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  1. I guarantee I can walk in there, and buy every gun in the store, and he wouldn't think twice. We're not all named "Mohammed Faisal Mohammed Kareem", and we're not all Arab or Middle Eastern (maybe 25% of us are, and that's where the problem comes from, and where the hate should be going to. This nonsensical, Wahhabi version of Islam that the Saudi Royal Family is selling as the "one true Shariah Law". Basically, when a country says they follow Shariah law, it's just their excuse to basically pass whatever law, and if they can get enough scholars to agree on it, it becomes fatwa. Some of us are named Bill and Ted (no joke here, and no Bill isn't short for 'Billahi', he's as white as this background, and born Muslim). That's the problem with Islam today, and why you see so many, many people moving away from those dictatorial regimes. Shariah law is "God's Perfect Law", which we as humans still can't comprehend, thus we muck it up when we try to implement it. I don't think human beings are capable of producing a religious law, that is truly from the Quran, and not based in local customs/culture. If Shariah law were universal, Malaysia and Indonesia would have the same issues the Middle East is having (the majority of the Muslims live there, not in the Mid East), but they don't. The reason they are coming here, is because America was literally built on the fundamental principal that Muslims (well anyone really), can practice their belief here without prosecution. Jefferson himself had a Quran, he was interested in Islam, and they used the religion has a "thought experiment". Since no one at the time really knew any Muslims in the states, they thought it to be the perfect religion to use in their thought experiments. So to say that Muslims should be deported, etc is kinda going against the founding fathers. Really what you have, is some a-holes (like ISIS), who are using religion to united an uneducated and unemployed male youth in that area, into an army. There are two ways to get people in your country to agree to one thing. Either under nationalism (Germany WWII) or under religion (Iran, Iranian Revolution). Since so many people can't read there, it's naturally they go with religion. These Muslims, the ones who follow the religion, are getting killed by those who think they own the religion there, that's why they are coming to the West, they just want to raise a damn family without someone throwing bullets at them on the way to the Mosque. The situation in Europe is I think my gun oil is made out of pork products, and as long as it's cheaper, and good quality, I'd still buy it. Pork's forbidden for us to eat (and I am assuming, we can't pork some pigs either), we can have use products that contain pork as long as we're not eating them. Heck, you can even eat pork if you have no other food around. The rules in Islam are not as black and white as the flag ISIS is waving, seems. I could even have a pig as a pet (though why, if I'm not going to eat his delicious, delicious ribs, would I keep one?) We've been living here in this country for decades, it wasn't under September of 2001, when Muslims were all of a sudden a problem here. Many of the ones this generation (like young adult, 25~ years old) were born here, and didn't see this hate as a kid, so they start to get little angry at this country. TL;DR: You're hating the wrong people, hate the Arabs if you're mad at "Muslims". Actual Muslims don't want anything to do with this.
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