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  1. What's not to understand? It became clear as a bell when Trump attacked Syria. PNAC is back, MIC is still trying for ww3.
  2. As I mentioned, they were spraying heavily yesterday (Houston area), but today is clear. We can only guess why they spray one day and not the other. Although a clear, bright day like this kind of debunks the theory that they spray to protect us from the sun - not that I ever bought that they were doing it from the goodness of their evil hearts.
  3. 4/19 and 20 or so are significant, OKC bombing, Hitler's birthday, Waco...
  4. Yesterday they were in overdrive around here all day, but clear today so far.
  5. Welcome to the forum, kirwan! Fantastic art. And I always enjoy your interviews on Rense.
  6. I figure all of the terrible weapons each side has were created with the intention of eventually using them. Or put another way, since they exist, people will find a way to use them.
  7. Signs Around Us

    There is a weird energy floating about. Quiet but tense. And lots of chemtrails today approaching sunset, saw at least 2 planes spraying them.
  8. Considering the world is held hostage by and has gone to war on behalf of Big Oil, Arnold has a solid point.
  9. I guess Hillary wasn't available for the job, Trump got the next best thing. Pompeo is good people too.
  10. Where's the talk for prescription drug confiscation and Pharma-free zones?
  11. Take the guns first, due process second. But Trump didn't mean it. And when he praises the kicking in of doors to confiscate guns, he won't mean that either.
  12. Or perhaps worse, what will they do to distract us from Stormygate? Didn't the Kosovo thing happen right when things were getting hot here with Monica? Don't quite remember the timeline.
  13. Now I know nothing will actually be done. He cites the constitution when it's convenient, while being responsible for throwing it in the garbage with the patriot act.
  14. Over 20 years ago. Imagine how sci-fi-like it's gotten since then. I bring up Cohen's quote once in a while when someone doubts that what's happening on our planet isn't quite natural. That said, i do think expanding earth is a natural thing, and these cracks and sinkholes could just be part of it.