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  1. The AI can such my proverbial... well, that. It lacks. And I do not need an other discussion to prove my point. Again, A can stick logic somewhere the sun don't shine. I am also incapable of lying. It's called principles. Yours impress me as little as your statements. You are a typing, breathing contradiction. I do not care about your opinion. We were discussing facts. Goody! Not enlightened, nazis, pure, bladiebladiebla. You are not special. You are ignorant when it comes to understanding the whole of existence. I know enough. Don't waste these poor peoples time with your nonsense unless you offer a solution, which you have yet to do. Find a different audience because it would seem you activate my pure Arian Batavi-b*tch-mode.
  2. Isdo

    The Mandella Effect

    The language of English speaking people is killing me! Someone.... Save meeee!
  3. Isdo

    The Mandella Effect

    Hmm, that could get confusing but it doesn't bother me all too much yet. I am picky about my dictionaries because I get awfully lysdectic at times, but to quote my American friend Collee; "Hell no, Q! No way you learn this shit'n school. Half my friends don'talk so f**kin'....neat and...gaaawd, polite, an they were booooorn in the US, so take yow bulls**t elsewheh!" Hear, hear... Exactly. Where did the u go? ...and excuse me but what the **** is a "dilemna"?!? (I mean, I know what a dilemma is, strangely enough, in Dutch, you spell that word exactly the same. Dilemma. A choice between one or more alternatives.)
  4. Perhaps I would have understood you more quickly if you had simply stated I am observing multiple changes at once. x) My point still stands; it is my sanity that concerns me.
  5. Isdo

    The Mandella Effect

    Talk about spotting syncs! I was pondering this very topic today as I read up on something I could not believe. Can anyone tell me when 'judgment' became a valid way of spelling 'judgement'? Because that is certainly new to me. I know for sure because misspelling it cost me points when I was still in high school. Strangely enough I also learned to connect at-least and any-more. But my spell-check tells me that is wrong too. As a writer who turned to English for a wider audience, I am slowly losing it! x)
  6. Merf... I feel... obliged to add that 337 would be more accurate than 666. When it comes to describing the order of worlds I mean, not as in 'number/name of the beast'. Just saying... I should also tell you to flip the tree of life up side down and have a look through a fresh perspective. I can't tell you why but I am sure you'll find out. I hope it helps. Messages are annoyingly cryptic and I always at least try to be less so.
  7. Isdo

    Midnight Ramblings

    Yeah... Bummer I don't believe in random. Shoo!
  8. Isdo

    Midnight Ramblings

    ...do you mind?! Because next you get shot and you tell the figure he can't kill you in your dreams. For all of us that see and seem...okay, now you are creeping me out. That's new!
  9. @Ukshep , @sybdragon , Thank you both! x) I will believe I am not insane! I won't attribute any causes or make any claims, but I swear I simply describe what I observe and apparently I am not the only one observing the same thing. Now that is a simple truth I can live with. But questioning your sanity is horrible! x) And yes... despite living in holland and being used to absurd amounts of clouds... I did get that same impression... Especially during thunderstorms when it shows well. Like I used to be able to look at a much further distance and observe the sky and lightning, now...not so much any more. It is difficult to explain. Alright...I went there. This is like one step removed from having to explain why I refuse to discuss FE, isn't it? x) I am now officially also a geo-con-tard! Does that come with a badge?
  10. @VonLud I would love to. However, I am not in France, nor anywhere near enough to go visit. XD Of course the sun is fine. I am not worried about the sun. Lol! I've been trying to draw my observations, to see if I could make sense of it, but I can't. It makes no sense. I cannot tell you why or what is "wrong" in my eyes, as I am by far no trained astronomer, it just doesn't make sense. So I am basically hoping someone will either add similar observations and/or explanations or tell me I am seeing things that aren't there. x) But your example is why I explained about the sun in my room. The part of it that remains in the shadow, is getting substantially larger during the day. That is all I can offer really. An observation that the shadows in my room move differently from how they used to. But I cannot find a difference in, for example, sunset or sunrise. Those seem perfectly normal. And the days are getting longer as usual. Nothing strange there. Just the position is..."off" it seems, making me miss out on a lot of sunshine and extra warmth in my room. I find this both important and noticeable as ME comes with chronic joint-pain. I like warmth! x) And I usually look forward to both spring and summer because I am expecting more direct sunlight on my window after noon/one-ish. It is weird! (On a side-note, I did find something else related to the tilt of the earth being influenced by earthquakes and such. Perhaps that is simply what I am observing. They also reference this tilt-thing in that search for 'planet 9' that is going around and apparently the public is allowed to know that at least so perhaps this is merely a side effect?)
  11. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like a decent, non-suspicious, logical explanation for something I had noticed. You see, our house has its front facing the east, backyard on the west, and my bedroom overlooking said yard. Ever since I was a child, at the end of the afternoon, the sun would fall into my bedroom. During summer, the sun pretty much goes straight over the house and a little after midday my bedroom was usually bathing in sunlight. During winter the sun makes its arch more to the left, so to speak, when looking out of my windows. (I am in holland, for geo reference.) Normally during spring, moving into summer, the sun will move from "leftish" to more straight over head. In autumn it slowly moves to the left again, decreasing sunhours on the way to winter. All normal so far! Now I have been noticing something strange. Instead of "up overhead" the sun is hardly changing position, and instead of its highest point crawling towards mid-day, which should put my bedroom in the sun earlier as we move towards summer, it seems to reach its highest point later and later. I figured I was imagining things but as I am a bit of a nightowl with many contacts overseas, and my pc faces the window because I love to sit back and think a bit about my writings while staring outside, I couldn't ignore the fact that the moon has been doing a similar thing as the sun. Its course got so low and to the left that I cannot see the moon from my window until it is far past 3:30 am. And then I still have to get up to look outside and to the left. Apologies for such a long response to this video, but I was actually surprised to find it. And with such a "non-floaty" explanation too. I am not sure what I am observing, but my logic tells me that the suns course should rise in summer on the northern hemisphere, not fall. And the moon, well, I don't know what to think of that at all. So if any of you have a thought, let me know! It is odd for sure...
  12. Working on it, working on it!...said the noob. x) Quality takes time! Lol. @Cinnamon you just stated the most prevalent issue of any forum out there but I hoped you guys were up to offering this miraculous alternative that inspires people to create valuable content! So don't drag up old depressing cows! Be a shining example! I promise to join in with more conversations when I am less tied up with my work! x) Can't neglect ones purpose!
  13. Isdo


    Huh... on that road, number 5, you find the "welding department"; Air Liquide Welding Luxembourg SA (see google earth) Rue de la Déportation 5 1415 Luxembourg Luxembourg With the same logo as this multinational group: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Liquide https://www.airliquide.com/ (how creative can oxygen get? x) they have a foundation too!) Which is...at least curious for such a small welding company in such a shitty building down Rue de la Deportation. Hope it helps any. "Our purpose: Air Liquide aims to deliver innovative gas solutions and technologies to customers, driving their performance and helping them reduce their environmental impact. We help them moving forward." ...On the road of deportation!
  14. While I am working on the second addition, let me reply to this with a little anecdote. My fears do not revolve around pain, disease or death. My "fears" (perhaps annoyances is a better word) revolve around people who forget they have free will to begin with or voluntarily give it away; At a birthdayparty, several years ago, someone told me everybody has a price. I told this woman she was wrong and asked her how much I would have to pay her to see her murder her own grandchild in front of my eyes. Her silence made me wonder if I wanted to know the answer. Her son's lifestyle makes me question such things. You see, her son always pushed me to go to uni, join a proper sorority like Veritas, Minerva or Vindicat, make "proper" friends. Never liked my parents too much for letting me "butterfly around". He is a man of business! Of stocks and trade. Of investments and art. Knows everything quite well! Better than any of you, he will assure you. (Funny sidenote, I am good enough for IT-advice. Its a mystery to him...) And he does not appreciate backtalk. Not from anyone. Not from my aunt either... My aunt likes to talk to me, to spend time with me. She will spoil me rotten when she has a day to do so. She is afraid of one thing only and she will always tell me about it. That her little niece will be all alone without a rich man to take care of her and that I am pretty enough to marry a rich man so perhaps I should start actively looking for one before I get too old. My 11 year relationship ended four years ago, and my ex (son of a schoolteacher and a factory-worker) wasn't good enough for me by far. She and my uncle never failed to let me know that. Judging by the way she looks out of her beaten eyes, by how she tries to desperately buy happiness and escapes to holiday destinations to deal with her "panic attacks", by how she always wanted children and never had any, by how she promotes freedom while being a prisoner,.. I think I will be fine without a rich guy. "Love, Angel, Music, Baby, Hurry up and come and save me. If I was a rich girl..."
  15. Isdo

    Pyongyang 2017

    USA VPN shield will let you watch it...for those of you in the UK. (BBC was still on, hence my note...)

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