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  1. BeachedOnMars

    Whats The Elites Motive?

    Starting to look at all this from another perspective. The point is to wear all of us down. Have you ever seen The Cube? Sort of like that, when you think you are getting somewhere the whole game changes and everything shifts around where there is no way in hell to get a handle on it. Even though we do not want to take part in the play, we do anyway. I think all the politicians realize this, they just go through the motions to complete their part. These people are evil, and they love chaos. And they love others to share in their misery. The more people they can bind into misery, the more power they receive.
  2. BeachedOnMars

    why this site sucks_ Migraine cure

    Man dont take it too hard. We both know the internet can feel less personal at times, and that causes us trouble when conversing with each other.
  3. BeachedOnMars

    Ouija Board Experiment

    I wouldnt say you wasted your time. At least you tried. Im too chicken. I do still think they work for some people, though. Might be a good thing you didnt go down the rabbit hole, lol.
  4. They are bailing because it looks to obvious when they have a majority and dont accomplish a damn thing.
  5. When you have a group or groups that get into government and promote from within, Id say that a bad thing.
  6. BeachedOnMars

    Ouija Board Experiment

    Well, Oregonian, I suppose you just got bored with the experiment? Im sure you would have told us if you got any results.
  7. BeachedOnMars

    Sports. A Complete Waste Of Effort

    5 second sound bites on what your politicians say and do, but whole 10 minute segments on stupid sports! We sure can give you all the statistics of that every damn night, but heaven forbid we report on what our military is up to in all these foreign countries!
  8. Oh, boy, they sure were hard on the little prick, asking him those tough questions! So where have these same representatives been all these years? have any of them introduced any legislation to protect your privacy? NOPE! Didnt think so!
  9. So many resources tied up in this pathetic waste of time it just isn't funny. I don't mind local activity, but the likes of pro football, baseball, basketball, and hockey just blows my mind how many people are so serious about it, and to see so many resources such as radio and TV tied up into it is disgusting. If the energy and money that was spent on this pure bought off BS was put into other more important things we could solve a lot of our problems.
  10. BeachedOnMars

    RED ALERT: We are all being set up…

    Im not getting on any trains.
  11. BeachedOnMars

    No Escape

    We talk past each other a lot I think.... I believe we will look back at the time we spent here as a long distant memory, maybe like a black and white film played on a projector and wonder how we all got out of here.
  12. BeachedOnMars

    No Escape

    Thats OK, itll do!
  13. BeachedOnMars

    No Escape

    No. I just have trouble getting comfortable in something that is not permanent. Your own scriptures tell you corrupted flesh shall not inherit the new kingdom. And all of it is corrupted.
  14. BeachedOnMars

    No Escape

    If you knew your own scriptures, you wouldnt have said that. Ignorance and flesh go hand in hand.
  15. BeachedOnMars

    No Escape

    Its not about this life, well mine anyway. Everything here at the home base is cool. Its about looking at the world from a curious or scientific approach. The input I have received is telling me there are strings attached, a lot of critical information has been with held. If I could go outside where we are, take a good look, talk to the head cheese, come back and report to everyone what the deal is, that would make me happy beyond belief. Problem is many may not believe, but some would. Meanwhile, we all are stuck in 1st grade our entire lives.