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  1. Off-Topic Repository

    For the record, an AHE is an alternative hypothesis enthusiast. I entertain conspiracies, I may even agree that a conspiracy has validity, but I never allow myself to be hooked into "agreeing" with a conspiracy based on belief or conformation bias. It's being a conspiracy theorist with common sense.
  2. Off-Topic Repository

    No. It's completely on-topic. Because people are rattling about "fake" NOAA and NASA tripe. And Merlot said, "According to the Flat Earthers".
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  4. Off-Topic Repository

    Well, I can see the discussion here are going to decline just ATS, just like GLP. That's the problem with a conspiracy theorist vs an alternative hypothesis enthusiast. A CT can't take any challenge to their belief. Posts get deleted by mods who agree with the KoolAid, people get banned, and anyone that tries to reason through fallacious arguments is attacked as "part of the man" or some other bullshit. I'm an AHE. I will entertain any and all evidence. However, when it so clearly, positively debunked and there is no reason to continue investigating the argument, I move on. And I'll likely be moving on from here just as I did with GLP and ATS.
  5. Off-Topic Repository

    Proof is for whiskey and math. Evidence is for deductive and inductive reasoning. If you had a high school physical science course, you would see the fallacy in this video as well as the ignorance of yelling "proof" "proof". It's called "evidence"! So you can apply the evidence to a hypothesis then prove said hypothesis! Even then, it isn't PROOF!
  6. Off-Topic Repository

    I know quite a bit about wiring, thermodynamics, chemistry, and electronics. No offense to you, but that expert is full of crap. There is firefighting equipment built for oil rig fires that contains sensitive equipment that can withstand several thousand degrees of heat because of the shielding. Also, to disprove flat earth just go to a harbor and watch a ship sail over the horizon. How does it disappear? Bottom to top, right? Think about that. If you still don't have a clue, well, sorry, I won't waste my breath trying to dissuade you or anyone else that believes that tripe.