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  1. You Cant Stop Whats Coming

    I don't see any good outcome with what is happening in the world and on the world stage. Humans are severely f**ked. People can't even get along and be civil and courteous on this forum, where we supposedly come for a common purpose. OP is being real, not negative, and sometimes truth is negative.
  2. Yet he did honor them, which was totally uncalled for if he really stood by what he said during the campaign. But 5 minutes after the election was called the backstabbing began. I wonder how Bill's rape victims felt when they heard Trump say that, after he used them in the debate - violated again, probably.
  3. Hawaii and now Japan, this is sort of like how BBC reported on WTC7 having collapsed- 20 minutes before it actually did.
  4. The Clintons are good people. That's all I need to know.
  5. When you have the backing of very powerful groups, you can confidently play people all day and not worry about backlash...just as long as you're cooperating.
  6. How to deal

    Look for fleeing Israelis and Saudis. Probably the best warning system.
  7. I equate Trump to hope and change for the right/conservatives. Just another president on the NWO leash. If we're looking for one guy to save us, it's already game over.
  8. Let's bring all of the nuke-loving world leaders to bikini atoll for a nuclear summit, permanently.
  9. Maybe shouldn't overlook the possibility of shifting ground. We've already seen odd tidal movements, weird-wild weather, lots of volcanic activity, earthquakes in odd places...
  10. Soros is at it again!

    Trump is letting someone who openly finances and supports domestic terrorism roam free. "That's my president." - ?
  11. Haven't seen it but it's brought in over $1.2 billion worldwide, so it's not like they're going hungry.
  12. I think they're trying to bury critical information from future generations (if there is a future), so all roads will lead to Rome, sort of thing. Just like they destroyed indigenous people and their knowledge.
  13. Yeah, let's start trusting the CIA. When Trump is out of office, people will still be making excuses like - now that Trump doesn't have the constraints of being president, he can finally MAGA.
  14. Not defending his actions if true, but this speech made him a target - alternative energy, corporate corruption, pollution, media manipulation, mind control, etc