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  1. Didn't Valiant Thor have blood like an octopi? Copper mixture of some sort?
  2. neroMANIAC

    Is the world going to end on September 23?

    Oh baby. I can only hope and pray. Even with family and small kid. Bring it on in every way.
  3. I'm going to agree. All over our area the trees are weighed down from acorns. Very weird. Its going to be a doozy this winter. Earlier to hit and far more severe in temps. Scorched Earth is go. Prepare to push it to the max
  4. Where the proof? seems like the only proof is that we can't live to be 800 years old so many of the Bible's characters.
  5. neroMANIAC

    The Anomaly They Talk About On GLP!

    So at this point I feel they are just trying to agitate the anomaly. Hopefully having it end in a erasure of the anomaly either by self induced harm or outside. Live in love is all that keeps it at bay
  6. neroMANIAC

    I don't know what I just witnessed! :|

    Well if you're anywhere within 150 miles of the Yakima training grounds, that's exercises. Allthough I lived right near the base for years and I have seen things come from deep space and split and diverge course perfectly, cloaked boomerang craft fly right over my town, as well as multiple orbs with helo followers, also early dawn 4-5 am slow stars just cruising the valley hills. That place is just insane hotspot. Its a ley-line convergence as well.
  7. that's always an easy scapegoat. Israel will gladly attack over threats to "jews". They never let a good op go to waste. I.e Mossad

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