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  1. Hurricane Irma - Fake or Hype ?

    YES! We are ALL very interested in what is happening with other med pros, how they are being treated, PAID and just exactly WHAT they are being handed to serve out. Yes. There is a substantial % of no-nonsense med pros that are NOT amused and would have already told some greedy gangsters "clean up your own mess, how about that?" If it wasn't thier nieghborhood being razed. Since globy lawyers got mehpa laws all over the US, this will be a very revealing event.
  2. Hurricane Irma - Fake or Hype ?

    Fema would say a tick bite is a catastrophe that gives them and the cdc total control and all $$$ with lethal force if they could get away with it. Fortunately, we have a military that is harder to fool. They have thier own wizards too.

    So you've been to the south.... I was gonna say "The dragon's breath".....cartel finally has some old stick man from a shotgun shack that look like a pale voodoo doll, out calling up the spirits up of confederate soldiers and klan....heh heh
  4. FEMA Chief: Will be 'devastating'...

    Fema chief: gloating
  5. Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack

    Nothing the dems ie communists, islam or la raza come up with
  6. You have to get to hair splitting with bible. Half the time king jame's translator wrote "fear", it was actually the word for "awe", so you have to check each use of "fear" in the original language to make the distinction.
  7. So much for the "3 storms, 2 earthquakes!" ditty that was going around as a prophecy.
  8. I refuse to give any mind to these unworthy head games. When any of them actually do something or even attempt to say something real, wake me up. This is a rehash of an old story and nk is the "experiment" where they see of they can actually pull off a total bs talk "conflict" and clean up. Its not thier rapacity that gets me, it is the unworthiness of all these lame lame head games that just make everybody wonder how fake it is.
  9. Deblasio is the most revoltingly insipid mayor i have ever seen. Nobody does anything. May east coast commies be eaten by fed up east coast savages, because thats what they have reduced everything but manhattan to.
  10. In this news video, the woman blatantly says the hurricane victims are coping with "this new world order they have entered into" and its creepy. It could just be what freaks of the coast news is opportunizing on, to actually make it seem real "like they imagine it", but its still offensive and creepy. If all the socialists and communists caught plague tomorow, it would be a blessing on authentic humans
  11. Not too much south of LC, I think most of it must be getting dragged into the mountains by storms. It looks hazy over there.
  12. Barry sotero never cared about those people, they were just bodies. He doesn't care now except how he might use them for suckers to get richer again. Phase on as long as we see some substantial activity. Its in congresses lap now and the people have always said "no". They can march all they want. We should put out arrow signs so they are at least marching towards mexico and save the gas.
  13. I saw somewhere else and thought I'd check......it is time to board up I'd say.
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