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  1. GLP is a trainwreck. The Comedian has a tag under his avatar: White, Nationalist. Perhaps it is intended to say, I am White and I am a Nationalist in attempt to mitigate the racial overtones of being white and nationalistic. However, given the current political environment, I think we need to look at other ways to express both racial pride and patriotism. Racial pride is not espousing your superiority. I don't walk up to people and say, "Hey, I'm Greek, Irish, and Dutch Jew and you are inferior because your Persian, Welsh, and Palestinian!" I'm proud of my ethnic composition, but superiority to others is based on achievement, accomplishment, and individual ability and not because you are specific race.
  2. I knew it!

    Years ago, while working as a bouncer in a club, a guy got pissed at me while we were out in front of the bar. He ran me over. No shit. Rammed me with his Camaro. He hit me at about 15-20 MPH. I rolled off the bumper and scrambled to my feet. I'd say this guy hit these folks at 25-30MPH max. Furthering my point, when I was in high school, an asshole in our class went around a bunch of parents picking up their kids at the Junior High next door. He hit that kid at 40-45MPH. It launched the kids a good 15 feet in the air. No way this asshat was going 50MPH. He would have killed a dozen people at that speed.
  3. I knew it!

    Take a look at the last video I posted. C-Ville is being used to distract the MSM from the coming war with the Norks.
  4. Think about it. Attacking North Korea has not been a popular idea in the media as of late. So, in order to throw them off the scent, this happens. To f**king coincidental.
  5. I knew it!

    This lad has some points.
  6. I knew it!

    I have worked many accidents over my career. He was not traveling 50MPH. Not even close.
  7. I knew it!

    Watch this video, it may give you a different perspective.
  8. If you are listening to FoxBiz News, they played the reactions of CNN and MSNBC. I will say this, the Extreme Left is firing up the gas chambers. If you are conservative, Christian, a Trump support, get ready for your yellow star.
  9. You can't reason with a moron, Dude. He has decided you are racists. And that almost all racists are Christians. We have been a defacto state of civil war since 2013. By the end of 2018, I think it will be a hot war. Perhaps, a false flag is the only thing that could stop this insanity? I'm not advocating for it, but it seems to be the only possible buffer.
  10. I am friends with a lot of Christian Conservatives. I don't hear a lot of white nationalism from these folks. In fact, most Trump supporters I know are for equality with accountability. If you are black and you beat an old white man for fun, they think you are an N-word, and so do I! That said, they don't like redneck meth trash either. So, this "Alt-Right" is just a response to the extreme left idiocracy. Frankly, I am joining the clt-alt-del party because we need a peaceful reset because the screen is frozen!
  11. I knew it!

    I think he's a dumb ass kid that pulled his 40K sports car down an alley loaded with protesting assholes. If you watch the video they start hitting his car and jumping on his hood before he slams his foot on the gas pedal. I think he panicked because he was scared of fighting 50 - 100 raging leftists loons. Was he wrong? Yes. Were they wrong? Yes. They were blocking a public thoroughfare and attacking passing cars. All of them are weak, both sides. And I'm frankly tired of paying for it!
  12. GLP now banning

    Phenom is a certifiable headcase. The Comedian is an old plank owner in Trollvalhalla, I know this to be a fact because I was an old TV member.
  13. diet drinks make "no difference in weight gain"

    I stopped drinking that crap last year and went back to having a Dr. Pepper or two (8oz cans) every other day. I dropped weight!
  14. Stair Climbing & Bench Step!

    The links at the bottom are several studies on stair climbing. For $25 on Amazon you can purchase a bench step. Just two flights a day five days a week equals 12 pounds of fat per year. 200 steps, about 20 flights daily, raises your VO2Max 17%. If you're healthy and your HCP says you're okay, try adding it to your daily routine. I've knocked seven seconds off my 2K row time, which in the sub 7 minute world is a poop load! I've started using a bench step, a metronome app, and wearing my ruck started with 20# and I'm shooting for 35#. Right now, I'm doing ten minutes at 25-30 steps in AM, ten in PM, and 8 to 12 one minute sessions throughout the day. It's working wonders. Legs haven't felt this strong in five years. https://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/why-stair-climbing-is-good-for-runners https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/02/170207105329.htm https://guysandgoodhealth.com/2014/01/11/stair-climbing-is-good-for-you/
  15. Well, that's funny. Until we became inundated with Islamic migrants and refugees, most of the Western World was peaceful. Yes, you had crime and radicals, but you didn't have asshats plowing cars into people on a daily basis or people strapping bombs to their ass yelling, "Big Gay Al's Snackbar" as the kill a dozen kids!
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