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  1. Reminded me of a prediction made by Alois Irlmaier about ww3 :- "pigeons rising up from the sands" and "spreading a yellow dust" across Europe, some sort of chemical weapon. I wonder if 'they' are near to getting their "ducks in a row" ?
  2. Lmfao! Haha! Some comedian being interviewed about the reactions from the audience, was asked what makes people laugh and said "Why is something funny? Its usually because its true!" null
  3. Very interesting find Ric278, thanks for sharing. I've made a note of the site. Last week,2 days on the run, we found a large bumblebee in our downstairs loo. On saturday our hens attacked a pigeon and pecked half its feathers out and wounded it badly! They usually all get on well and the pigeons often eat the hens food, and the hens let them, no problem. Weird behaviour, when you consider their previous benevolent attitude. Maybe there is something in the air or atmospheric or magnetic waves?
  4. fluffy

    Juice fasting again lol

    Hi Cinn, if you're trying to lose weight then you might want to look at a gut bacteria called "Akkermansia Mucinophilia". Some research was done a few years ago which suggests the prescence of this gut bacteria helps your body stay lean. Its easily killed off by antibiotics and finds it hard to grow back. They checked the amount of gut bacteria in slim people and obese people. The slim people had more of this and the obese people had very little. They checked their findings by making obese mice skinny just by changing their gut bacteria and increasing their Akkermansia.
  5. fluffy

    Our 3 Year Anniversary of COP

    Us Fluffys are glad to have found COP and really appreciate the info and camaraderie! Happy 3rd birthday young cop, your mum and dad (Cinn and Shep) must be so proud of you! And thanks to all the posters and mods whose threads we love to read!
  6. From a different perspective, the planet uranus was in Aries when the crash happened in 1929, and is in Aries now. If cycles repeat, as a lot of economists say, then maybe....
  7. WTF! Correct me if im wrong, but didnt the US oversee the removal of all chemical weapons from Syria a few years ago? So surely its got tobe the US who is "ultimately responsible" for not doing that job properly. ( said with buckets of sarcasm) I laughed my head off at the film Idiocracy, but times have changed and im not laughing now. Talk about desperate to start a war or what!
  8. 80billion barrels sounds like a lot but i read a few years ago the world used around 84million barrels per day. So thats only about 2-3 years of extra oil, and the world probably uses more oil now per day. A guy called John Busby produced a report about oil in 2002, on www.after-oil.co.uk which is very informative. Looks like everyone is scraping the bottom of the barrel, literally!
  9. fluffy

    Ouija Board Experiment

    Interesting experiment Oregonian. Hope you get a good outcome!
  10. fluffy

    Yay a year older

    Happy birthday Uk Shep! Hope you have a happy day! Best wishes from The Fluffys
  11. We eat them or plant them!
  12. Just read a Mac Slavo article about the new Chinese and Russian tanks which can be operated remotely or by AI and can run without stopping. It reminded me of the prophecies of Alois Irlmaier. He said a war in Europe would start unexpectedly and an army from the east would attack and would advance across Europe without stopping. He said people would get in their cars and try to escape on the motorways, but they would be run over and die in their cars. I thought this would be unlikely as i reckoned tank drivers wouldnt just crush people inside their cars. But AI brings a whole new look to warfare as it doesnt care about people. Also Irlmaier mentions flocks of pigeons which drop yellow and green powder which poisons everything, then i remembered Walmart putting in patents for remote controlled "drone bees" to "pollinate, and deliver pesticides and fertilizers" to plants . Now they would be very tiny and hard to shoot down and what other nefarious uses could they be put to?
  13. fluffy

    Ever Tried Dowsing?

    I read about this many years ago when there was an article about a guy called Tom Lethbridge in England. He wrote a book about it called " The power of the pendulum". He used a pendulum and the length of the thread determined what you found. So to look for silver or lead, the thread would have to be 22" long and the pendulum would swing/circle 22 times for silver and 16 times for lead. Interesting bloke, he was an historian who died in the 1970s.
  14. fluffy

    Say Hi to our other new moderator PickleSnout!

    Yay Picklesnout! Congratulations! May you have much fun!
  15. fluffy

    Walmart Files Patent for Autonomous Bee Drones

    Perhaps some clever computer nerdy type will figure out a way to hack them, hive them and swarm them on a Walmart.... shop would be emptied in minutes..