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  1. I'll be glad to contribute to the campaign fund, but I'm going to need a little something in return for my dollar. I'll need names, positions, and lists of bureaus and government agencies that are "sabotaging" him, and then hold his feet to the fire and make sure every last one of them are either fired, prosecuted, or abolished. If we're going to drain the swamp, then let's specifically delineate that swamp and define "drain" as either fire, or execute.
  2. Ok, what's the swamp? And exactly what does "draining" entail? And which unelected bureaucrats are "sabotaging" him? And if he is the executive chief officer of the nation, why not just FIRE those unelected bureaucrats instead?
  3. Am I missing something? Does this sound specific to you? "They are trying to SABOTAGE us! I have no choice. I will completely DRAIN THE SWAMP. I trust you are with me. FIGHT BACK. Join. Donate >>> bit.ly/2pUDkTL"
  4. "They" and "sabotaging" could mean almost anything. Alien invasion? Pelosi? North Korea? Comet Ping Pong Pizza? The DNC? Klingons?
  5. Yes. And apparently that reason involves getting donations. I'm not buying it because it makes no sense. Who is sabotaging whom? What is sabotaging what? I'm not vibing the nebulous. If someone is SABOTAGING the campaign, then they need to be SUED, not used as gimme bait.
  6. Ok. I'll grant you that. I'm still not buying the Trump quote as legit. Looks like they've already been sabotaged by a scammer. You better check this out. Something's not adding up. Something like the who and the what.
  7. That looks a little too fishy for comfort. This is the executive branch of the United States of America. They don't need "donations". They have nearly unlimited liquidity at their disposal.
  8. Was doing some secret footwork over at GLP. As I have been banned again (which I always am) I'll just say the situation is beyond red alert. Trump is in a position to make heads roll. And I mean truly take a framethrower to DC. And that makes him the most dangerous man alive. The situation is so acute that the elite stand to actually lose the Silent War launched against the American people in 1947. If Trump dismantles their paragovernmental superstructure, they could lose all headway of the last century. As for me, I know Trump will not succeed in his efforts. The problem is too big and can no longer be solved by going through normative legal channels. Trump will not win. However, what Trump has done will result in the downfall of the elite. They will destroy themselves by destroying him. They will destroy him. And when they do, their time is up. I'm sorry to have to say this, but Trump is a necessary fall guy. I respect him as the duly elected commander in chief. But he and his staff cannot win this war alone. The Illuminati are too big and too out of control. They are also desperate. And desperate people do stupid things. Even elite desperate people.
  9. She's like a psychopathic ex that loves you so much she wants to murder you.
  10. It will have its price. That price might be not being utterly overthrown by a migrant crisis Trojan Horse.
  11. Welcome to the Nanny State and Communist Nanny News. This is where we have people speak to us like we're are 5 years old explaining to us the news rules, what we can say and not say; think and not think.
  12. Using what is "not there" to predict what will come is the antithesis of exegesis. It is eisegesis, or reading into the text. It's the one you never do.
  13. There is coming a day of reckoning for this warped world. And I can only hope to be safely off in the misty mountains when it comes. Because it will not take long for helter-skelter to go exponential. People have used the term 'zombie apocalypse', but what they never knew is that there really is one.
  14. Yes. It begins small. Knives, Molotov coctails, etc. Until one day you wake up to uniformed battalions holding Kalashnikovs.
  15. I don't really know when the transition from protesters to armed revolutionaries will come, but if this trend continues, it will come soon, within a brief number of years. And then one day you will see ISIS style urban warfare where AntiFa fighters are taking over entire towns and counties. Not only do I believe that such a red anarcho-communist revolution could happen, I'm getting ready for it because I expect it to happen.