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  1. Link it or at least give title of the topic.
  2. dieZel

    Video: 9 Lunar Waves

    if i can, you probably would believe if i didnt provide you with a video of it.
  3. dieZel

    Video: 9 Lunar Waves

    the 'bubbly' motion may indeed be distortions, but the distinctive wave from top to bottom or vice versa isnt. you clearly didnt watch the whole video shilly billy
  4. Ever heard of "Airey's failure" and the Sagnac experiment? But i bet you have some words to say that this isnt the way it works.
  5. To answer the question: Very insane.
  6. Hey guys and girls. Still watching this one so i keep it short, just watch it for yourselves. very interesting material. Also shows the ancient chinese fe map with the supposed cut outs by larves or what not. And our so called sun sister / planet X is maybe explained this one came to me while researching the book Worlds beyond the Poles. it really gets harder and harder to keep ignoring fe. love it
  7. Plus normally we dont see stars in those shots.
  8. Cant watch due to copyright in my country
  9. Brilliant. I love it. Thank you!
  10. Yeah you should stop make these videos. Hes not debunking anything Just him saying we KNOW the earth is round doesnt make it true. Hes just reciting textbook shit. Gravity selective??? Yeah right. Gravity isnt fully understood by scientist. But it is veeery selective. Surely gravity is intelligent. What a bad video
  11. Ah nice one. Ive seen another one abouy the same fragment. It was about the film was played fast forward and the guy just talking like he was filming the whold thing. Absurd

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