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  1. I believe it is the forceful radical sacking of florida by running fema and importing 100's of thousands of puerto ricans who dont need to be here. Its obvious he wants florida like cali, so he can call in a billion dollars a week in the name of disaster
  2. Ours is private too. It is called concierge care. Authentic medicine. Lots of us no longer even join the ama, we join aaps which lobbies for us instead of the industry, which is all the ama ever does.
  3. Off-Topic Repository

    I did not indulge myself in paragraphs of ad hominem? I just said you might as well be raving into a hole in the ground as think I care what you say? Manic exstacy burns of the lgbtqp are exhausting, terminal and primarily entertaining thier own selves when they "publish" anyway? You are a black hole I avoid. (that doesn't exist, according to your unquestionable superior knowledge? I just agree on that.)
  4. Off-Topic Repository

    Maybe he was and you could just butt out? Ever think of that?
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    You really waste your time talking to me, but post on.
  6. A rare remembered dream - 9/9 event??

    Dreams with specific dates pique my interest
  7. Off-Topic Repository

    We have all private/direct, to shops, practitioners and people we know. It's the same stuff we eat and people want to avoid certain places that have gotten too toxic. The entire spice business is shifting because the main producers of garlic, ginger, others, has been china. The US keeps blocking things from china for being too toxic. Schizandra is another crop people have just "bought from china?" and now the scramble is on to have US berries replace the imports. Until it balances out better, $35/lb chinese berries vs $135/lb US organic berries, because there aren't enough produced here yet. (and they're easy) Toxic chinese schisandra berries is diametrically opposed to the purpose of the things. Europe is in the same boat, letting too many vital crops come from china. They have to convert sources too. We can add sales as we think we can supply them, but we have a few things that might make a page. We also relentlessly hate paypal and don't use bitcoin. It is old fashioned mail order. You can expedite by using a greendot money card? That ships same day. Right now we have one (10 year) farm in mothballs for the next phase and limited production here, but farms all over the US where our guy says is less fukushima'd. It is getting close to flu season and texas/la at least are already having problems from the flood, so lots of elderberries will be here soon, eucalyptus, sassafrass, oregano, hawthorne, ginger, stuff for essiac etc. We grow mushrooms and niche medical species for us, but demand and space atm makes it easier to go with farms, which keep increasing. Growing mushrooms is still a growing thing here and won't peak for years. Here at this fort, we have a lot of cactus right now, peruvian torch and bridgessi if I spelled that right. We also just became the worm farm last week. But altogether right now we source around 600 botanicals and we are still using india, bulgaria, main countries, just avoiding that whole japan/china and affected areas.
  8. So then you need vendors.....what is it going to cost to have the bar ad and a vendor forum for Border Botanicals fine herbs, spices, roots, seeds, primary materials and supplies for pros? I will run it by the tribe and see. (Maybe we can add foil hats and have some sales?) But we'll do it if we can afford it.
  9. Off-Topic Repository

    M-a-r-i-j-u-n-a groo.....you ASSumed the rest out of the quality and content of your own thought. Sorry about that but glad you didnt hire us. Insulting goon.
  10. Its that they want people to think that they are the "only" American adult left and that its NOT the majority of people with some taste, class, right thought or common sense. People are NOT intrinsically ok! They must be dumbed down, subjugated and have no memory or desire of worth, valor or accomplishment. Silicon valley insipid roach eater world where mindless children think physical gratification is what fills up that big giant hole where "authentic" and "oraganic" used to be. They want gmo people.
  11. I didn't think much about all that stuff ukshep put up yesterday......then shi* immediately goes wonky......?....hmmm
  12. My deal was no posting, likes refreshed the whole page and alerts tab wouldn't open....but I appear to be working now

    I thought that juan de fuca fault out there was somehow supposed to be one of the lynchpins for it. It it is supposed to affect us worse than russia, then look for deep, big ones on the opposite sides of the ring of fire, because it seems to suggest deep big movement S&W will create bigger shallow effects N&E ie us and rushka. But I would think watch there, for here. Today is the 17th, worst day of geomag storm, so after today it can only be contributory and we still ?
  14. A Letter to All Christians

    I didn't mean to start a deism fest or commie agape....if there are survivors, i imagine we will trade? But extra-biblical aint for me.
  15. LOL NASA Fakery

    Oh come on! We got velcro & superglue for our trillions?