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  1. JayDee

    F-35 Will Start Carrying Nukes

    Says the guy who brought up ballsacks. Lol
  2. The biggest political scandal in history is probably the coverup of 9/11 and the subsequent descent into endless war and blatant government abuse and criminality.
  3. Pissed because he missed spring break?
  4. The 9/11 criminals have gone unpunished and is still a giant coverup and the federal reserve is still in control. Unless he's talking about that, anything he says is superficial.
  5. JayDee

    What a lovely wedding

    Royal f**ks need a royal flush.
  6. We might need to get off this planet the way it's all looking.
  7. I wonder if planes are weakening from radiation exposure from the sun. Anyone been outside on a clear day lately? It's intense.
  8. JayDee

    'Superman' star Margot Kidder dead at 69

    Seeing those films again in recent years, I can say I think she was excellent as Lois, and rather pretty. Maybe Christopher Reeve greeted her on the other side.
  9. JayDee

    Solar System Astral Phenomena

    There's a large, bright object in the western sky just after sunset, is it Venus? It's larger and brighter than I've ever seen it, made me think that something unusual is happening. Maybe we're on a collision course.
  10. Peace is bad for business for Trump's controllers. Wouldn't be surprised if they arrange for something to happen to Trump so it can be blamed on Kim.
  11. They won't ever stop trying to go into Iran. It'll trigger ww3 when they do. Wouldn't be surprised if Kim's latest moves were to be part of an Asian alliance against the west in that event.
  12. Infiltration- not that NRA has been a picture of patriotism. REX 84 coming soon.
  13. That's when you take matters into your own hands, and make sure that court is included in those measures.
  14. As great as the Constitution is compared to what most countries have, there are indeed some head-scratching items as well as things that weren't included. Some say it was just a way to pass their debt to the British onto American citizens. The Bill of Rights is an interesting subject, since they're actually amendments, ie changes to the document, as if our rights were an afterthought. And every time I see an aerial shot of DC and all of the symbolism in its design, I wonder if it was always meant to be what it has become. Who knows. I think we were far better off under the Articles of Confederation.

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