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  1. Squirell Master

    A huge UFO fleet over Russia

  2. Well from the article it says that this kid was dragged into an alley and shot in the head because he was a drug courier who fired a gun at plain clothes police officers. It goes on to say that CCTV footage as well as witness reports prove that this kid was unarmed. Police officers cannot be given this level of power with zero checks and balances in place to stop murders like this. And if Duterte wants to make a real change, he has to be popping these motherf**kers at the higher levels. Killing street level dealers (in a country so f**king poor and destitute that most normal people would consider selling some kind of drugs just to survive) will not bring positive change. Let 'em live, find out where they got their supply, and keep going higher up in that drug-dealing chain. Get to the top dogs and kill them. Also Shep you mentioned venezuela? You know that Duterte is the prez of the phillipines right?
  3. Bookmarked this vid for later. Thanks! Listened to the first few minutes, and sounds like a good listen so far : ]
  4. Squirell Master

    Welcome to China.. er... I mean Canada

    f**k... how long before something like this becomes mandatory in the US? How long before we are sent to "re-education" camps if we question the narrative being pushed? So glad my Lady is on the same page as me about not wanting to have kids, things are just going to get worse and worse here on earth. Hopefully I can manage to escape after my death, I do not want to reincarnate back into a human body on earth. f**k this place, it used to be good, but humans (the elite) ruined it. I bet most people wouldn't find this app to be weird or invasive, and that's the scariest part.
  5. Yeah!!!! First good one I've seen in a long while. People are going to see what they wanna see though, and I've no reasonable argument to push you in any one direction, but I definitely see a spacecraft and not a balloon. Thanks for posting!
  6. great info, too bad the creator of the vid can't read : [ and too bad earthlings will never wake up to the truth, the bread is tasty and the circuses dazzle the eye, no need to look further.
  7. Squirell Master

    Project Blue Beam in Louisiana!

    Agreed, looks pretty fake. Also, why stop filming after 30 seconds?
  8. Can't wait for the cops to catch 'em. What has that man been through that he was willing to punch a little girl (or any woman) as though she were a man?? What kind of behavior did he witness growing up? What did his parents/guardians teach him? I believe it's nurture much more than nature, but goddamn, I still can't wrap my head around it. I hope he gets what he deserves in jail. Not that a few savage beatings would teach him anything, or reverse a lifetime of backwards thinking, or fill an empty hole in his heart where his empathy is supposed to be, but he sure deserves it either way. Humans!! Aren't we grand?
  9. Squirell Master

    Bought and Paid For

    We're slaves but we usually don't notice it. Our cells are so comfy we overlook the chains.
  10. Squirell Master

    Japanese company acquires Boston Dynamics

    Japan has been the U.S's lap dog since we reformed their government after ww2. I'm sure it'll be no problem for the US to have japan build them an army of soulless murder-bots
  11. Squirell Master

    Uber rider kills driver /chicago

    cripes man! people are losing it
  12. I can't imagine that I would! I'm an upstanding American Citizen with no criminal history, and no malicious intentions against anyone, yet I read too much things on websites and forums like this. I'm sure they'd detain me for hours and dig around in my butt looking for threats that aren't there.
  13. http://abc7ny.com/news/prosecutors-times-square-suspect-claimed-he-wanted-to-kill-them-all/2011373/ The most recent links say he was seeking suicide-by-cop, screaming to cops that they were supposed to kill him. It also says that he smoked "marijuana laced with PCP." I don't understand these weaklings that need a cop to kill them when they want to commit suicide. Grow the f**k up and buy a gun, or a razor if you can't afford a gun. Leave everyone else out of it.

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