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  1. My friend told me that Gorilla Glue,Bruce Banner,and and Apollo 13 were the best they ever had. Another friend told me that the best shit he ever smoked was growed in TN in the mid-80's. I remember another friend in TN telling me that a friend of his had a grow that " smelled like a whole herd of skunks " from a hundred yards away.
  2. MuchMaligned

    Looking for a radar site that was posted here during Irma.

    Thanks,Shep. Ventusky looks good,and so does MeteoEarth. So now I just gotta learn how to use them. That was kind of you to create that tracking tool list,too. I tried searching my activity and the activity of the person who I thought posted that one I mentioned. I tried searching Irma and hurricanes,but I couldn't find anything beyond a certain date. It appeared to me that maybe there was a data loss. Thanks again.
  3. It was an awesome site with all kinds of features. It had a TV station in the URL that started with a W. I lost the link when I lost my computer last week. SIDE NOTE : DO NOT use Windows 10. Keep buying refurbished Windows 7 machines until they run out.
  4. Yes. A friend told me that he gets nothing below 25%.
  5. I think it would just be nice if they killed each other off in such a way that it doesn't pollute the earth too badly. It takes 2 to tango,and they've been at it for a long time. The sooner it's over,the better.
  6. I don't think Cooper covers his ass very much,as in he leaves it exposed and ripe for the picking - I'm guessing he has a bullseye tattooed on it,probably pastel shades and not the standard bullseye colors. Him and his "partner" probably picked the colors while clothes shopping. That's about as graphic as I care to be,and I hope that image doesn't become etched in the readers' minds.
  7. My local weather guy said it's gonna be a good one for those with clear skies tonite.
  8. MuchMaligned

    "Hero" John McCain Hospitalized

    You no think he make dramatic appearance on Senate floor for tax vote ? If he does,then which way would he hafta vote to "go out a hero" ?......the thorn in Trump's side or the come to Jesus thing ?
  9. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/politics/arizona/2017/12/13/sen-john-mccain-hospitalized-side-effects-cancer-treatment/949880001/ Please,everybody,let us prey....I mean pray.
  10. I watched a person drink it on multiple occasions .
  11. MuchMaligned

    Las Vegas Shooting FBI Clean Up

    Did anybody ever find out what they were doing with what looked like paint and why ? And does anybody remember the debunker that appeared outta nowhere and hasn't been back since November 4th ? https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/profile/5341-king-candy/
  12. We've sure used it here long enuf for it to have done,doing.and will do damage. About 22 years ago,I started a study course to become a licensed pesticide/insecticide applicator. I read enuf in one day about LD50 from the course material that I chose a different path. So to be honest,Round Up ain't shit compared to lotsa stuff that is regularly (over & mis)used.

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