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  1. GLP now banning

    Apparently a 10yr old mentality of abuse is funny to them. Calling names or racism has attracted a very poor base group. If the racism is let go the site will eventually be shut down or fined and we know the owner and mods are the most racist of the lot.Well by there postings anyway. He will lose his site just because he let them ruin it.
  2. GLP now banning

    Most of the Mods there are" childish rude "thinking its cool to be arrogant , vulgar , higher than thou and they are getting worse. I never found abuse funny unless its quick witted not dim witted. As for the Comedian his view of funny is stating he is superior or abusing with gay remarks. He also has been accused of some terrible and unforgivable deeds. I don't and have not posted there for a long time.
  3. GLP now banning

    I often felt an evil frequency from that place.
  4. GLP now banning

    They definitely would have lost more than they gained. But thats Good.
  5. GLP now banning

    Yes the bots,shills, agenda pushers and 10 yr old trolls have taken over for sure. I would still like to know is " comedian" really Scrump like a few have said. And Why do they keep that idiot around?