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  1. Many people who voted for Jones are back home in Mississippi by now. "If you can't win, bus 'em in!!"
  2. I get that the GOP base is angry but they really need to nominate better candidates. Not the first time they have thrown away a sure thing (Remember Sharron Angle?) I don't live in Alabama, but if I did I'm not sure I would have voted for Moore...I definitely wouldn't have voted for his opponent but Moore rubbed me the wrong way. A Theocrat is just as big a threat to the Constitution as a Democrat is, in the long run.
  3. Senator Al Franken accused of sexual assault.

    This is the least surprising headline I've read all morning. Just one look at the guy tells you all you need to know.
  4. "Welcome to the club!" - said the black hole to the milk
  5. I'm sure we will see some actual proof of this claim right about the time those damn pigs start flying.
  6. If he is creepy and confident enough to pull this sh*t on camera, just imagine what he does behind closed doors. No doubt he has skeletons in his closet, literally...Also probably a few buried in his backyard...
  7. It takes a sick man to want to intentionally rub up against Hillary Clinton. Gropin' Joe 2020!
  8. 80 million years old and it STILL looks better than Nancy Pelosi!
  9. I would like to see the CIA and IRS abolished, a red Dodge Viper in my garage, and the NY Mets win another World series before I die. I know I ask the impossible but a guy can dream...
  10. Gillespie is about as establishment Republican as it comes, but he would be an improvement over the current governor and Clintonian Stooge Terry McAuliffe, at least. Virginia deserves better.
  11. God, look at those two. I wouldn't leave the kids alone with either of them!
  12. A CNN loving, Antifa Atheist murders a bunch of innocent churchgoers, and the Left's response is always "GIVE US YOUR GUNS!" At this point is there any doubt that if they ever got control we would all be either dead or in reeducation camps? If they are more than willing to shoot a toddler and two dozen others in a House of God, there really isn't any line these demons won't cross.
  13. Notice they never lead by example by just offing themselves...
  14. The only way Sessions wouldn't recuse himself is if he heard about a Russian selling skunk weed on a corner in Denver! Trump really screwed us with this horrid pick for AG.
  15. Whassup Marxists?

    They also decided to continue having Nancy Pelosi be their Leader in Congress. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving...