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  1. @Ukshep I've read it all. How worried do we have to be about you?
  2. So all these threads are now in here. Must have been a lot of work. Can't say I disagree with the decision. COP was starting to look like a war zone.
  3. Because Planet Earth is very very big it appears to spin very very slowly for the creatures walking upon its surface. Again, imagine a large merry-go-round that goes around at the rate of one revolution per 24 hours. Will you be able to see the rotation? Will an ant sitting on the merry-go-round be able to "feel" rotation? Look at this place where you are living on. It is massive and it takes 24 hours for it to rotate on its own axis.
  4. So let's slash her up against her will. Barbaric much? Come to think of it - that nose is a bit too long - you will never find a wife like that. Let's cut the tip off shall we? Now hold still - it is for your own good.
  5. Insanity. Plain and simple. What's next? You cannot take a dump for fear of dangerous gasses being released into the atmosphere that could ignite?
  6. Once they are done with Syria then can move through Suez and straight on to N-K. Don't you know freedom needs to be planned well in advance? It's all about fuel efficiency. ♠️
  7. @grav why keep posting arguments that have been answered?
  8. Had to adjust my satellite dish this morning because a few channels had intermittent sound issues. If you are off by a few millimeters you lose half your channels. Used a signal finder and calibrated. It's pointed at one of the Astra satellites. Guess in which direction? Up towards the sky. Now if there is no Astra in a solid GEO stationary orbit at 35,774 km where is my signal coming from? A balloon? That's some balloon being able to travel at that speed to hold still enough so I can receive a steady signal input.
  9. Siriusly

    Our 3 Year Anniversary of COP

    Congratulations! And please do continue.
  10. Siriusly

    So... What now?

    I know how you feel. Watching this farce unfold makes one feel powerless. Especially if you are aware of the bigger picture. It's a big show and we all have front row seats.
  11. Was in a bit of a hurry this morning and just dropped the link. Strange it does not play for you though.
  12. I literally choked on my coffee laughing watching this vid this morning and wanted to share the feeling.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4u1JK96yog From the description: A formal documentary seven years in the making. P.o.E. has the answers to end the Flat Earth debates. Subscribe for new and unique videos every week. Flat Earth Believers' Ten Commandments (1) Thou shalt worship any youtuber that supports FE (2) Thou shalt not question the laws of perspective (3) Make it your sole mission to support any flat earth video (4) Honor the words Zetetic, Flat, and Stationary (5) Scripture and Mythology is valid evidence. (6) Remember Convex Earth and how we were trolled (7) Thou shalt not make any idol other than Eric Bidet (8) Thou shalt deny gravity and that we're spinnin' around the Sun (9) Remember that water always finds its own level 10) Always refer to flat earthers as resurchers

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