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  1. The Jewish mafia running full steam ahead.
  2. The Vatican should look in The mirror
  3. I recall inviting Katherine onto the program, she was horrified.
  4. Portland is full of a bunch of dumb f**king retards.
  5. https://youtu.be/POT0MlKFUzA Robert Stanley – Zacheria Sitchin & Jordan Maxwell complicit with The Luciferian Agenda? Apparebtly Sitchin was classmates with George Sorros.
  6. Coast to Coast AM Discussion Thread

    All of that faded away for me after I went on that show. Not to mention his failed short lived returns
  7. Coast to Coast AM Discussion Thread

  8. Coast to Coast AM Discussion Thread

    Michael decon here f**k tom danheiser
  9. Coast to Coast AM Discussion Thread

    I sometimes now tag my videos with the moniker of coast to coast am as a way of saying hi assholes.
  10. Coast to Coast AM Discussion Thread

    More like what tom danheiser did lol Grown man acting like a high schooler, not afraid to talk about him as this is a fact. Lets say he bad mouthed me more than once, tried to fly out a personal friend of mine. The ultimate disrespect from that cardiomyopathy victim. I have no issues with Noory, but Danheiser can eat sh-it.
  11. Coast to Coast AM Discussion Thread

    I've been on coast to coast am, Tom.danheiser is a piece of shIt
  12. the billy meier prophecies

    me too my friend.... one world government near.
  13. the billy meier prophecies

    holy shit they did it again to me here is the new re-upload
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