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  1. https://youtu.be/OX1v4GmT5Uk Lawrence’s major research areas and activities are encompassed within theoretical particle astrophysics and cosmology, including studies of the early universe, neutrino astrophysics, dark matter, dark energy, quantum field theory and gravity, black holes, stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis and eschatology. How will the universe end? Why are we here? A universe from nothing? I asked him about Donald Trump and I couldn't behave... I had to bring up John Depp... Who he is friends with... Leave it to me to make things awkward. That's radio gold. I hope you boys & girls enjoy!
  2. In the interview I said I wanted a pair & that was the best endorsement you can imagine. That's awful to say, however they would sell huge if Nike brought them back. That of course is the Nike decade, eBay has a few that are selling for astronomical prices.
  3. I sent him a follow up, saying it was unfortunate.... I did say the offer is always there if he does decide to be on.
  4. His claim in my email is that he's far too busy... But he hasn't been relevant since 97. Perhaps he knows I'm going to question him on this.
  5. Ahh... His response was quick. Hi Michael, Thanks greatly for the nice offer to appear on your show. I don't do interviews much any longer. There is just not enough time to handle them. But I do want to thank you for thinking of me. Truly. Warmly, Courtney Courtney Brown, Ph.D. The Farsight Institute Web: www.courtneybrown.com Also: www.farsight.org
  6. Benjamin E. Zeller is a researcher and teacher of religion in America. He focuses on religious currents that are new or alternative, including new religions, the religious engagement with science, and the quasi-religious relationship people have with food. His interests are united by an interest in expanding the conversation about religion by including less commonly studied groups, phenomena, and topics, and looking at more common topics (e.g. religion & science; American religious history) from new angles. Zeller is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Religion at Lake Forest College, a private liberal arts college in the Chicago suburbs. He previously served as Director of the College Honors Program, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, and Coordinator of the Religion and Philosophy Major at Brevard College, and visiting Fulbright Fellow at Åbo Akademi (Turku, Finland). Heaven’s Gate is best known as the UFO group that ended with the mass suicides in San Diego in 1997 at the time of the Hale-Bopp comet. It made the news after the movement’s 39 active members committed mass suicide, and there was a bit of a media frenzy. The group is now defunct, though ex-members maintain their website and there are still a few believers out there. After introductions, Benjamin explains how he got into Ufology & what he learned about the infamous Heaven’s Gate. Benjamin has done extensive research on the even of 1997 that will live on forever. Who were these people? What were they truly like? Find Out.
  7. Stay tuned... Tomorrow I'm live talking about heavens gate and religious cults.
  8. Jerry Wills had his first contact with extraterrestrials in 1965, when he was twelve years old. At that time, he would stay outside, night after night, watching star-like objects darting at right angles high in the sky over his house. A few months later, he had a close – up sighting of a typical flying saucer – a hovering metallic ship with blinking colored lights. Conversation turns to Peru, Jerry takes groups of visitors out on tours, that are not like the others. Jerry also takes those who are willing, to an Ayahuasca ceremony. As things wind down, Michael asks Jerry about Zecharia Sitchin.
  9. It's weird both stories, I'm skeptical of course.
  10. I'm not sure he's making any money.
  11. Norio Hayakawa who has spent decades investigating Area 51 and UFOs. One of his main focuses has been on the alleged secret base in Dulce, New Mexico, as well as cattle mutilations in that area. In 1990, he created the Civilian Intelligence News Service which he calls "a citizens' oversight committee on government accountability, a grassroots watchdog group established to help ensure liberty, justice and freedom of information for all." The story of Dulce underground bases and Ufology household names such as Phil Schneider and Paul Bennewitz. Phil Schneider, The police had determined that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the mouth with a pistol on August 6, 1993.Phil’s age and his time on various jobs he claimed to do, certainly try and consider time at college for his supposed degrees, which never existed anyway so scratch the college time and you’ll see that he would have been 17 years old when he went to work for the government. Phil stated that he worked in Dulce in 1979.

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