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  1. Not offended, my apologies if I came across hostile towards you, not my true intentions. I understand everyone has their own "beliefs".
  2. you're not serious correct? I wasn't talking to you, nor did I read any of your posts in this thread. Lets begin with the basics, you do know how evolution works correct?
  3. False, the bible is an allegory.
  4. You've learned my methods. Im not for the right or left, I despise both equally, as they both are essentially fecal matter in my honest opinion. They wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire, I sure wouldn't save none of them either. no dog in the fight, I want to see the country succeed without corporate raiders, swindlers & deluders.
  5. Your old man is wise. Most people don't not have an original idea of their own. So desperate to want to belong to something.
  6. Never cared for Hannity, but I do respect radio personalities by default. Weird tweet, he was the only one talking about this. Now he's being silenced allegedly. Waiting game now.
  7. The laws were implemented by those who broke them.
  8. All prophecies must be fuillfilled before the end of days. All I ask is if the gods allow me to broadcast on air briefly... while the earth is recycled.
  9. Where we're going, there are No roads.
  10. I just noticed your username by the way... my second guest talks about meditating with big foot.
  11. Fascinating times we are in my friend