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  1. Lop down aswell

    its back up, too much people joining at once it seems
  2. Lop down aswell

    Eveyones being targeted, I noticed 200 more view count( because they dox in groups) then bam it went down
  3. We have evolved enough that our cities lights are seen in space, luring beasts threw ozone hole then shutting gates from dark side of moon, creating storms, matthew was a big one imagine one ten times the size, most get trapped in Bermuda triangle but some run to land. When gates reopen those that passed over go threw to sun(only way to father is sun) Life is like a game, ozone hole is level 2, if you go to light and miss ozone hole you will have to start over, if you get to sun you can move on to level 3, hint, ozone hole is over Antarctica moons are created inside a planet, you will notice if temps rise and contractions, don't look strait into the pole
  4. Funny video

    watch till end http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=43d_1463316137
  5. two admins flirting, this will end bad :)
  6. you make one, you can have all the credit, tell them the baby moon comes out of poles, and tell them earth quakes are contractions
  7. i think earth and other planets have baby moons in middle earth , earth was a moon long ago, so its round
  8. sub forum

  9. UFC 194

    I don't want to pay, last ufc the image was perfect
  10. UFC 194

    Anyone have link?
  11. Chatroom reopened

  12. its cold out side

    code sucks
  13. open chat

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