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  1. You know what? If ISP's start implementing non-NN for real I have a good mind of starting a crowdfunding project to start an independent ISP that guarantees a NN policy.
  2. Like what? The average voter in the street does not even know what net neutrality is. There are/were no mass protests because there is almost nothing in main stream about net neutrality.
  3. 52% carbs. Yeah that sounds like something they would eat in nature.
  4. The elected clowns decided. The clowns that were elected by other clowns. The fluoride majority rules. Nothing you can do.
  5. Two dead now. Killer at large. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5142541/maastricht-knife-one-dead-injured-latest/
  6. Would you eat something that is chlorine resistant? ffs.
  7. Even on Wiki it says this: Arkansas and Missouri banned the sale and use of dicamba in July 2017 in response to complaints of crop damage due to drift.[22] Monsanto responded by arguing that not all instances of crop damage had been investigated and a ban was premature.[23] And this: According to an article by NPR, this may force farmers into buying dicamba resistant seeds from Monsanto, as they have been adversely affected. Moreover, there is some risk that pigweed will become resistant to the product, thereby forcing farmers to get into other crops.[12][15] Now you know why they are boosting sales. f#ck me.
  8. Dicamba is worse than bleach. Also it cross contaminates everything. Monsanto: but ours does not cross-contaminate. Yeah right. Keep boosting sales guys while there is no long term harmful effect study available yet. Monsanto is the most evil company on this planet.
  9. Overweight? Butter makes your pants fall off

    He basically means the period between meals. He stresses in several videos it is important to listen to your body. Once you start eating more fat the usual cravings will diminish. Basically you eat two or three times a day - the same "boring" things as long as the proportions are right. If you start introducing 60-70% fat into your diet several things will happen: no more hunger/cravings between meals - no more sugar dips (from very high to low energy ). Your stored fats will be used for energy. And that's just for starters. Make sure you minimize carb intake. And eat that cheap real butter. Look for fatty meats. Cream, butter bacon eggs and of course lard. My own weight is stable since 1999 - I lost about 60kg over a period of roughly two years just minimizing carbs and eating lard,eggs,bacon etc. the fatty foods. So yeah this is not new but finding Bob reminded me. Also my mom has finally started. Never too late. She has a terrible sweet tooth! If you do start commit to the outcome which is losing stored fat. Measure yourself using a measuring tape - forget the scale for the first month or so. My daily routine is more the Polish one by Dr Kwasniewski which basically comes to 65-75% fat 20% proteins and 5-10% carbs. What Butter Bob does closely resembles Ketogenics or the Ketogenic diet. They all work as long as you keep insulin production to a minimum by avoiding eating too much carbs. Your body will recover from the insulin resistant state it is in. Just research it a little and stick with it. It helps if your partner joins you. Go for it.
  10. Overweight? Butter makes your pants fall off

    Another slim customer..!
  11. Overweight? Butter makes your pants fall off

    Well said. In fact 60% of the energy of our body motor comes directly from fat. Problem is that once insulin is in our blood we cannot process stored fats. To avoid insulin spikes you must avoid ingesting (too much) carbohydrates. One half Carbs. One Protein. Three fat. See you at 100 years old chasing the nurses.
  12. Overweight? Butter makes your pants fall off

    Brexit should help. At least some.
  13. Overweight? Butter makes your pants fall off

    I've posted this under Health but it in my mind it qualifies as one of the biggest lies of the 20th century.:Saturated fat is bad. Well, it is NOT. The whole food pyramid is a big lie. If everyone would eat like BBB there would be no more diabetes except for the insulin deficient type 1. The first of December I finally convinced my mom to try it. She has been a permanent yoyo for the last 40 years or so. After 10 days on 70 - 210 - 35 (more or less for her) she dropped a full size. It is so very simple. Cream, Bacon, Eggs, Lard. All you need.
  14. Butter Bob Briggs Listen to the man. And support him by sharing his channel if you can. I can personally testify to the validity of these claims. On a side note: the optimal intake is 1: 3: 0.5 For every gram of carbohydrates you need two grams of protein and 6 grams of fat. Basically the same nutritional proportions that human breast milk has. (Ref: Dr. Kwasniewski - "Homo Optimus" ). How many proteins? height in centimeters minus 100 is the protein intake in grams. E.g. 160 length = 60 gr of protein meaning 60 P - 180 F - 30 C (Protein/Fat/Carbohydrates) So no matter what your current weight is - stop depriving your body of the fuel it needs and start eating fat. Real fat. Seriously.