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  1. Fact smith

    GLP now banning

    Apparently a 10yr old mentality of abuse is funny to them. Calling names or racism has attracted a very poor base group. If the racism is let go the site will eventually be shut down or fined and we know the owner and mods are the most racist of the lot.Well by there postings anyway. He will lose his site just because he let them ruin it.
  2. Fact smith

    Midget ain't got no telescope.

    I was under the impression he canvassed donations and kept the money and banned talking about it?
  3. I am white. (Shame on me) I have never been racist or owned slaves or done any of the things they assume I am guilty of. The people that they need to tell this to are LONG DEAD. I am not responsible for the sins of my ancestors.FFS
  4. Fact smith

    GLP now banning

    Most of the Mods there are" childish rude "thinking its cool to be arrogant , vulgar , higher than thou and they are getting worse. I never found abuse funny unless its quick witted not dim witted. As for the Comedian his view of funny is stating he is superior or abusing with gay remarks. He also has been accused of some terrible and unforgivable deeds. I don't and have not posted there for a long time.
  5. Fact smith

    GLP now banning

    I often felt an evil frequency from that place.
  6. Fact smith

    A question for aussies

    I can tell you because I live there that Perth has become a leader in something cringe worthy( Off subject) http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/meth-crisis-wa-the-methamphetamine-capital-of-australia-secret-testing-proves/news-story/c587e135ed9b131651944dd2b0b6bd44
  7. Fact smith

    Guy who is Doxing the Alt Right men

    I think he was doxxed already. Gulp had a poll whether to ban him or not. The longer he is there the more people come here I believe
  8. Fact smith

    Why this all ends in civil war:

    If a war kicks of in America how will people know who the different sides are? Its not as though they will wear blue or grey like the last one. It will be a war where everyone is suspected as an enemy or spy. Those who hope for it know not what pain and horror is waiting.
  9. Fact smith

    GLP now banning

    They definitely would have lost more than they gained. But thats Good.
  10. Fact smith

    GLP now banning

    Yes the bots,shills, agenda pushers and 10 yr old trolls have taken over for sure. I would still like to know is " comedian" really Scrump like a few have said. And Why do they keep that idiot around?
  11. I don't get how people admire Putin. Is he not another Russian dictator? I wonder if Russia will be able to actually choose candidate's one day. Then again maybe its a better system when you know you have no choice rather than the choices we have in the west. Like between an aging clumsy narcissist or a corrupt money hungry serial murderer.
  12. Fact smith

    Comedian GLP

    Comedian is Scrump
  13. Fact smith

    Comedian GLP

    Well he seems to have free reign to do what he wants there with no repercussions . So if there is no one telling him to pull his head in they must approve. He has many secondary accounts plus many as an AC. The accounts that praise him are his other accounts. If it continues the way it is they will continue to lose posters.( to here hopefully) LOL
  14. Someone named " Team Uzi " has dobbed to comedian about this thread .LOL AC 73981875 Spy?
  15. Sorry for you`re loss. You don't have to click on or read threads that offend you,by saying otherwise you are in fact trying to control others there freedom to post what they want. This is what the other site does.

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