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  1. When the world loses its mind, be sure to keep yours.
  2. Yes. Anything that threatens continuity of government is deemed 'politically incorrect' and consigned to the 'conspiracy theory' pile. The Warren Commission was the second biggest sham in American history. The biggest 'congressional investigation' sham to date, remains the 9/11 Commission. Political correctness/incorrectness are not just buzz phrases. They are weaponized narrative angles involving the concept of continuity of government. Anything threatening continuity of government from assassins to pizza is politically incorrect, and therefore censored militantly. What actually is correct is irrelevant. Only what is politically correct matters. Therefore, Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, even though we know he wasn't, Saddam Husain had chemical weapons, even though we know he didn't, Bashir al-Assad has chemical weapons, even though we know he doesn't, and Kim Jung-Un is an immanent threat to the United States, even though we know he isn't. Political correctness is not about what is true, but what the deep state, the military industrial complex, needs to be true to attain certain objectives.
  3. If WW3 sparking from NK is the distraction, what, pray tell, is the object? Once the MSM begins to push a narrative and the plot is lost, there is usually a method to their madness in employing that narrative. Furthermore, I no more trust RT than MSNBC, or Korean Central News Service. I don't trust any MSM from any nation.
  4. In all fairness to Comcast, we are in the middle of a significant solar geo-magnetic storm right now. But these outages of Xfinity are very widespread. A flare was supposed to arrive today. This may be it.
  5. I've seen times where Xfinity does a scheduled maintenance and reset. This isn't that.
  6. I've had problems with Xfinity before too, but nothing like tonight. No server. Completely black. And not even a trace that an Xfinity even exists. Nothing. Just 503 and 404. I'm getting nothing here. Having to chime in on the cell.
  7. Now getting 404 message, which means it can't even find such a thing as an Xfinity. Not just down, dead down.
  8. I just remembered... It's the 24th. Looks like they're getting an early start.
  9. 503 message, which means server is dead. As of tonight, it looks like System Failure.
  10. Yeah, server is knocked out. Just got message: Server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintainance or capacity problems. Please try again later. Translated into English that means DDOS attack, or the server was intentionally taken offline.
  11. I'm not sure what's going on right now. All I know is that it is landing server side upstream. The local relay proxies are not reading upstream, which means the server is down. And it appears widespread as of this early Monday morning.
  12. Just looking at the down map and most of the nation is down with Xfinity. Huge loss and outages. I'm getting weird feedback from upstream server. Proxy server received invalid response from an upstream server. Proxy server could not handle request GET /wod/landing. It's like the server is being bombarded or crashed.
  13. Trying to bounce off Albuquerque server and getting nothing. This isn't a local relay problem, it's server side. Possible DDOS ping death.
  14. Just a heads up in view of this week's planned Gotham Shield, Xfinity is crashing everywhere from NY to CA to FL to DC. http://downdetector.com/status/comcast-xfinity