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  1. So what state are you guys from ( or country if not US)

    New York State, but thankfully not the city. I'm a bit north of Syracuse.
  2. And the 200 people already murdered in Baltimore this year can finally feel safe from those dastardly statues...Seriously, what a hell hole.
  3. Enjoy the chemo, you trendy idiots.
  4. With a face that could scare the stripe off of a rabid Skunk.
  5. Sounds like he stopped talking about Teddy the Dog just long enough to sell us out.
  6. Is fasting the Fountain of Youth?

    I refuse to take anything stronger than the occasional Aleve, but I have found that fasting works wonders on my back pain and also mental state, when needed. The truth is Big Pharma's worst nightmare.
  7. My canary. Minneapolis shooting hoax

    Good post. That giant q-tip/microphone thingy should have been our first clue. WTF? lol
  8. Good. They should round up a few of the politicians in these cities while they're at it.
  9. Unfortunately, the Neocons are like dirty filthy mice. For every one that you kill, you know there are fifty more hiding in the walls.
  10. I'm concerned but I don't really lose any sleep over it. The power of booze...lots and lots of booze.
  11. I would guess it means that if he stays out of trouble for 18 months he won't ever have to serve the actual prison sentence. A slap on the wrist, whatever way you look at it. The pervs are running wild...
  12. This NRA Commercial Is Triggering Liberals Everywhere

    I'd let Dana Loesch trigger me wherever she wanted.
  13. We got phony boobs in Washington and phony boobs on the battlefield. Oh, what a country!
  14. Women's march anti NRA..with armed guards.

    "Do as we say, not as we do" really is the official motto of the Left.
  15. Teen Vogue: A guide to anal sex

    More gay is the way propaganda disguised as educational.
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