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  1. Whoever and whatever Jared's motives are: his isolation and unwillingness to speak with media is driving the left insane. That within itself is a good thing.
  2. @ cinn Yes x 1 Million. Can't usher in a 1 world communist gov't that has our grandchildren living in tin shacks (providing they're not euthanized first) unless we destroy all 1st world nations first. Long equation, suffice to say only a few of us see it clear as day. Good vid.
  3. Poor poor Mr. Green If he was white, he could just turn on his TV set, visit a Campus, or apply for a job to get openly hated. Non whites are after all Not racist....
  4. Here's the truth. We can't have ultra high IQ cops running around. Why? They'll concoct elaborate schemes to milk criminals out of cash. This has always been the underlying reason. Combine power junkie personalities (or high functioning sociopaths) with a High IQ and you've got corruption on steroids.
  5. The cop is a royal dick / loser in real life, but the 2 agitators (sorry to be honest here) really needed a strong smack down. I actually was hoping he'd beat the living crap out of them. Beta male cucks with a massive sense of entitlement - no male role model, and ultimate genetic dead ends (if you know what I mean.) And I'm not trying to be rude. I'm tired of chip on their shoulder males always confronting authority. Been there, done it. Fought with dozens of cops. Owned them, and it didn't accomplish f**k all. You can't win. Diplomacy and confidence gets you 10x further. Long story.
  6. Saudi fake news. I watched all the Saudi vids. The only bowing done was on their behalf, and rightly so.
  7. The most amazing observation over the years is how easily large segments of the population are manipulated to the point of rage over false narratives and 'issues' that are non-existent or blown out of proportion. The men who figured this out a century ago were smart enough to buy most of the media outlets out. They were operating purely on a sociopath level to protect and expand their business interests; while keeping people dumbed down and ignorant. This influence has expanded to all forms of media and entertainment today. Its a satanic rooted cancer. Today, we know 5-6 mega corporations control 95% of all US media. I believe, from my own experience only about 15% of us are awake. Thank Christ Trump connected with blue collar struggling working class. We'll be fine and we'll live through the summer. No worries.
  8. My 3 year old Benny tooted. I said was that you Benny? He said "No Daddy, it was Catty!" (our cat smokey wasn't even in the house) This woman and my 3 year old share 1 thing in common. Neither has credibility but they're both funny as hell
  9. 1000% Bullshit. Jones is often right, but more often than Not a fear mongering 'what if' click bait troll. I can't stomach him anymore.
  10. Possible, the insane media may drive them to this, or.... - Just down the street obola is using billions funneled to left wing groups to stop Trump and usher in the NWO. Whatever the case, these fence jumpers are no doubt brainless useful idiots. They will be the first to be lined up and shot under a 1 world communist rule once they protest the tyranny they embraced.
  11. Perhaps, but there's more to it. This photo always struck a chord with me, from various sources. As of yet I don't believe its been debunked. https://www.google.ca/search?q=angel+appears+over+car+crash&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiWjqOEovfTAhXi3YMKHQCrDbcQ_AUICigB&biw=1237&bih=678#tbm=isch&q=angel+hovering+over+motarcycle+crash&imgrc=-B5P7RUUU7fwUM:
  12. My 8 year old comes running into the house "Dad we got major problems" For a moment my heart sinks, then he says "I'm out of gas on my 4 wheeler" (I think to myself Fook, I was actually worried & stressed for a moment) This is MSM in a nutshell - emotionally driven clickbait based on BS and 'anonymous sources' MSM = globalist propaganda catering to the weak minded with drama nonsensical ZERO PROOF stories. Stop watching/listening to any liberal media. It does wonders to clear the mind.
  13. Absolutely love Steph. Generally watch his vids @ 1.5 speed b/c they're usually long, yet thorough and unbiased. I'll watch this later, with 1 sentence summary for idiots who're starting to awaken: "Breakdown the family unit, destroy whites, decency, and 1st world nations with leftist values along with 82 IQ refuges to usher in a 1 world communist gov't."
  14. I've seen this video before a couple of times. I always felt empathy for this young person because I thought he was an extremely mentally ill 17 year old gone sideways. Based on the collage insanity most of us have seen: I'm in favor of 6 weeks mandatory military basic training before any collage student is to receive their diploma. Failure = a repeat of the 6 weeks until successful completion. Suffering creates character.
  15. This comes as no surprise. If Comey was legit Hillary would have been prosecuted. Comey, top dems and rinos are all part of the same establishment swamp.

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