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  1. Just like The Walking Dead, except these brain dead zombies can vote!
  2. Soros, Trudeau team up to open Canada’s border

    Canada was just too peaceful and prosperous...not to mention white. Of course the demons can't let that stand.
  3. A moment of silence for the Constitution would be more appropriate.
  4. Looks like Claire McCaskill is off her meds again.
  5. What did it take to wake you up?

    I am a recent convert to the truth, but it was when I decided a few years ago to really go back and read everything I could find about Waco. It was then that I asked myself, if they are brazen and criminal enough lie to us about something we all watched unfold with our own eyes, in real-time, then what the hell else are they doing to us? After that I moved on to studying TWA-800 and Oklahoma City...Unfortunately, I was still an idiot teenager during the Clinton years, but man, looking back on it now I really should have woke up sooner...That criminal cabal was one giant 8 year conspiracy. lol I'm sad to admit that even 9/11 didn't trigger me to get more learned on the topic before I did, but I was one of those ra ra American's that wanted revenge and I bought into the whole with us/against us, keep America safe by any means bullsh*t. It's been a long slow road, but I'm finally here...
  6. Right night for some good news. Someone should make this useful idiot a shirt..."I went to Phoenix and all I got was shot in the nuts!"
  7. Just when you think things can't possibly get any worse...here comes the feds to prove us wrong!
  8. Mother Nature is a cruel mistress. Stay safe, Texas.
  9. To protest this policy, Mayor Bill de Blasio will order NYC cops to give anyone that shouts 'Allahu Akbar' a free subway pass.
  10. Not sure exactly what she is, but there is no way that thing is human.
  11. Phoenix PD wins this round 1 to nuttin!
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