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  1. That's what you get for trying to do things by the book. Next time just go in under cover of night, and in full-on ninja treasure hunter mode!
  2. GOP wants INTERNET TAX in Omnibus! RED ALERT!

    Too bad we can't just tax lawmakers every time they try to sell us bullshit.
  3. I am out of the U.S. by the end of the year

    I have never been to the Philippines, as it is way too humid for me, but at least you'll be far away from David Hogg and the rest of the alleged teenage "victims", whose paid for opinions apparently outweigh the opinions of the Founders of our Country or the Bill of Rights. A year ago I still held out a sliver up hope, but that is all but gone. I used to dream about just being able to one day get out of New York, but I came to realize there really is nowhere worth running to within these borders anymore. Good luck to you!
  4. I can't wait for the Starship Troopers like recruitment videos.
  5. Florida lawmakers pass historic gun-control bill

    An awful and un-Constitutional piece of knee-jerk legislation that won't do anything, other than probably get a few abused and victimized women killed, cuz they will now have to wait three days to exercise their god-given right to self-defense. Seriously, I live in occupied NY and we don't even have a waiting period for long gun sales. This was one helluva cave job by the Florida GOP.
  6. The Love Thread

  7. 600 pound life star dies during filming

    I watched it. I never really get all that emotional from these type of shows, but I was finished for the night by the end of this one. He was doing very well with the weight loss up until that point but his body was just past the point of no return. God bless him for going down fighting and God bless his fiance for sticking with him till the end. I'm not sure I ever could have...
  8. Alex would call that a Super Female Conspiracy...AND then he would try to bottle and sell it!
  9. He could tell us that his sister's hairdresser and pet goldfish were both tragically lost in the crossfire, and the media would still ask no questions. Something is seriously up with this kid. They are giving him Obama level protection and cover. Maybe even more so...
  10. It's really getting harder to tell, but I am all for this. If a bunch of people (morons) want to freely advertise that their homes are gun free, I say go for it. 911 is only a phone call and 20 minutes away!
  11. And after they do, it will be "take the patriots first, go through due process second" and then it's off to reeducation camp we go! They are really speeding up their Civil War 2.0 plans now. Phuck all of 'em.
  12. This is what those who voted for him get, for putting their faith in a Northeastern billionaire who was a Democrat his whole life. Sadly, I was one of them. Trump has moved on to playing 4D Dig Dug, and what he is digging is America's grave.
  13. Now I'll laugh if he gets hit by a bus tomorrow.