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  1. archangel

    I don't agree with my Pottermore House or Patronus

    The wand that has chosen me is a Maple wood with a Phoenix feather core 10 ¾" and Slightly Springy flexibility. It keeps reading me as this Thunderbird/Phoenix energy, and then it gives me a Greyhound as my Patronus. I think I'll call him Streak and play fetch with him.
  2. archangel

    I don't agree with my Pottermore House or Patronus

    Well, this Patronus may not be so bad. I'll have to get to know the pup. I thought I might be assigned a bear, or a lion, or even a unicorn. But no...me...I was a assigned a really skinny Greyhound running around with floppy ears. That's my Patronus. It looks goofy.
  3. archangel

    I don't agree with my Pottermore House or Patronus

    I know, right? And then to realize that my Patronus is a goofy greyhound on top of all that.
  4. archangel

    I don't agree with my Pottermore House or Patronus

    It's also placed me in the House of Thunderbird in the North American Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Why do I always get assigned to these fire and adventure houses? I always liked to think of myself as more a mystic in deep contemplation. This also makes no sense to me as I am a complete cathar Puritan in every way.
  5. archangel

    I don't agree with my Pottermore House or Patronus

    It's telling me that I can't change my house, or my Patronus. What's done is done. So, ok. I probably actually am more Gryffindor when it comes right down to it, but I like hanging out in the Ravenclaw common room because it's chill over there. Helps me balance my fire.
  6. archangel

    I don't agree with my Pottermore House or Patronus

    I'm going to reregister and try the sorting tests again. I just feel certain that I am a Ravenclaw, and my Patronus is really stupid. I don't want this dumb dog.
  7. So, I was being sorted on Pottermore.com, and the sorting hat sorted me into Gryffindor. I'm seriously having doubts about this house. I felt certain that I was a Ravenclaw. It also said that my Patronus was a Greyhound. This cannot be right. I'm having serious drawbacks about the current methods of sorting at Hogwarts.
  8. Of course there's always Syria....so maybe there's still a chance. Yes, Syria is the key. It couldn't have come from NK anyway....
  9. I know what I'll do...I'll head to bookstore and pick up this month's issue of Doomsday magazine. That should make me feel a little better. I even checked out my new NBC suit and gas mask yesterday to make sure they fit. And now I get this news today.
  10. It's never gonna happen. It's just all talk and no doom. I'm going to have a lite beer and sit on the porch and think.
  11. This is terrible news for doom. I thought we might really be moving toward a possible EMP attack, forever destroying the matrix and casting the world into nuclear winter and a post-apocalyptic nightmare. But, no....it looks like something far worse has happened--the status quo has been maintained. ? I'm really not sure how I feel tonight. Sometimes I feel that we may seriously never have doom. I feel sick and demoralized tonight. http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2018/04/27/north-south-korea-agree-complete-denuclearization-end-korean-war/
  12. My entire life as a male (from 5 years old till now) has been nothing but a continuous assault of screaming females claiming that I oppressed them in wave after wave of 2nd and 3rd wave feminism. I don't know if feminists understand how this constant barrage effects men. Men just kind of go occupationally deaf to it after a number of years. Seriously. I now see their lips moving, but I don't hear anything coming out of their mouths. I don't even have enough interest in these people to oppress them if I could oppress them. I just want a good cup of coffee and a decent breakfast in the morning. That's all I ask out of life. Not much.
  13. archangel

    The Jesuit Conspiracy in their own words

    Now you're starting to get close. It is the Jesuits who are those masters over the Freemasons. It is the Jesuits who are at the top of the Illuminati. It is the Jesuits who run all Ivy League higher education. It is the Jesuits who started the communist revolutions. It is Jesuits who are those cryptic 'Jews' of the 'Synagogue of Satan'. People keep blaming ethnic Jews, or some other, and it is because Jesuits have some an extraordinary job of hiding behind their own code language. Nearly all subversive activity in this world is due to the workings of the Jesuits. Jesuits started the New Age movement. Jesuits started the United Nations. Jesuits started the European Union. Jesuits are behind the entire 'migratory crisis' from South America to North Africa. Yes, it really was the devil you know, the old devil of the Jesuits. The single worst enemy to the entire free world that is hell bent on getting the world under total Roman domination again.
  14. archangel

    Flippering the bird!

    I guess they call him flipper.

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