best advised to look to your own and forget what's lost. "Care" about your own. Oh and btw...."decimate" only means 10%. Lot of people misuse that word. At 8 billion+, no way that is going to be it. If you meant "anihilate"? an·ni·hi·late əˈnīəˌlāt/ verb destroy utterly; obliterate. Thats almost impossible, don't worry.
  3. We either thin the herd or end up like europe, a septic tank being drug down into the fossil record. We either break the piggy bank and dump all eggs (or) offer stupid people self destruction and watch em go go go. We have places here already gone "Lord of the flies" and all over, not just "california". I can't specify....but i imagine most people on here would say "good enough!" Or "so?" about one place that's going to get razed to the nubbins and replaced. Its not a big city or a nest of dearborne either, but its a completely rotten nest that should be swamping by the end of the year. I am no longer aganist that? Hard but, rotten is rotten.
  4. Read FISA During State of the Union

    I'm all for that idea, but it better be at the end.....if he wants us to hear the rest. Where I live, we are just waiting for march 1st......because we can't escape.
  5. Kerry is total dimi That's why we don't see the coward. He should stay in london and be gollum gollum
  6. ? They are up to something else.
  7. You know, there are well over 3 billion commies and moslums and none of them care about you. They are an existential catastrophe, which means they alter all life, for the whole planet, forever. Yeast eat sugar and sh*t alcohol until they've eaten up all the sugar and drown in thier own poop. At least the yeasts are useful. Communists and moslums Why don't you join peace corps?
  8. Satan divided against satan. This always happens eventually.
  9. I think its bpearthwatch finally over his own edge? He's phony fruiters anyway. He put a video of the challenger wreckage up awhile back titled "gods vengeance on the space weapon!".....yet people still eat it up.
  10. The hemo-fever lab has been there for a long time. Its ours.
  11. It is hard, but if you make homelessness livable, you end up with san diego fast. It is actually a "come to san diego they have to feed us and they can't do anything! There's too many of us!" situation. San francisco, new york, la....our cities are pits and too many of our people are feckless fools (=juvenile delinquent) There is no good answer or acceptable solution.
  12. It turned everybody off. People want something they can do with thier kid. Those people actually can't understand that beyonce' was vulgar and sordid, just like this delusion that anybody even cares about a bunch of millionaire idiots that should never have been anyway. The "substanceless movie star" days are finally down and our culture has a chance to return to merit instead of idiocy. Oh and link from mod squad wants his hair back....
  13. Yes. It is declaring that you are mentally unfit and unable to control yourself. Also, suicidal/homicidal is effectively considered the same, ie you could be apprehended and detained indefinately because "trump signed a paper!" - pre-crime crap?
  14. Sadly, I'm afraid you are right about that. I believe the goal is "they won't miss what they've never known" and I'm pretty sure its gonna get me too. If there is any "prepare to protect" going on, we must not be getting a contract. I can go look, but last time i checked for nm, there were no cdc dr or nurse jobs. Just jobs for glorified cattle rustlers, as if to move people around. I am not a fema preacher either, but they have been paying them awhile and the job is "don't talk about god, misuse the passage about blind obedience to gov and report report report on your congregation members" I did do animals in disaster and have a fema#, but anybody can do that.