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  1. Hugh Hefner has passed away at 91 [merged]

    My mom was in Playboy in 1971. She sure the hell isn't a whore. Three sons, one husband. 45 years of fidelity. And she says the rumor Hugh slept with every model is a damn lie because the photographer that shot her was a woman and the only man onset was obviously gay. She was a flight attendant who met the photographer on the Greece to NYC route. She is a lifelong Republican and a good person. Did f**ked up shit go on at the Mansion? Sure. Between consenting adults. Can you say the same about the Church, any church for that matter? Babies raped by the "holy men" of Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Islamic faiths. Hasidic Jews raping little boys in saunas. Did an 16-17 year old girl ever slip past the gate or into a magazine? I'm sure they did. That said, Heff was damn strict on checking ages and frankly, what two or ten consenting adults do between themselves is none of yours or my business. If it don't involve kids or critters, it's absolutely none of your affair.
  2. Brief At GLP Has Gone Full NutJob!

    He is a strange guy. Violent tantrums that don't seem like trolling. Makes threats and levels serious accusations against strangers. He subscribes to the "It's all here for me" philosophy and that some bad joojoo.
  3. Brief At GLP Has Gone Full NutJob!

    Yeah, he's still a scary dude though. People that do that kind of stuff often snap. A lot of pent up anger and frustration. I would never go to anyone's home armed unless I was in fear for my own life or a family member. A barking dog isn't justified. He makes gun owners look bad as well. Just irresponsible. Once you start sending lead down range, you can't pull it back.
  4. Brief At GLP Has Gone Full NutJob!

    I don't know what the hell that guys problem is. I've seen him accuse people of being pedophiles with no provocation. I've seen him threaten to kill people. I've seen posts where he claims to be some sort of secret agent and former law enforcement. He posts pics of himself. He's f**king mental. Scary dude. The exact reason conspiracy theorists and alternative hypothesis enthusiasts get a bad rap. Almost as loony as ole Zak the Masonic Face Toucher.
  5. Brief At GLP Has Gone Full NutJob!

    Hell he's posting pictures of himself. He's gone full on nutter.
  6. Brief At GLP Has Gone Full NutJob!

    Sorry about that.
  7. That's the greeting I gave the neighbors at 4:30 this morning with my tactical 12 ga on my shoulder as I beat on their door until they answered. Then when the whole neighborhood was outside, I told them to shut their mother f**king dog up. Now I'm burning adrenaline with nothing to kill... This is his sociopathic rant this morning. It is in a thread titled: Welcome to the Neighborhood. This is nuts. He's either trolling, a 13 Yo, or needs to be in jail.
  8. Off-Topic Repository

    For the record, an AHE is an alternative hypothesis enthusiast. I entertain conspiracies, I may even agree that a conspiracy has validity, but I never allow myself to be hooked into "agreeing" with a conspiracy based on belief or conformation bias. It's being a conspiracy theorist with common sense.
  9. Off-Topic Repository

    No. It's completely on-topic. Because people are rattling about "fake" NOAA and NASA tripe. And Merlot said, "According to the Flat Earthers".
  10. Off-Topic Repository

  11. Off-Topic Repository

    Well, I can see the discussion here are going to decline just ATS, just like GLP. That's the problem with a conspiracy theorist vs an alternative hypothesis enthusiast. A CT can't take any challenge to their belief. Posts get deleted by mods who agree with the KoolAid, people get banned, and anyone that tries to reason through fallacious arguments is attacked as "part of the man" or some other bullshit. I'm an AHE. I will entertain any and all evidence. However, when it so clearly, positively debunked and there is no reason to continue investigating the argument, I move on. And I'll likely be moving on from here just as I did with GLP and ATS.
  12. Off-Topic Repository

    Proof is for whiskey and math. Evidence is for deductive and inductive reasoning. If you had a high school physical science course, you would see the fallacy in this video as well as the ignorance of yelling "proof" "proof". It's called "evidence"! So you can apply the evidence to a hypothesis then prove said hypothesis! Even then, it isn't PROOF!
  13. Off-Topic Repository

    I know quite a bit about wiring, thermodynamics, chemistry, and electronics. No offense to you, but that expert is full of crap. There is firefighting equipment built for oil rig fires that contains sensitive equipment that can withstand several thousand degrees of heat because of the shielding. Also, to disprove flat earth just go to a harbor and watch a ship sail over the horizon. How does it disappear? Bottom to top, right? Think about that. If you still don't have a clue, well, sorry, I won't waste my breath trying to dissuade you or anyone else that believes that tripe.
  14. Thanks Obama for helping turn San Diego into Tijuana! I think it means whale's vagina.
  15. Maria Stronger and Stronger...UPDATE CATEGORY 5!

    It's going to be a mess when Jose slams into NYC and Puerto Rico is reduced to rubble at the same time. Hell, we haven't even started working on Houston or Florida. If we get an early blizzard in the upper MidWest, there could be legitimate food shortages by winter.
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