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  1. I prefer curvy women over stick figures, but I still won't watch until they replace the question and answer segment with a Kielbasa eating contest.
  2. The one saving grace is that fewer and fewer people are watching these scripted libtard celebrity award show circle-jerks. They are just preaching to the sheeple choir at this point.
  3. Never a dull moment in Africa; The official research and development zone for the population control elites to test out their newest "wonder drugs"
  4. Cosmic Mullet

    Name An Unpopular Belief You Have

    I would never live in a city that is less than 90 percent white, preferably 95.
  5. Knowing Southern California, half these students probably aren't even legal and the other half can't do simple math. More useful idiots...
  6. Good on that company for calling the bluff, but it's not enough to beat these people in court. Mueller and his Deep State hit squad have shown their true colors, and all should have been hanging from the nearest lamp post by now.
  7. They could just do what Chicago does and blame Indiana for it.
  8. Resigned already. That was quick.
  9. He's a pig, but if he resigns he will just be replaced with someone of the same ilk. This is NY, after all.
  10. Cosmic Mullet

    Who is drinking tonight?

    Not me, unfortunately. Trying to quit smoking (again), and I can't drink without wanting a Marlb.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if Comey ends up as the next Arkancide victim. This book tour has so far been a disaster.
  12. Cosmic Mullet

    Your Sunday Mad Max fix LOL

    Imagine waking up every morning and having to look at THAT thing in the mirror? I'm surprised she hasn't already given herself a heart attack...
  13. Cosmic Mullet

    Our 3 Year Anniversary of COP

    Whatever happens from here on out, we will always be able to tell people that we survived longer than Crystal Pepsi ever did!
  14. Cosmic Mullet

    Barbara Bush is near death

    Beezlebarbara won't be missed.
  15. Cosmic Mullet

    Our 3 Year Anniversary of COP

    Not too shabby. Congrats!

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