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  1. ...which to me is a strong indicator that this universe is a giant simulation running on a system in someones basement in what we would designate as "distant future".
  2. The result of 75 years of cultural marxism indoctrination. Thanks Frankfurt School.
  3. Where have the chem trails gone?

    Someone forgot to pay the chemicals invoice? Still a bit milky skies here in Spain but it is clearing up with no sign of new trails.
  4. Why Were We Given An Inferior Design?

    This is a holding facility alright. There are billions of these facilities. Our designation: Sector 218 - Level 34 - third junction fifth door from the left. We do not get much visitors. The top five levels are of much more interest to the analysts it seems.
  5. The beginning of the end for Facebook. Cannot come soon enough. Obviously the replacement is waiting in the wings but hey. We take these little blessings and cherish them.
  6. As long as the masses are controlled by debt and media propaganda it can go on for millennia. The only hope is a radical change in the current financial system.
  7. Revolutions cannot be won peacefully and only work when there is a clear and visible enemy. The media assures the majority of citizens do not see this enemy. So revolution or open revolt is no option. If you want to go for the throat of the beast go after fractional reserve banking and the "federal" reserve. For that you need to unite those who at least have some knowledge of Jekyll Island and educate the ignorant until you have some form of critical mass. One or two million aligned minds. Then you can go the political route or more radical by refusing to pay taxes as a group. Go after the money and the entire structure will fail.
  8. So from the edge of this district to yours it is like what... 40,000 miles across barren waste land? Unless you traveled here in your aether ship you must have posted your message from your own district. That's an impressive distance for a WiFi connection. So let's assume you traveled here in an aether ship to come here and post your message. Why post this message? And please share the knowledge explaining exactly how to extract enough energy from the aether to travel here and the blueprints of the vehicle itself. Given you have violated inter district laws already by coming here it should not matter to you. Thanks.
  9. Stephen Hawking dead at 76 (merged)

    Thank you Professor Stephen Hawking for all your contributions to science and mankind. R.I.P.
  10. I wonder where those peer reviewed medical studies linking smoking to cancer are...?
  11. If I read this correctly the more restrictive rule was rescinded by the administration. Which is a good thing because USDA would have had way too much control over organic farming.
  12. Not individually wrapped? Just (perishable) chunks of food in a box? If that's real then the FDA will be all over this provider soon.
  13. Analogue compasses prove Flat Earth.

    ...which is why I do not even bother with such threads anymore. Our collective future looks bleak at this point.
  14. As a test I singed up back in 2014. Separate free email. Fabricated personal info. Just downloaded the archive. 5.3MB. They have nothing. As long as you do not use Facebook for logins to external websites they cannot track. I suspected so and it is so. Now if you really want to track your user base there are easy ways to do so by IP analysis. Link the usually used IP addresses back to pixels you are hosting on external sites and you actually can build an IP database. This is probably how e.g. NSA does it using code injection on server level. Serious tracking only works if a) the hosts you are visiting knowingly add IP trackers (pixels) in their content or b) if third party tracking institutions have server level access. Intel ME anyone? If you are seriously paranoid you can simply add suspect servers or domains to your local host file and route them to Or (either on Linux/Windows/MacOS) use IP rules to create and block a complete range of subnets. All nets used by government agencies and social media like Facebook are well known. That way reverse tracking becomes rather difficult. So third party tracking IS possible hence it IS being done. There are ways to create some monitoring filters for Wireshark to detect unwanted callback traffic. For now I do not see the need to use it. About using a VPN: no - I do not believe a VPN service protects you from tracking. Not unless you use a private protocol hosted on a private server with a layer 7 hardware firewall installed. Costly. PM me if you need more detailed info.